Main Disc. Thread - Zero Point Custom Build Questions

As stated in the ZP Customs thread, post your potential build / stacks here and @Fire and myself will give feedback as quick as we can. Please be patient, as there’s a lot of moving pieces going on, but we’ll do our best. If all else fails, put in a support ticket and we’ll get to it that way.


Khan St3
Libertine Ultima Core
Love Bomb Ultima Core
Ethereal Presence
Gorgeous Manifestor
LifeBlood Fable
Charsima Flirting Mentor
Instant Seducing Tacitian
Intensity Aura
Alpha of Alpha
Edge of Danger
Alexanders Play
Inner Gasoline
Long Range Seduction

Goals: Overwhelming sexual and seductive being.
Plan to stack it with renaissance man and ecstasy of gold for purpose and money.


Hey Saint and Fire, here is the custom I’m most drawn too. I’m currently doing a course for copywriting and would like to start doing freelance work on Fiverr or Upwork partime. The goal of the custom is creativity, enhanced writing skill, an improved my business mindset, and to market myself on the platform I choose.

Here is the build:

  1. Renaissance Man ZP Core
  2. Mogul ZP Core
  3. Ultimate Writer
  4. True Sell
  5. Story Teller
  6. Lifeblood Fable
  7. Sacred Words
  8. Overdrive
  9. Tyrant
  10. DEUS

Edit: I saw you wanted to know if we will stack the custom or run it solo. Right now, I plan listen to this with Emperor Fitness and continue to listen to Ascension Chamber once a week.


Basically I want to meet girls and work toward my financial goals :slight_smile: Also added SPS endocrine system to make sure and continue to work toward healing my hormones!

Khan St4
Courage Reclamed
Alexander’s Play
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Carpe Diem Ascended
Productivity Unleashed
Machine : Action
Natural Winner
Furious Ascent
SPS: Endocrine System

Edit : See my latest developpment


I see that it we’re to stick to two cores within the new build guidelines. However, if we want to rebuild a custom that we’ve created since January 1st in the ZP format that has three cores, will we be able to remove one of them?

Also, this is really cool to read and, as usual, way ahead of what was expected!


When Q Customs were first innovated, they immediately became the central focus of my subliminals strategy. Name embedment plus individually tailored focus? And then the ongoing development of new, innovative modules?

Nothing left to say. It’s just fantastic.

I’m planning to rebuild my flagship custom NAISSANCE as a ZP custom. It’s currently in Qv2.

[update: Just planning to build the custom below in May/June 2022. I’ll keep Naissance in Qv2.]

I also have an as-yet unnamed custom that I was hoping to be able to build in May/June 2022. Now, it seems, that will definitely be possible. I’m very happy about that. (Looking at you, Ascension Chamber. I see what you did there.)

I’ll list each out below.

I like to organize my customs around sub-sections (called ‘polyads’ as in monads, dyads, triads, tetrads, and so on).

NAISSANCE - Inner Strength and Inner Development Custom

The purpose of this custom is to feed and strengthen my internal (ontological) roots and foundations and to bring them to fruition and lived, embodied external expression. With Naissance, I develop my capacity to draw upon my soul to create visions of integrity and to bring them to tangible, manifest reality in my life.

Modules of Naissance

Primary (Core) Triad
The Alchemist
Quantum Limitless
Mind’s Eye

Secondary Dyad
Harmonic Singularity
Spiritual Reality Alignment

Inner Strength Triad
Pride Unbroken
Faith Unyielding

Mystical Power Triad
Immortal’s Blade

Psychic Journeyer Dyad
Astral Projection
Remote Viewing

Malkuth Dyad

Intuitive Flow Dyad
Khronos Key

Learning Monad

Linking Dyad
The Merger of Worlds

AS-YET-UNNAMED - Hypnotic, Therapeutic, Instructive Interaction and Communication Custom (Considering Phenomenaut as a title. Not quite there yet)

This is my custom of Calling and Vocation. It cultivates, focuses, and integrates the key talents, passions, and aspirations that I will apply centrally in my career and business vision.

This one is still ‘in planning’. Each module is also categorized by ‘tier’. First tiers will definitely be included. Second and third tiers are of progressively lesser priority. All of the third tiers are less crucial and may be removed or replaced.

Modules of PHENOMEN

Cores ( 2 modules)
Dragon Reborn (2nd tier)
Ascended Mogul (2nd tier)
(originally considered including Chosen from Within)

Being Hypnotic (1 module)
Entranced (1st tier)

Wisdom and Insight (3 modules)
Wisdom Personified (1st tier)
Pragya (3rd tier)
Arcane Mastery (3rd tier)

The Perceiving Triad - Observation (3 modules)
Eagle Eye (1st tier)
All-Seeing (2nd tier)
Awakened Perception (2nd tier)

Connection (4 modules)
Empath (1st tier)
Mercy Protocol (1st tier)
Way of Understanding (1st tier)
Transcendental Connection (3rd tier)

Voice (2 modules)
Whispered Power (1st tier)
Emperor’s Voice (2nd tier)

Teaching and Communication (5 modules)
Chiron (1st tier)
Story Teller (1st tier)
Dragon Tongue (2nd tier)
Polyglot (2nd tier)
Song of Joy (3rd tier)

p.s. I also have a general question about “Build Types and Use Cases”, but it seems more appropriate to post that to the Roadmap area. So I’ve posted it there.


Is it correct that ZP Customs’ core incorporates what Saint referred to as ZPv2 in his journal?


Wanted Khan ZP

  1. Khan ST4
  2. Wanted
  3. (Inner Circle)
  4. Divine Self-Image
  5. Stress Displacement
  6. Transcendental Connection
  7. Ethereal Presence
  8. Edge of Danger
  9. Code of Loyalty
  10. Lifeblood Fable
  11. Limit Destroyer
  12. Untouchable
  13. Fearsome
  14. Fenrir
  15. Rogue
  16. Wayfinder
  17. Science Adept
  18. The Way of ROI
  19. Fusion Optimized
  20. Yggdrasil

Don’t need any feedback on it (besides maybe if I should leave out Inner Circle). Just posting for inspiration and idea sharing. This is my Qv2 custom I am currently running - which is by the way the best subliminal I ever run giving me INSANE results - that I will now rebuild in ZP format.


oh, overlooked the two-core rule. So, my Naissance custom may need to be adjusted.


I think I remember when you first made this. Pretty cool to hear that you’re getting great results with it. Very cool custom.

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Big thanks to @Billions who helped me so much creating this beast.

@Malkuth just a banal story I want share with you what is now regularly happening to me on Wanted Khan:

I meet up with a girl yesterday who came to my city just for a quick visit. I went to her home and her parents were there with another friend who I have seen before but NEVER spoken too. Not even 2 min in the conversation, the friend tells me „You must have a pile of women lining up behind you“ and further expresses how wanted I am lol

The meet-up with my girl also did not end badly :wink:


:muscle:t5: :muscle:t5: :muscle:t5:

That sounds awesome.

Enjoy your prosperity.

Dominus Maximus ZP. This one has a couple of goals. First is to continue the “alpha” development, success, and general life improvement that I saw on my DR/Emperor combo last year.
Second, improve my performance on the specific type of oral board interview that I have to excel at to get the kind of job I want.
Third, to improve my social skills and openness for both personal and professional purposes.

  1. Emperor Core
  2. Daredevil Core
  3. Emotions Unfettered
  4. Fortune’s Favorite
  5. Immortals Blade
  6. Mountain Breaker
  7. Dragon Tongue
  8. Entranced
  9. The Boundary
  10. Iron Frame
  11. Furious Ascent
  12. Organization Perfected
  13. Lifeblood Fable
  14. Eagle Eye
  15. Sanguine
  16. Ebon Manuver
  17. Voice Master
  18. Dragon Tongue
  19. Fusion Optimized
  20. Mosaic

And this one is pretty self explanatory.

  1. Wanted Core
  2. Sex and Seduction Core
  3. Alexander’s Play
  4. Fortune’s Favorite
  5. Immortals Blade
  6. All Seeing
  7. Eagle Eye
  8. Sexual Manifestation
  9. Seducers Gaze
  10. Dragon Tongue
  11. Voice Master
  12. Instant Spark
  13. Edge of Danger
  14. Entranced
  15. Alpha Body Language
  16. Ethereal Presence
  17. Long Range Seduction
  18. Potentiator
  19. Focused Arousal
  20. Mosaic

My plan is to run both of these along with Diamond with ME for the remainder of the year.


Would like some feedback on this sub since am trying to combine module ive ran last year so i dont have to run two separate majors anymore. Also am only planning on running this sub for 2-3 months to meet my goals, this will also be in the zero point terminus squared build.
This sub is to help release my 2 games and generate income from them since am planning to move on to relationship by May or July of this year. @SaintSovereign @Fire

Renaissance Man Q Core
R.I.C.H. Ultima Core
Ultimate writer
Machine: action
The merger of worlds
Pride unbroken
fortune favorite
financial reality shifter
Positive being attractor Wealth
Financial success reality shifter
Wealth limit destroyer
Current invoker
Divine will

All feedback is needed and thank you in advance. the only subs i might run this with if i can will be Ascension chamber and Beyond limitless (if its a lifecharger only)


Would you recommend a custom three-core ZP subliminal which contains an expansive, restrictive and balancing core subliminal? Something like the one you suggested for xNTPs in another thread.

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After reviewing my journals since beginning my journey here I’m split between building a custom focused around my favorite subliminal yet: Diamond and basically making a Super-Diamond built entirely around enhancing my bedroom prowess.

Or going for something a bit more “utility” what exactly I would go for I’m still working out, but maybe something really focused on minds eye/quantum limitless? In broad strokes a custom built to massively improve my in-the-moment decision/action taking abilities. Intuition, outcome modeling, strategy examination, etc.

Hi Saint/Fire

I’m planning to create the custom below. I will run the custom with Khan st. 1 and then Khan st. 2 (either the version from the main store or a narrow custom) and then re-evaluate my stack when I get to Khan st. 3.

I already have around 6 months previous experience with Alchemist and around 2 months experience with Sage Immortal. I’m not super sensitive to subs, so I’m planning to order ZPS and ZPT and see what suits me best.

My main goals are:

  • To elevate my spiritual (yogic) practice and energy. This is by far the most important goal,
  • Continue purification and develop more emotional control and healthier relationship with certain emotions (I can get a little overwhelmed by certain emotions (stress/fear) but also come off as cold/uncaring/unloving at times – it is not to an extreme degree and I’ve done healing subs in the past, but it is still a focus area), and
  • Get additional insights into my life purpose(s)

I hope to get some overall feedback on the custom but also on the points below:

a. Modules 18-20 are the results enhancers I’ve always used. I think they work well for me, but let me know if others are more suitable of if 3 results enhancers are too much, and
b. If any of the modules I’ve chosen are redundant since their focus area might already be sufficiently covered by either Alchemist core or Sage core. If this is the case, additional module suggestions to take the custom to 20 modules would be appreciated.

  • Alchemist ST4 Core
  • Sage Immortal Q
  • Avatar
  • Awakened Perception
  • Arcane Mastery
  • Spiritual Reality Alignment
  • Metamorphosis
  • The Architect
  • Energetic Development XI
  • Inner Gasoline
  • Fusion Optimized
  • SPS: Nervous System
  • Wayfinder
  • Mystery
  • Blue skies
  • Chosen of Venus
  • Emotions Unfettered
  • Pragya
  • The Merger of Worlds
  • Omnidimensional

Thanks a lot in advance!


I’m almost tempted to try your ultimate sub Friday :heart_eyes:

There are a lot of modules I never tryed.

Just seeing if my customs would fit in the ZP requirements

First custom

Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
Facial Morphing
Divine Will
Chosen of Venus
Instant Spark
Long-Range Seduction
Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
Seducer’s Gaze
SPS: Fat Burn
Aura of Craving
Master’s Coordination
Love Without Attachment
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness

Only change I would make on this title is replace Inexhaustible with

Second custom
Natural Winner
Blue Skies
Limiting People Remover
Dragon Tongue
Lifeblood Fable
Lion IV
Ultimate Music Producer
Furious Ascent
Productivity Unleashed
The Merger of Worlds
Virtuoso di Musica
Voice Master
Renaissance Man Q Core
Ultimate Artist Q Core