PLEASE READ: Official Campfire Policy

EDIT 5: Added a new rule regarding discussion of whether subliminal audio is “against” the doctrine of any particular faith or religion. We consider the creation and use of subliminal audio a science and an extension of natural processes that occur within the human mind and body and as such, is not “occult,” but rather a part of an emerging deeper understanding of humanity and reality. And as such, since history has shown that singular individuals declaring that they alone can discern the will of God has lead to nothing but war and destruction, we will not be allowing this type of discussion any further. If you believe that subliminal use is against the doctrine of the religion you follow, you may kindly cease use.

EDIT 4: Added a new rule regarding discussions of the occult and sacred mysteries. Y’all already know to what kind of discussion and individuals this mostly applies to, but basically just avoid going too deep into the sacred mysteries and occult to the point where a new individual who has never before met such ideas (or one of a weak psyche) will run away screaming from or start creating conspiracies. This is not a ban on all spiritual discussion, so please do not take it like that and continue developing yourself in all areas - use your best judgement.

EDIT 3: Expanded with the new Troll Rule - going forward, any individuals that are highly aggravating, trollish, or unable to hold a basic human conversation with the rest of the forum will be promptly removed. This is to ensure the voice of the community is properly heard and respected, ensuring that those who are good and upstanding members of the forum who put in the work to improve themselves have the attention they deserve, while removing individuals who refuse to communicate properly and are rude/aggressive/aggravating/annoying to the rest of the forum.

EDIT 2: Expanded drama to include ban evasion and dragging out topics/arguments after moderator decision. Instituted due to some individuals ban evading and/or constant arguing with moderators as to their decisions - therefore creating constant drama.

EDIT: Expanded the complaints rule in regards to excessive, unreasonable demands. This is due to some members expecting unreasonable amounts of resources and time, to the point of impossibility. Normal asks and requests for features are completely fine - unreasonable means (as an example) asking for complete reformation of the website to cater to only their whim, whole books to be written explaining the modules/processes/effects of the subliminals to the tiniest detail as pertaining to them and their life situation, personal help with their personal life issues and situation, constant and excessive demands for something that borders on spam, etc. Also further clarified the changes that will take place going forward. Expanded conspiracies.

After lengthy discussions with @SaintSovereign, we have come to the conclusion that we are going to have to implement some official rules as Subliminal Club grows. These we will gradually implement throughout the company, including the support and forums.

As you all know, @SaintSovereign and I prefer quite a hands-off approach. We want to avoid moderating as much as possible, because we understand growth can be uncomfortable and to be completely honest - we simply don’t get any enjoyment from warning, banning and moderating.

We get sad when someone who could have been a genuine member of the community and reap the wisdom and knowledge here, while transforming their life with our subliminals, ends up abusing other members, us or the company, and having to be suspended.

That’s why we love using the Campfire Policy as a shining example of what we are trying to achieve, and what will be the official policy going forward.

The forum is the campfire - come here, talk with your closest friends and family about the most incredible secrets of reality, how to grow and improve yourself and achieve all the goals and ambitions you might have.

However, the moment someone flies in and tries to stomp on your fire, you throw him out.

Sadly, as anyone who has been with us for a little while knows, we sometimes get people starting drama, conspiracies, wild theories, etc., and then we end up having to write a lengthy response explaining things.

This is now changing.

Going forward, we will not entertain the following:

  • Conspiracies - including misinformation.
  • Drama, including attempting to drag out and argue moderator enforcement as well as ban evasion.
  • Abuse of members, the company or us.
  • Complaints that are due to user error and not us - including unreasonable, excessive demands and demanding.
  • Advertising (mostly other subliminals or very similar modalities, and advertising of personal coaching). We also choose to avoid name-dropping other companies so as to avoid giving free marketing, as well as for the simple reason we cannot guarantee anything for other companies products.
  • Spamming.
  • The Troll Rule - any trolls and individuals that the community finds insufferable and/or are unable to communicate with basic human social skills must learn proper forum behavior on first warning or will be suspended immediately and permanently.
  • In-depth occult discussion on the forum - this is because these topics often lead to individuals misleading others with New Age fluff, degrading actual spiritual traditions or to inane conspiracies. This rule is more malleable and subject to change as we do not want to ban all spiritual discussion - it is an important part of an individual’s growth, especially considering we offer a number of spiritual titles, but we do not want people going off the rails about the “less usual” areas of spirituality, namely the occult (for example casting spells) or the sacred mysteries (talking about the divine light etc.). If you notice your post getting extremely long in an attempt to explain a complex topic to a layman - this rule likely applies to you. Use your best judgement here, and consider that this is a subliminal forum, not an occult/sacred mysteries one.

Going forward, if we see any of this, our response will not be a direct response to you, but a three-tiered system of:

  1. Warning.
  2. 2 week suspension.
  3. Permanent suspension from the forum.

For the vast majority of you, this… won’t actually change much. Most of you are incredible members of the community. Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and we honestly couldn’t have hoped for better users and customers.

In fact, this could free up more of our time to participate and help those who are great members of the forum, rather than spending time on trouble makers (and as you might know, we’ve wanted to do this for a while now).

Truthfully, none of the conspiracies we’ve seen have any basis in reality - and we have no obligation to answer conspiracies, dramas or wild ideas about us, the company, the subliminals or anything else related to us - with an in-depth response. It is an endless cycle (and at this point, a blockage to further growth) that is cutting into time we could be spending much more wisely such as developing the technology further or even just participating on the forum more directly.

To those who have any desire to start conspiracies or drama, know this - you do not have the knowledge or the technical how-to, to do anything regarding us, this company or our technology. We will not divulge any information about how we do our technology, nor will you be able to ever uncover it or trick us into doing it. Our subliminal technology is secure enough to be unbreakable, and you will never break into it or profit from our hard work and research.

These changes are not intended to stifle conversation. It really boils down to this - don’t be a jackass. For the vast majority of you, just keep going as you are. Those who were trouble makers will now have to follow the rules we’ve outlined.

Finally, we’ve decided that both @SaintSovereign and I will have to close down our private messages on the forum for a while. This is due to the complaints of support not answering - despite us stating that private messages are not an official support channel. Maybe in the future we will reopen them, but for now they stay closed.

Going forward, everything will be going through If you wish for us to comment on something, tag us on the post but do not spam us - we will get to you when and if we have the time. Remember, the forum is not an official support channel and while we want to get back to everyone, we really aren’t demigods.

Ultimately, the aim of these changes and what we expect this to result in is more thorough support, more time dedicated to worthwhile pursuits and helping upstanding members, much less drama and of course, more personal enjoyment from helping members on the forum for both @SaintSovereign and myself.

Thank you to everyone who has been an incredible member of the forum and part of Subliminal Club - you are one of the main reasons of why we continue to innovate and push ourselves, this company and our technology to ever greater heights. Each one of you is an integral component of the journey and success of Subliminal Club, and we don’t regret a single sleepless night that we’ve dedicated to Subliminal Club and you.

And remember…

We are just getting started.


conspiracies only regarding your company or also in general regarding international politics


Both, although we’ve never really done general politics as this is a neutral forum, so the rule is more about conspiracies regarding Subliminal Club. For general politics you can take it into private messages.


You might wanna provide examples regarding violations such as spamming, abusing…

(post deleted by author)

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Good question, Alphamale.

I will post “examples”, and Alphamale, please note these are about anyone doing them. These are not directed at you or anyone specific at this time.

Egging on conflict. That includes posting GIFs.
Encouraging conflict.
Taking glee in conflict. That includes posting GIFs.
Phrasing things to create conflict.
Taking a position of superiority.
Provoking conflict.

If you have a request then post your request once, and if it’s not replied to, you can enter ONE support ticket about it. If for some reason it doesn’t get answered in 5 business days, just re-open it or add to it.

If you want something from SC, make a polite, civil, thought-out request. Wait. And if no reply, you can enter ONE support ticket about it. If for some reason it doesn’t get answered in 5 business days, just re-open it or add to it.

Another thing if we see there is conflict and there are the same people in the middle of any conflict, someone will notice this, and flags and warnings can be used.

If you want to disagree, please do without attacking the other person’s character. Simply state what is it you disagree with and post your own idea.

We want this to be a place where people can enjoy and thrive.


I understand the sentiment. There are many things that continue to be normal. There are a number of people running alpha titles, so the conflicts and dramas that have occurred are not surprising to me. This also seems to happen when people are adjusting to a new upgrade.

Rather, I would encourage you to ask yourself “What can you do to make sure the forum stays in a way that you and others can feel good about being here, thrive, and enjoy life more?”

One more thing, I have seen a number of positive contributions you’ve made. Please continue to do so.


I have noticed alphamale is one of the few members who deliberately spams and creates new threads just to up his post count. On many occasions he has insulted members. I suggest you keep a close eye on him.


How long have you been online? Everyone knows these things. Here a good principle : if you won’t physically go to someone’s house and display certain behaviors or say certain things then don’t do the same online. Just following that one principle will mostly keep you out of trouble…


Can I note the first sentence of ksub as a wrong behavior?

So spamming is not necessarily what black tiger says, me creating posts on news thread about my personal experiences. I know it is NOT appreciated; but IMO violation of campfire policy in spamming matter is a different matter. Eg. black tiger and others not flagging the post as spam but mentioning moderators even twice.
And also attacking with a logic that why you post it. Although my post count reached Arch alchemist a bit long ago. But I WANT attention and that is a primal behavior. I will not explain more than this
Thank you

Although I was acting superior in the thread which got unlisted by dark

@fire @SaintSovereign
Honestly I am not that knowledgeable to know if I should mention you in my ticket or not
And since you dms are closed I think I should inform you about this matter
I am encountering three issued right now, and mentioning them does NOT mean you are not trying.
1-my support ticket is not answered
2- it kinda is a NEED for me to pay in crypto
3- I could not login to my Q store account with the same email and pass of the major store acc. Then I made another acc in q with the same email, but there is no discount.
I am sure you are aware of my situation and struggles in order to allocate money for a custom
Thank you

This is a very subtle but inflammatory stance people take on the forum that I’m really glad subclub is taking a stance on.

Just to be clear, I think that speaking from a place of confidence and certainty in YOURSELF and YOUR worth is an absolutely fantastic ideal that we should all strive to.

But any time someone speaks with the goal of proving someone else’s stupidity or lack of worth or fault in their ideas, that’s not OK.

That includes any notions that “99% of people are (insert insult here)

Don’t be so quick to judge the twig sticking out of someone else’s eye while there’s a whole branch sticking out of yours.


This is not fair! We have CampFire policy, so we need CampSaintSovereign policy too : P


How did I not think of this!


Curse all the spammers that messaged pointless questions because of their impatience.

You know who you are. Smh.


Rather than pointing fingers at each other, please just flag a post and the moderators will decide.

I think it’s fine someone asked for examples.

Thank you for providing another.

No more curses on people. This is a forum dedicated to neutrality, kindness, blessings, and respect.


These are items to enter a support ticket about.

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