EOG: No small change


EOG ST1–3x

Day 15

I’ve read questions regarding EOG asking if they’d seen changes running it. I thought it would have a weaker push than Kahn, which I was running when EOG was released. But I’ve been running it close to 2 weeks now, and I’m having reconciliation on it I never had on Kahn. Well, I never had my world shaken on Kahn, not like I’d assumed it would. It did change me, but EOG is…getting under my skin. It’s slowly shaking me.

I was running it at work today, and that growing sadness came upon me. I take it as something is being pulled away from me, something I’ve consciously or subconsciously held on to which is holding me back. I call that good change. EOG is doing something I’d not expected it to.

Why am I running it? I’ve had a miner mining bitcoin for me for over a year, I changed miners a few months back, and this guy hooked me up, seriously. I’ve been preparing for such wealth for 3 or more years now, and dang…I’ll be withdrawing some of it this next week. I’m writing out my thoughts now, and I’m committed to being honest with myself here.

I plan on a general 30 day run of each stage, running ST4 longer. I’m desiring to pick up New Beginnings when Q comes out, maybe mixing it with EOG, but I don’t have enough info yet on either sub. The full NB is no light ride, and considering how EOG is hitting presently, I’m cautious about mixing.

I was trying to understand what may be shifting in this reconciliation today, and I remembered the base of EOG: 15 interviews with millionaires from different backgrounds, but they all are doing some things similarly, which have been brought into EOG. I brainstormed the possibilities.

  1. Take major action
  2. Prepare, but don’t overthink
  3. Go into deals with a hands-off approach, meaning mind my own business
  4. Let go of unrealistic expectations, for expectations put my happiness in other’s hands
  5. Have a life. Create one if I’m lacking it. Life isn’t all work.
  6. Be good to all the players in my business.
  7. Think long-term
  8. Let go of the small stuff. Allow life to happen.

I’ve had a lot of thoughts on my why’s and how’s of doing this. This is getting real though (it’s not just fantasy anymore), so I’m seeing some old questions having slightly different answers now. I’m a little spent, so I’m jumping off now.


Nice to see a review of EoG. Seems to be pretty underrated but I guess that is for the fact there are so few longterm-reviews around.


This is weird. It’s Sunday, I have nothing really I need to do, and I’m not motivated to hide, sleep, or do nothing. No plans I’ve been formulating–mostly since I took care of some business emails already :wink:

But………but nothing. I considered pulling up a movie to watch online. No desire really. In fact, a slight sadness came up just imagining it. Is that Iron Throne here in stage 1? It’s the piece that stays in your ear, reminding you of things you need to do, and even allowing deep guilt or regret for avoiding opportunities that are right in front of you.

I think it’s a spiritual draw in me presently. Something that FEEDS me. Maybe. Well…

I emailed my exchange.
I messaged my miner.
I even texted my brother who I saw last Saturday while running PCC. I was able to not color his words while he talked, my way of pushing him away. I legitimately saw it possible to begin talking with him again, within limits. He’d requested to get together for coffee occasionally. I’d wished to text him a few times this week, but denied it. I was just thinking of him this morning, so I texted him asking him if he wanted to meet for coffee. No response yet.

I also haven’t cooked anything in weeks, though I have anything I need. But I’ve not had a microwave in weeks either.

Ugg…I’m seeing my excuses float up while writing. Those weak “reasons” I’ve not done this, that, fuck. I’m seeing my mind looks for outs sometimes, like it’s the (emotionally manipulative) best way to do something. I’m listening to PCC right now, so that’s got to be why I’m seeing it.

Something I know I need to do today. I need to be around people. One local guy is giving me some money to help with a withdrawal, I’ve not contacted him today……….but why do I feel pain when imagining connecting with people?

I know, just sitting here, it’s because I’ve made my life like it is by giving away a lot of my own power. I’d be uncomfortable, feel powerless, but smile and agree with most of your ideas. I’m hurting just sitting here imagining it since I ignore me when I do that. I’m running PPC x2 now, stacked with EOG x2, then Sanguine x2 for today. This is hitting home with me.

I can’t ignore me in the ongoing process of change.


I looked down from my PC monitor here, and saw a spiritual book I picked up yesterday while at Goodwill. That’ll feed me a while. I’ll also need to go for a walk. That always feels good


I got out and took a good long walk. I noticed some sub manifestations in my life. (warning: Long post)

PCC: I’ve noticed that my aura seems loud when around people now. People are noticing me in public, and I’ve noticed women seem very aware when I’m in the vicinity. Newer for me, and I’m calibrating it so I’m using it appropriately. I’ve even noticed guys doing doubletakes, like I am an unannounced leader in their presence. Is it my stance? Considering my comfort zone has been me playing small and diminutive most of my life, I’m definitely paying attention. It’s not difficult to manage since unlike Emperor, which is bold and strong, it comes in bold yet human.

Which brings in something else I’m noticing. I realized EOG and PCC are lessening that survival mentality which I’ve used my entire life. While walking, I remembered bodily reactions I’d feel when I see another man, specifically those of fear and competition. I’ve often seen men in this neighborhood, and my mind translated it as “competition for money, women, and power”. I feel…ok with what I have. I feel more competent, and my money situation is constantly on my mind, as I’m seeking creative solutions, investment possibilities, and anything with a solid return. I’m looking for avenues to have my money work for me instead of the opposite. Without planning it, I was looking at land lots and homes for sale while walking. I feel more confident with this set of circumstances, and that’s a nice feeling.

One thing I’ll keep returning to in my posts I was thinking of while walking. I was imagining writing here, and it came down to “did I write what I needed to for me today?” EOG has unnamed healing properties in it, but it’s doing something good. I will keep reverting back to New Beginnings, as it’s an option when Q opens up. I know while just beginning to write about this, a tenseness arises in my muscles, and my mind begins fleeing, seeking safer, more comfortable happenings. Like as I ended that sentence, I mentally jumped to another tab. Haven’t actually done so though.

New Beginnings Lite (in Emperor 4) was freedom in a subliminal for me, as I fight to keep my blinders on, then fight it when I see what’s happening. And half attempts plague my recovery history. With funds being available soon, I’ll have the possibility of taking off work some if feeling overwhelmed. I’m just tired of this familiar battle with myself. It’s a completely selfish undertaking, and I’d do it if needed.

I’ve had a few key experiences in my past where I released a bit of locked-up emotion. In 2003, I went to Paris, Canada for a men’s sexual abuse healing weekend. I kept my distance the first day, but we’d been told that if one needed help in the moment that one of the coaches would take you away from the group so you could talk. Sunday morning, I needed this break, and called on a man who was very sensitive himself. I ended up crying like I have never cried, either before or after that, since this guy was brother-like, and the pain was from losing my brother when younger (not death, just separation).

Those moments were a gift from heaven, and I was different in my thinking when I returned home. I’ve desired to do such releases again (my mind went but, but, but…trying to sabotage it), so again, there’s how half attempts plague my recovery history. I think of possibilities, then…no. Great idea!!..no. Solution!!..no. I’ll take it one day at a time here. Now is not the time, but similar to me looking at land and houses today, my mind desires some solution from old mental games which I’ve played so many times.

@Hermit, I listened to Sanguine while walking. I came back and began writing. Can you tell?
(It’s a long post, but I’m glad Sanguine opens me up)


Long post again.

I’m feeling a little sad and reflective. I worked all day with EOG and PCC playing in my pocket. But my older coworker made a joke right near the end of the day, and I got stuck on it. There was some truth in it.

The truth involved me going to a dollar store during lunch, the same store I go to in my town to shop for snacks and toiletries. A granola bar had fallen out of my bag, and I told him I wasn’t worried since they were the cheap kind, and I was trying to make a joke out of it. His reply was something like “we’ve got one of the richest men in the county working here, and he only buys cheap stuff. No wonder!” It made me laugh, and I soon told him there was truth to it.

15 minutes later he and I were clocking out, and our shift manager came out to talk with us about our day. She saw my bag, asked me what I had, I opened it and she looked in it, but didn’t take anything. She was hungry since it was late–but her actions I’ve put too much meaning on since I left work.

I’ve turned it over in my mind, mixing it with other’s critical observations at times, and I’m allowing EOG to check me on this.

Am I cheap?
Do I feel worthy of spending money on myself?

Ouch. The first answer…maybe? I like to save money for better uses, and I shop for snacks at a dollar store since I save a lot vs. buying the same at any other store. I’m very conscious of where my money is now, and my focus is on acquiring withdrawal funds (for my exchange) and using the funds to begin pulling bitcoin out of the exchange. It’s a lot I’ll be pulling.

Cheap? Do I spend much money on myself? Not normally, mostly since I’ve been hanging onto funds to pay for normal expenses, then investing. I’ve not eaten out in 2 weeks.

Going back to the end of my work day, my self esteem was hit when my manager declined anything I had since it mirrored what my ex used to do when I’d shop for myself. She was very picky, and I felt less than esteemed around her. She had to buy what she wanted, and I felt rarely appreciated. I saw my ex in my manager’s actions, and I felt (or remembered being) rejected.

The bigger question is the second one: do I feel worthy of spending money on myself? Let me break this down and be specific.

Housing: I rent currently, paying the same small amount I’ve paid for over 5 years. I need a new bed (particle board frame has lost its strength and usefulness). I’ve needed to replace 2 sinks since both drip; it’s an 80’s house, and my room is the master bed and bath. I’ve been keeping my money in investing vs. repairs since it’s not super critical. But I don’t have a room I’d invite guests into, mostly due to the bed (I don’t regularly wash my sheets and pillow cases). I’ve been hard on myself since it isolates me mostly.

–I’ve heard others say “tell your landlord so they can fix those things”. I could. But the rent I’m paying is half what anyone else would pay in this area. Me replacing these things won’t affect my rent–and it’s my thank you to them for not upping my rent when they could have at any time. I’d be paying them back.

Vehicles: I own an old work van given to me by my sister’s boyfriend. The cargo entry doors barely work, but they’ve been jimmy-rigged. No AC, no radio, but the van runs consistently. It’s white, and…I’ve washed it once. I also own a 150cc scooter, and it’ll take $300 to get running. Again, all funds have been allocated to investing. It’s been sitting close to 9 months.

Clothes: I’ve bought one pair of jeans in 3 years, not including underwear and socks. I have a lot of clothes I never wear, and I’ve not cleaned my closet and drawers in years.

So, do I feel worthy? No, not really. My job was given to me. My van was given to me. Presently, besides investing, I’m not giving much to myself. Altogether, I’m living poor, fearing not having or making money and playing powerless again.

I’m not sure all this is a problem; I just know it reflects me a lot, and that’s not comfortable. I spend a lot of my mental energy at work trying to give women a good impression of me, but outside of work, I do little at all. Damn. That’s my truth presently.

I’m not even sure where to go with all that. Out for now.


I agree. I underrated it too, which is why I only purchased it last month–and it came out last year. It’s checking me, which I didn’t expect, so that motivates me to keep on with it.

If a sub has the power to challenge my own defenses and let me know it’s happening, I’m for that. Most of my “life issues” are from me doing dysfunctional stuff, even when I know better. So far, ST1 has been actively working on my money (and life-related) beliefs. It’s not easy, not comfortable or exciting (yet); it’s just cleaning house right now.

After Kahn being much more subtle for me during Total Breakdown, I had not expected this.


@subliminalguy - living independently in poverty is much better than living dependently in luxury (which is my case)

Having said that, am sure the above incident is a good, not too gentle reminder that it is possible to do something about the place you live in. I don’t know about the particulars about what you will be able to do there but maybe invest in some new pillow cases, sheets and mattress. And in the same vein, invest in some more basic necessities like that. I don’t want to push my agenda on you though. But it’s like that scene in the movie Limitless where Bradley Cooper sets his house in order and gets it clean. Same with the van.

Where you live, what you drive, wear etc all reflect who you are too. So do try to up the game there.

There is no problem at all in being careful about your money but do learn to also enjoy spending some on yourself too. Maybe set aside some fixed amount for investing and savings and be okay with spending the rest on yourself. You deserve it.


Thank you @raphael. I needed to hear that. It instantly reminded me of a video which I saved maybe 4 months back.

I’m putting this up mostly for myself. He showed a rational approach to dividing up one’s money so one can feel balanced and ordered–even when huge amounts come in. The buddy I’m meeting tomorrow uses a similar approach, and its simplicity makes me jealous.

The guy in the video is speaking to real estate agents, but business is business. It works.

Taking care of one’s money means taking care of oneself with that same money.


@subliminalguy - cool! Will check this video out myself.


That’s interesting. I got the urge to buy it too (I’m on Emperor) but I feel bad about it. I don’t want to buy a new subliminal until I made at least 100$ (I’m at around 15 rn), although I have more than enough money to do so - it is just that I’d feel bad about it.

Same. I discovered it isn’t so much about doing new useful stuff, but just stopping doing useless, damaging things.

Thinking about any ways to get enough money to buy EoG right now… By the way, I think this is the first time I read you live in a van! Man, reading these stories really reminds me of how grateful I should be about my life. Not trying to sound rude, but I experienced for myself that living in bad situations actually motivates you to turn the ship around. Is that true for you?


Funny :slight_smile: I don’t live in a van. I own a van. Me’s not homeless :smile:


Haha :smiley: I just read the latest posts and it sounded like it :joy:


EoG is asking what do you want the wealth for?
What would your abundant life look like?

The healing in G1 uses our goals to find the limiting beliefs & emotions to work on. (This is the same for K1)
So, for example, if I choose the goal to build a multi-million dollar software startup, I will have different issues to work on compared to, if the goal I set for myself was to build a multi-million dollar dropshipping business.

In theory, I can do either, but each has different issues that need resolved for me to progress.


Sounds interesting but I am not sure if I really understand. Can you elaborate on this pls?



No single subliminal file can be expected to:
clear ALL possible limiting beliefs,
for ALL possible ways to build wealth,
simultaneously - in just 1 month.

Without a goal, all that the file can work on are:
A) general poverty consciousness issues;
B) day to day challenges one has in their current job/business.

THAT is simply NOT enough to build lasting wealth which is the goal of EOG-Core inside G1.

The more conscious awareness you have of your goals, concerns, fears, etc., the more data your subconscious mind has to process the subliminal with.

Simon’s Instructions on using EOG’s First Stage
(Can be appropriated for Khan, but not applicable to Alchemist, Quantum Limitless, or Emperor Fitness)

  1. Create a section in your physical journal.
    Write down your Wealth Goal - some 6-10 figure number.
    Can be net worth, liquid money in bank, monthly cashflow, size of your business, whatever you want.

  2. List the ways in which you want to get to that number - business/career ideas, and the basic plans, if possible.

  3. Write down all the reasons you will FAIL - why you think you can’t achieve such a goal, or are not capable of succeeding with those plans.
    Fears. Obstacles. Lack of Skills. Everything you’re concerned at all about.

  4. Play Stage 1. (or stack it with the next Stages if you’re also using them already)

  5. Read those Goals, Plans, and Beliefs everyday.
    Notice & update it with any new thoughts you’re having - both positive & negative.

  6. As days progress, you should find more & more of those limiting/failure thoughts appearing like some other idiot’s ideas, and you feeling more & more like you can DEFINITELY achieve that Goal.

  7. This is when the job of Stage 1 is complete, and you can progress to Stage 2.

Do steps 1-3 to the best of your current ability. You don’t have to have all the answers, but it helps not to be lazy with your thinking.
Also, remember that refinement of your goals, plans, and skills development is the focus of Stage 2. The job of this document is far from over. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps someone. :+1:

Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth

Today was rough for me. First, a snag came when getting ready for a withdrawal before heading out for work. I thought it was a misunderstanding on their part, but realized later that I’d initiated something on my account weeks back, so the snag was my fault.

I was then asked to do a job at our shop that should have taken only an hour, but nothing was explained initially, my job wasn’t good enough, and I ended up spending 4 hours (at least) completing it. During this time, I really went south in my thinking.

I had EOG, Sanguine, and PCC looping in my pocket, and my thoughts went to imagining arguments, quitting my job, and other bad thoughts. I knew it was EOG digging up crap, and I even imagined walking away from the job today since (negative thoughts, on and on).

I had seen the questions:

but I had trouble finding good, stable, honest reasons. I wasn’t in a good spot emotionally.

Reading your instructions for Stage 1, @Simon, changed my attitude completely. It gave me hope because I was experiencing almost every bad thought connected to failing. Knowing this was to be expected energized me, taking all blame off others–and myself.

I was seeing all the ways I could fail, reasons people didn’t like me, ways I’d hurt others and myself…all of the negative thinking. But being given instructions to own them via writing was soooo encouraging. In that guide, it shows short-term and long-term thinking, and I need BOTH. Thank you!!

I know some of my answers already for the goals journal, I’m going to go write it in another program, and print it out. Tonight.

I just caught your edit. Thanks for elaborating on this–as it really helps.

Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth

The combination of these two posts (@Simon’s exercise/ideas and then @subliminalguy’s reaction to the ideas) yields principles that are widely applicable to working with subliminals as a whole.

Thanks! And I’m quoting this to my journal as another valuable resource.


I finally got my printer hooked up correctly, printed my wealth goals, and added another “reason I will fail”. The printer stuff, although it took 12 hours to finally finish (installing software, reinstalling it until it finally worked, on and off) was easy. The last reason I could/would fail was difficult. And it only took 10 minutes to write out and reprint.

It was “I need to make everyone happy”. I am seeing at this moment that making everyone happy with me means I have no freedom, no flexibility, no room to explore, whatsoever. My only focus in this mindset is being afraid of others. All fear, no love and freedom.

It directly reflects on how I was raised. I had begun ranting about my mom…….but that doesn’t do anything for anyone. She’s not here now, being critical all the time. I’m reliving the same memories between my ears.

I’ll let EOG do its thing on me.

Thank you @Simon for sharing that guide. When I focus on those things, EOG definitely has something to work with. I’ll see how EOG works on those beliefs now.


I went for a walk. I’d not been outside all day. First thing I noticed was I didn’t need anyone else’s attention. I also noticed 2 separate women reacting to me approaching them. I thought EOG had no romance scripting, but I’m using PCC along with it too. Nice reaction there :wink:

Something which happened during my walk was I’d begun Ascension v.2 New Dawn, thinking I needed some motivation. But after only running it 10 minutes, I turned it off. I put EOG back on solo. Sometimes when in a groove of thinking and feeling (like on EOG and PCC constantly), changing to something new switches focus. This did, and my mind has been very involved with the prior two tracks. So I switched back. Adding Ascension presently is a detour I’ll wait on. Changes are happening, and I’m enjoying them. I’ll keep my stack going.

Finally, I’ll admit something I thought near the end of my walk. I suddenly fantasized that my motivation was coming from within myself, and not other people. This is big, as constantly depending on other’s acceptance and approval has sidelined me in many endeavors. I felt powerful just in knowing I had control of me. I’m on ST1, so I’ve not banked on that since it’s much more ST2 stuff, me being fed truths of my own competence. It may be in the core scripting, and it’s got me motivated presently.