The 4 Gods of the... ASCENSION - First one: HERMES

Greetings, friends,

recently I mentioned in my Khan Journal that after 90 days of Khan (ST1 and 2) I am dropping it.
The reason being that it is too far from my current situation, because it gives me HEAVY recon and bad results when I am off it, DESPITE the MASSIVE results I got in and outside the bedroom, dominance aura, and physique.

More detail on that here: The Renaissance Khan Journal - #255 by AlexSQ

I want to build a proper foundation first. For this, I’ll be running through all four Elements before I will come back to Khan.

Before I do anything, I’ll run one month Ascended Mogul and EoG ST1, also using this great method for the ACTIVE JOURNAL by @Simon: EOG: No small change - #16 by Simon

I will also sprinkle in Limit Destroyer U and Mind’s Eye in every now and then.

After the month, I am going to use a custom based on AM, fitting to my business.
The 4 Gods are based on the 4 Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air.

Earth is called HERMES after the Greek God of boundaries, travel, trade, communication, language, writing, cunning and thieves. The basics of the Earthly needs.

Ditch the thieves, but I want to improve my writing, speech, expand my mind, crush limits, and improve my visualization, connecting the conscious and the subconscious.

I consider this the ABSOLUTE baseline for me.

Here are the modules so far:

  1. Ascended Mogul Q Core
  2. Limitless Q Core
  3. Mind’s Eye Q Core
  4. The Merger of Worlds (imo THE most important module in the shop)
  5. Blue Skies
  6. Inner Gasoline (using that sexual energy and transmuting it into creativity. And, well… sex)
  7. Carpe Diem Ascended
  8. DEUS or Omnidimensional (unsure here, Omni has a better rep on the forums, tbh.)
  9. Mosaic
  10. Ultimate Writer (I have a blog and write books (non-fiction), going forward I also want to focus on fiction)
  11. Dragon Tongue (youtube channel, and mentorship)
  12. Emperor’s Voice (Because I want it)
  13. Dominion
  14. Yggdrasil

I know it has 3 cores and I am still debating myself about that, because I wanted it to be a somewhat “light” custom. I was aiming for 10 modules in the beginning, but 14 already in. I really have to stop adding modules.

I know, the first month of this journal isn’t actually Quintessence, but I will then link to the post when I start the custom.
Starts on Monday!

Also, following after this will Water, Fire, Air.

Water will be Dragon Reborn 99%.
Fire will be Primal Seduction and HeartSong (oh, yes!)
Air will be Alchemist or a spiritual custom, or both.

I still need to look up which Gods of the Greeks match the respective Elementals. Although Air will most likely be Zeus.

Overall, the 4 Gods will take me about a year and a bit to get through. And then, I think I should be ready for the GOD AMONGST MEN. The Khan.


Love this idea!

Here’s 2 name ideas for the greek gods:

Dionysus for Primal Seduction and HeartSong because he is the god of Weddings and Sexuality.

Apollo for Dragon Reborn because he is the god of healing.

PS: personally I would associate the element Fire with DR (Apollo) and Water with PS + HS (Dionysus) but hey again these are just ideas in my mind :slight_smile:


Yeah I associated it with Astrology.

Where the Water signs are emotional and the Fire signs are powerful and about sex.

Water could also be the good ol’ Poseidon :wink:

We’ll see, but thanks! Your journal inspired this one !


Apollo is also the God of the Sun which is basically a ginormous fireball. Which would work well with Dragon Reborn


AM and EoG Baseline

Days elapsed: 1
Days on sub(s): 1
Processing days: 0
EoG ST1: 1
AM: 0
ME: 0

We begin!

I am looking very much forward to this journey. I still feel some older subs lurking around in processing, but it’s fine. Nothing too crazy. I will most likely do a washout every two-three weeks. Especially once I am on the HERMES custom.

I will run EoG ST1 mostly this first month, and AM added to it. Once I am on the custom, I drop EoG. I want to get rid of limits and use the creativity and productivity factor in Stage 1 which is VERY noticeable.

Today, about 3-4 hours after running the sub, productivity set in massively. I also noticed the absolute NEED to have everything clean. With structure. My desk, my office, the house.
Bought a ton of furniture and I am in the process of throwing shit out.

Mind you, this might still be part of Khan ST2 which I did notice is a spiritual sub!

Which also added another Module to the upcoming custom. Will order it in 2 weeks, so it’ll be ready end of the month to start into HERMES.

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Wow, I love it. I love how you’re integrating your imagination into your plans, goals, and the paths to your goals.

The build looks great.

I also like the idea of you articulating and establishing your own relationship to the archetypes of the elements and the Gods.

For example, a typical association of Hermes is with the element of Air. He flies (with the winged sandals) with the ‘speed of Thought’ and can effortlessly move amidst all realms, but Hermes (to dive into astrology) is also the ruler of Virgo, the sign of mutable Earth.

Also (not sure how I’ll get this convoluted idea out of my head), the Air can function as Earth in a particular person’s life. Earth is, fundamentally, about grounding, giving substance, providing foundation and materiality. Thought, communication, negotiation, storytelling, interconnection may, in your life, as you’ve said, really be what creates that foundation. The foundation of your particular life path.

So, it’s a beautiful personalization of the archetypes. It makes sense for you to connect them in terms of how they relate to and inform your circumstances.

Poseidon is definitely a bad-ass and not to be f**ked with. The awesome power of emotion and of the heartmind.

(haha. poor Hades. No one wants to play with him. Not to worry. He’s always been an important archetype of mine. Anybody up for a fun game of Dying In The Dark? No? Nobody? Where did everyone go…?)


Thank you for the kind words! Glad you like it!

Yes, the beauty about these archetypes is that there is room for personalization!
Poseidon is fitting imo because DR will be TOUGH! Lots of stormy weather ahead. I love it.

I really only know Hades as the Lord of the Underworld and thus a darker side. Now I am not someone to stray away from the dark side (quite the opposite, I have incorporated good parts of my shadow) but does Lord Hades have any good traits to be a positive symbol?




(but they’re the kinds of ‘good’ traits that we only acknowledge when life forces us to do so.)

Hades is the view from beyond ego.

He lives off the map, Where The Wild Things Are, and in the places in which we find ourselves when we are lost and when we have lost it all.

The God of the Exiled.

The God of the Unconscious.

When we are sleeping we have also, in a sense, ‘lost it all’. There were other gods of sleeping and dreams (e.g., Hypnos and Morpheus), but I think these would all have been somewhat friendly.

Hades is the things that are true even if no one recognizes them. The tree fallen in the forest that no one heard.

The seeds of true faith and genuine independence. Yet so cold and alone. Laughing as all dreams and all forms gradually crumble into dust and reorganize themselves into unrecognizable forms.

The deep, dark earth holds gems and precious metals. The Romans knew him as Plouton ‘The Wealthy One’. The untilled soil and labyrinthine caverns of the deep unexplored mind hold countless riches of insight and are the foundations of whatever the future may be.

Depression, exile, loss, humiliation, loneliness, disenfranchisedness. The outcast. The pariah. For we social animals, these are the greatest pains. And yet, in the midst of that pain, are found precious, priceless insights that are unreachable by any other way.

Thus, similarly, there have always been hermits, wanderers, and lone sages who have, by choice, sought out the same wild, dead lands to which others were sentenced as punishment.

The challenge: to eat the pain, to find ways to survive, and–in this extremity of privation–to not angrily or despairingly close one’s eyes to the inevitable treasures when they appear.

The other challenge: when the way appears to return from exile, to take it.


That was beautifully written!

Thank you very much for that insight!

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This is in line with Alchemical thought. Also Kabbalah with its 4 worlds.
Earth of Air

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One might have noticed that I have a bunch of spiritual modules in that custom. Not too much but I wanted to give it that divine edge.

The reason being that I KNOW by my own tests how manifestations and magick works and that it DOES work. Most of us do it every day, we just don’t realize it.

Just today I had confirmation of this again when something that was annoying for a while finally is being fixed after I applied magick towards it the last days.

What magick you ask?

Simple, manifestation writings within my CRESCENDO Journal, plus giving INTENT to the subconscious what I want (visualization, FEELING as if it already happened) and then removing the conscious mind from it. Fully.

Trust me when I tell you that the last part is ALWAYS the hardest.

Imagine you desire something, so you visualize it vividly, feel as if it already happened. And then you are supposed to remove your conscious mind. Do NOT think of it.
What do you think of if I tell you NOT to think about a pink elephant?


The only method I made work so far is occupying myself with something else so deeply, that all my conscious focus is on that. Seems to work quite well.

By the way, this is what Saint means when he tells you NOT to chase results. Removing your conscious mind from it. As long as you consciously think about the outcome of the sub, it is less likely to happen. Listen to it, let it’s do its magic (hint).

This is also - IMO (!) - why it is vitally important that we DON’T know exactly what’s in the subs. Your conscious mind would interfere by knowing the script.


Great post.

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I had toyed with naming my wealth custom after Hades-because he was also referred to as the god of wealth and great riches at times-perhaps an allusion to the gold within our the underworld/our subconscious or the riches from dying to one thing and into another

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Hades has his place; but not fun at parties.

Doesn’t like hugs.

Does like music.

He’s got riches, but never spends it.


He’s above that cheap dopamine rush!


Useless fact of the day: Persephone is older than Hades in terms of the ancient Greek civilization. It wasn’t until the later periods that the Greeks incorporated him into their mythology which is really why he is more of a side character in his own story. The underworld used to be called the House of Persephone.

Only a few priestesses in her cult were able to know Persephone’s name only after they went through a ritual because they believed that saying her name was calling the dark goddesses’s attention on to you.

Sorry to intrude but I have to share my love of history when it comes up. The Greek gods are absolutely fascinating.


I love this community :slight_smile:


More please …

AM and EoG Baseline

Days elapsed: 4
Days on sub(s): 2
Processing days: 2
EoG ST1: 1
AM: 1
ME: 0

There was a lot of recon and lingering results still from my old stack which was way over the place. Adding and removing subs left and right is not the play, gentlemen :wink:
Not that Saint hasn’t told us this a gazillion times, but you know!

I will definitely take the rest of the week of and maybe even next week, we’ll see.

Regardless, I am already getting results from AM.
While Khan certainly helped with confidence, AM does it differently. It’s deeper. I don’t think that’s Khan’s fault, it’s just that AM is closer to my reality, does it makes it easier to accept the confidence scripting. That’s how it feels anyway.

As a reminder here is again the list of modules in AM:

  • Ultimate Wealth Motivation
  • Destruction of Wealth Ceiling
  • Ultimate Debt Management
  • Forecast the Market
  • Think Like a Winner
  • Think Like an Entrepreneur
  • Incredible Sales and Marketing Success
  • Short-Term Wealth Manifestation
  • Long-Term Wealth Manifestation
  • Financial Visualization and Imagination
  • Incredible Financial Success
  • Weakness Destroyer
  • Generate an Irresistible Aura of Attraction
  • Romance Manifestation
  • Sex Manifestation
  • Improve Romantic Partners
  • Eliminate Procrastination
  • Eliminate Fear
  • Eliminate Doubt
  • Ultimate Gratitude
  • Godlike Masculinity
  • Rebirth
  • Extreme Independence
  • Extreme Will
  • Extreme Personal Power
  • Extreme Happiness
  • Extreme Confidence
  • And More!

I definitely noticed the debt management and financial stuff already. Had this urge to get rid of my debt and planning things to achieve that. Which will be a huge foundation for future success, because for me, any lingering debt (private, not business) still sitting around sends me into this scarcity-mindset which in turn limits wealth creation.

I do notice that AM makes me more happy in general, but it’s a different approach than Khan. Khan truly was the Zen mode. Where you accepted everything as is and you enjoyed whatever happened. With AM it’s just much more focused on being happy. At least that’s how it feels.

EoG definitely has the creativity flowing I can feel that. Had a HUGE idea for my business, specifically Youtube going forward, as well as a book idea, I am already writing about.

So far, so good, but it’s a slow start since I still had a lot of baggage from my last overload.

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The Law of Least Expectance

I got this from a Youtube Channel called The Mystery School which was sent to me by @Malkuth

All of it starts to make sense.

He states “As long as the conscious mind is EXPECTING results (exactly what @SaintSovereign says all the time) the subconscious cannot work on it.”
You can also use Astrology, that the energy you created, the desire towards the outcome cannot circle back to the source where it would be manifested as long as you hold on to it consciously.

You need to LET GO.

This is apparently the most important step but also the hardest.

I notice this all the time now. Only when I TRULY forgot about something I wanted to have happen, that is when it “suddenly” manifested. When I didn’t expect it.

I have not yet found an “easy” method to get my conscious mind out of the results. Obviously, the more you desire something, the more you think about it consciously. The less likely it is to happen.


The Paradox of Nature. Although it also makes it quite fun. Imagine everything you expected would be happening. Ain’t that quite boring?
When you unexpectedly get a big paycheck or some other manifestation, THAT IS when it feels really good.

As you can tell, this journal will also have a lot of Magick in it because it is my path in my “later” life. Now, being 33 I don’t know if this is considered my later life, but I definitely feel that pull.
It all started with Khan ST1, mostly probably the module within it “I AM.”
This brought me right back to who I truly am, want to be, and should be.
And now I AM running AM :wink:

Maybe it was predestined. Either way, I am starting to get a better connection to my conscious and subconscious although I haven’t even run the custom with TMOW. I presume this module is in most titles.

However, last night I had a dream that I should build a FORCEFUL healing custom (Ultima), containing on Regeneration, I AM, ARES and 3 other modules which weren’t specified.
However, this doesn’t really play into my plan here so I’ll wait if that thought sticks.

I remember that @SubliminalUser had a powerful healing Ultima, and IIRC it was REALLY powerful…