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Zero Point Customs Live (Read This): Main Disc. Thread - Zero Point Customs NOW LIVE - #199 by SaintSovereign
Link to Discounted ZP Rebuilds: Discounted ZP Rebuilds – Quintessence by Subliminal Club

Note: I am EXHAUSTED, so there may be some typos / weirdly worded sentences that I’ll fix later. And, some of the information may not make sense, as I’m having issues writing down things coherently right now, lol.

It’s almost that time, ya’ll.

Zero Point Customs are just around the corner. And by that, I mean within the next few days. @Fire has been working almost non-stop on converting every module over to the ZP format, while myself and Q-Programmer worked on updating all of the servers running the Quintessence software to the latest build (since I’ve been using my “research” prototype server to create the ZP major titles).

This represents another breakthrough at Subliminal Club, one of the biggest we’ve had, as it also marks the end of the Zero Point Preview. This is the product that we’re FINALLY going to take to market officially. We’ve overcome all of the barriers that kept subliminal use from reaching critical mass, and there’s no other professional subliminal producer that has achieved what we have in such a short time.

We’ll put our 15 minute Zero Point – hell, the seven minute version – up against anyone’s titles. Anyone who has run Ascension Chamber (or most of our other ZP titles for that matter) knows what we’re bringing to the table, and now with Zero Point customs, your subliminal journey will be more exciting and profound than ever.

What will you do now that you can achieve anything? Let’s find out…

But first, let’s get this negative sounding stuff out of the way:

We already know what many of you are planning to do. You’re going to try and bypass the three title limit by building customs crowded with a ton of cores. We’re not going to stop you from doing this, because it’ll take way too much time to create a system to handhold people who won’t listen anyway. But, remember – there are NO refunds on customs and we will fight every attempt at a chargeback.

Those who create kitchensink customs with a ton of cores and unfocused modules and then proceed to come to the forum and claim that ZP doesn’t work or they’re having “side effects,” or yelling at us in a support ticket / PM, or slamming us in a review, or anything of the sort will be permanently banned from Subliminal Club. No forum access, no customs, no major titles. We’re just going to be done.

We will post instructions and a link to this policy on the new build page as well. We’re also going to add warnings about overexposure in both the “New Order” email that you receive whenever ordering a title (major title and custom), as well as the email you receive when your custom is complete. We’re also adding warnings about overexposure in “My Account,” and they’ll be even more prominent in the instruction manual / support site.

In other words, “I didn’t know” will not be a valid excuse. Those who play lawyer games with the instructions / recommendations will also be banned. We cannot hold back our technology and future developments because of people who simply won’t listen.

To those who are advanced with our titles enough to experiment without issue, this isn’t for you. If you have to ask if you fall into that category, you don’t.

Now… comes the fun stuff:

No price changes are necessary to roll out ZP Customs. The price difference is small enough that we decided to just absorb that cost rather than passing it on to the customer.
Also, if you’ve made a Qv2 custom since January 1st, you’ll be able to rebuild the exact same custom at a discounted price. You will not be allowed to make any changes to that custom to qualify for the discount – it’s literally a straight rebuild in the ZP format. More details will come soon, but there will be a special “build” page available for those individuals, where you’ll specify the order number for that custom. From there, Q-Engineer will handle the rest.

There are three power levels available for your customs – Zero Point Standard, ZP Terminus and ZP Terminus Squared. While we used the same branding to keep things simple, these are NOT the same Terminus and Terminus Squared that you’re used to.

Zero Point Standard is built using the original Qv2 Terminus Squared (with some changes). That means that ZP Terminus and ZPT^2 are new levels that we haven’t introduced before.

Remember when I told you that the new version of Quintessence had five power levels for Zero Point? Yeah, ZPS is what’s now called power level 1, and it’s what you’re experiencing when you use any ZP-powered major title (except Ascension Chamber – it’s somewhere between ZPT and ZPT^2).

I cannot stress this enough – do not play with ZP Terminus or ZPT^2 unless you know what you’re doing. I don’t even have the courage to run power levels 4 and 5, though I have built prototypes – but that’s a conversation for another day.

The cost for ZPT and ZPT^2 are as follows (in addition to the standard build fee):
ZPT: $79
ZPT^2: $149

There’s no additional charge for ZPS, which is the format that your major titles come in. For most of you, ZPS will suffice. ZPT and ZPT^2, however, require A LOT more processing and human intervention for now. They are also extremely fast acting and uses some of the technology for the Ultima build.

That being said… we are retiring the Ultima build for now. It’s no longer necessary, as ZPT and ZPT^2 outperforms Ultima in every way, including as a “booster.”

The Zero Point Primer that’s included with all customs has all of the upgraded breakthrough technologies – our new anti-recon tech, the secret tech we developed to start generating immediate results (if you want to try this out now, give Ascension Chamber, Emperor Fitness, Quantum Limitless, etc. a try), and some other goodies. It’s by far the smoothest, easiest to run version of Zero Point yet.

The minimum number of modules is 10. In the past, we’ve allowed people to make customs that were less than 10 modules and more than 20 as long as the integrity check passed. With Zero Point customs, we have to be much more strict about adhering to those guidelines. Too little modules and you’ll get really bad recon (because you’re getting hit with the same scripting over and over without any diversity). Too many modules and you’ll get really bad recon due to the high amount of scripting. Twenty modules seems to be the sweet spot

The new build options page (which I teased earlier) will not allow you to choose less. The new system is also much easier to use, as it uses dropdown boxes to let you easily select which modules you want in your custom. This is required to roll out the “full automation” project, where the Quintessence software pulls every order and builds them without human intervention (unless there’s a problem).

As for cores / recommendations on how to create and use your ZP Customs – it’s exceptionally easy, as usual. No more than two cores per custom. Trust us, going more than that will lead to diminishing returns and will trigger the rather negative consequences listed above if you complain. Don’t try to fit your entire stack into one custom, then try to add two more major titles.

There’s nothing really too different about creating ZP titles other than the fact that creating tightly focused customs are now more important than ever. Remember, ZP works better when everything goes hand in hand. If you’re going to make a custom based on your current stack, write down what you feel needs enhancing and what you’re looking for, then include those in the custom.

I’m about to make a thread where you can post your potential builds and get feedback (thread HERE). When your post your build, make sure you let me know what you’re trying to achieve with the custom(s). Also, let us know if you’re going to run the custom solo, or in a stack. I can’t promise I’ll get to everyone’s, but I’ll try.

I’ll update this thread with more information as we get it. I’m really tired right now and I need to crash, lol.

EDIT #1: You do NOT have re-license / re-buy modules to get them in ZP. If you’ve licensed them in the past, you can use them in your new ZP customs (in the ZP format) at no additional charge.


this is what I was waiting for.

this is my hype moment.

really glad to hear this.

Thank you both for your hard work!

Looking forward to sharing the two builds I have planned.


Will the dropdown box have our previously purchased modules that
are no longer available for sale?

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If i order a custom now would i be able to get it into ZP?

Do you think 2-3 cores would be okay for advanced custom users in say 2 customs so 4-6 cores altogether?

Email support and we’ll add the equivalent modules to your account.


Fantastic ! Thank you so much @SaintSovereign and @Fire

The modules we used in Qv2 will be free in ZP or we to buy them all over again ?

Unfortunately, we don’t have all the modules loaded into Q yet. :frowning:

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This is something I’ve been focusing on after listening to Ascension Chamber. Looks like,

I’m incredibly excited for this, I’ve been brainstorming ten module customs for the last month now. I’ll order one as soon as it’s available. :blush:


Come on, man – you know us better than that. You do NOT have to rebuy the modules. :wink:

EDIT: Adding this to the original post so others know.


:rofl: :ok_hand: thanks

I’m glad I read this because I misread the end of the main post

You said a few days so i just meant if i ordered it could i ask for ZP and just get it in a week or 2 lol

But i will wait… Thank you guys for everything you do for all of us

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Do all main store products count as “Core” … or is that a criterion based on script size, archetypal-ity, etc.?

More simply …
The titles that started out as Stack Modules and Superchargers – do they count as 1 of 2 Cores?
The titles that started out as Ultimas – would all of them count as 1 of 2 Cores?



Do the various Build formats have different lengths?
For example: ZPS = 15 min … ZPT = 7 min … ZPT2 = 5 min!

This would make it easier for a user … to instantly recognise what he’s getting into, as he presses the play button.



Imagine @Simon 20 modules packed in 5 minutes format ! Crazy !
with name embedded !


You can play it for only 1 min, and still get all the benefits. :rofl:

SubClub 2022 =



:rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :nauseated_face:

@unusualfellow are there modules that are not avaliable for sale anymore?

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