New Support Article: Zero Point Listening Instructions

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Instructions are clear, I didn’t see a recommending listening pattern for 3 ZP titles though, is this not recommended or would it be 1-2 loops per title every other day alternating between the 3?


This is gonna be so helpful

With every purchase, we are including an additional audio file with an audible voice informing you that a new loop is beginning. To use this, create a playlist in your favorite audio player, then place this “warning” sound in-between each subliminal on the playlist. This will help prevent you from falling asleep and leaving the playlist on repeat.


Is 21 days also the amount to switch stages or rotate stack?

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Added. Not sure how I missed that one. I think I accidentally deleted that section while typing, haha.


Stack rotation article will come soon. Technically, you’ll want to do around 45-60 days before switching, but we’ll explain that in another article. Right now, just trying to get the basics down.


haha, I kept waiting for a response that I missed it. Glad I said something :slight_smile:

Well, three titles max is clear, which means I won’t be able to substitute primal seduction for diamond in my stack on friday

I’m curious to know if I could rotate Diamond in after the 21 days and 5 days break. I would potentialy remove primal seduction and run diamond a little bit.

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What are the instructions for running 2 ZP titles? Is it the same as running 1 ZP and 1 Qv2 title?

I remember seeing someone asking if we can run 3 loop of one title on 1 day and 3 loops of another title on the next listening day is this still possible ?

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I think I misunderstood the question. You may be able to get away with 2 loops per title, every other day. Three may be TOO much to start. Again, this is a beginner’s / simple guide. I’m going to create an “advanced guide” for those who have used our products for awhile.


Can Ultimas be used in a ZP stack?

I would say yes. Just switch Qv2 to Uv2

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May be slightly off topic and if so I apologize:
Is there any added benefit to running a stack of ZP and Qv2 of the same title?

As compared to 2 loops of the ZP version following the listening schedule laid out for 1 ZP title


My custom is still on Qv1. Can I treat this as it were a Qv2 in the context of those instructions or should I listen to more loops of Qv1?

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I would go with this


What about Ultimas? Will the instructions for stacking those with ZP be included in the advanced guide?

Of course you don’t have to stop the QV2 title in a stack after 21 days for a washout… right. It’s the same as before… just the ZP in your stack that you would stop for a washout every 21 days…

Naw. In fact, you might end up with some serious recon.



“To simplify explaining the listening patterns, if you’re using an Ultima-powered title, simply treat it as a Qv2.”