Is Anyone Here Actually Getting Significant Results From The Seduction Products?

You have clearly admitted that you are not taking action. You have implied that subs dont work of course they work.

Stop this attitude just go out and talk to women stop being lazy.

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actually before covid i was out in the nightlife 4-5 times per week and that is exactly what im going to do again now that my city is finally open.

you know nothing about me and have failed to address my point in any way.

where are the posts by guys getting laid like rockstars as is promised on the sales page of all these products?

i do not want to waste my time when almost no one seems to be getting the results promised.

SC have the most powerful subs in the world.Many people are getting laid using the subs.

The only ones who are not are the ones who are too lazy to take action or have deep mental issues they have to heal first.

Well its good you are going out thats the first step :slight_smile: now continue taking action and listen to the subs.

can you post links to these reports of people getting laid?

I have spent a lot of time lurking on this forum in the last year and i think i have seen maybe 3-5 people reporting sleeping with a new woman in that time.

maybe im looking in the wrong parts of this forum but i have yet to see anyone say something like " i have been using subs for 6 months and have slept with 27 new women since i started".

also, you seem very confident in these subs so can you share your results?

how many new women have you slept with since you started using subs?

1000s of people are successfully using SC subs but they have no time to write journals.

AMASH was one of the few guys who wrote journals just do a search for him.

Hello @Real007 and welcome to Subliminal Club.

This is a case of dismissing positive results and journals and focusing on your perceived idea of lack of results. In other words, being overly skeptical and trying to prove to yourself that subliminals don’t work. Even if the objective reality is different, there is still an impulse to try and prove the data wrong.


That is solely on you to find out and overcome on your journey to greatness. No one can do that for you, or prove you wrong until you start looking at truth objectively, rather than subjectively.

Do remember what @SaintSovereign loves to say - your subjective opinion does not dictate objective reality.

Make sure to use the search bar and not hand-wave away others experiences.

Here is a tiny bit of data from the forum database, specifically around romantic relationships from the male side based on multiple products from multiple different users. You can easily find this and more by searching.

Feel free to be skeptical, but don’t try to skew data, misinform or try to degrade others valuable experiences. This is not that kind of community.

The path you walk is always your choice.

Choose wisely.


Just because your using a sub for seduction doesn’t mean your going to sleep with 27 new girls in 6 months.

There’s is a lot of journals about guys and some girls getting results on the forum if you read threw the whole forum you’d know

I’ve used Emperor and since then I slept with 2, does it matter? No because if I hadn’t organized a date and actually done the action. It’s all about what you do the sub will just help you make it happen a bit easier.

if these people are not writing journals then how exactly do you know that these people are getting the results promised on the sales page of these seduction products?

I have used emperor and Primal Seduction successfully to get laid.

They email reviews to SC or send a thankyou to SC.

why not?

have you read the sales pages of the seduction products?

these type of results is exactly what one should expect based on what is promised.

27 new women in 6 months is actually not that much for anyone who actually is active in this world.

anyone serious about getting laid a lot is going out at least 2 times per week at very least.

6 months is 180 days.

getting laid 27 times in 180 days should be easy given what is promised on the sales page of these products.

and im assuming anyone serious enough to spend money on these products is serious enough to get out of his house at least twice per week.

so what is the problem?

why is no one reporting the results promised?

Everyone is different which means what it says on the sale page doesn’t mean you will get laid with 27 new people in 6 months. There showing the possibility of using it.

Okay but some people have lifes, there not going to be just focused on getting laid as it it’s just a number as your implying. There going out and seeing girls to get memories and experiences so there not focused on getting laid as much as possible.

Also some people want to keep there private life private, if they don’t want to write a journal about how they get laid all the time there aloud to do so. It all comes back to most people that are on this forum don’t see getting laid as a number, there doing it for the experience and the memories which is why you don’t see a bunch of people reporting crazy results. I’m done here for now @BlackTiger you can take over if need be.

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how exactly am i doing any of this?

your sales pages are there for everyone to see.

and i have spent the last year reading this forum.

where are the reports of people getting laid with new women a lot?

even the posts you linked have things like “my wife did…” , “my girlfriend did…” , “a girl i know did …”

none of this is what im looking for.

im talking about lots of sex with NEW WOMEN.

i repeat NEW WOMEN

meaning using subliminals to seduce women you do NOT know and having sex with them.

there should be report after report of successul seductions in this forum but i barely see any.

yes i see lots of people talking about their wife and girlfriend doing X but that has nothing to do with what im talking about.

im talking about being a seducer, a ladies man, a player…whatever you want to call it…a guy who sleeps with new women REGULARLY

this is what is promised on most of your seduction sales pages but i see no one reporting these results.

and when i bring this up you accuse me of degrading results and skewing data?


its very simple to address this simply post a direct link to someone who used a sub and is reporting sex with a lot of new women after.

simply post the links here for all to see that im wrong.

its very simple.

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um hello??? why are you ignoring the links fire posted


so why then do the sales pages promise crazy results?

i do not understand why you find it strange that im asking for reports of crazy results when that is exactly what is promised when you buy the products.

No one promised crazy results. A sales page is a sales page. It shows you the potential of what could happen not what will happen to you.


[Moderator Edit: Harsh language] Your cherry picking now. Listen if you dont think they work stop lurking on this forum and go to another vendor.


Salespages do not promise that customers will all write online journals for us to enjoy. :joy:

Its a sad thing that you were looking for successful seduction posts during a world lockdown.
Erotica would’ve served your requirement better.

Sorry for my tone. I find this thread really funny. :slightly_smiling_face:


nobody will just gloss over all those reports and get discouraged??? lol wtf :thinking: :thinking:
thats not normal, there is no way

you have some type of skeptical belief exactly like fire said
or u have an agenda/competitor

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As you probably know it more than anyone else, seducion recquire many aspects
A singular sub won’t give all of them (at least not yet XD )

If you’re not an attractive guy or good personality, good aura, good game, basically you’ll get penuts it’s like that and you know it.

The current level of technology of the subs IMHO allow you to cover/upgrade one-two at max of the major factor needed for seduction.
But bruh if you don’t take care of the rest you’ll still get peanuts or few results.

You’re just being in anger because you’d like a sub that save you from doing anything except just the bare minimum, by playing with words in the presentation of the sub, maybe you trying to create some drama I don’t know…It’s just not realistic the sub won’t control the mind and the world to such an extent that everything is handed to you, can you imagine what it would imply XDDD

If you’re ugly not caring of your look with a suck ass personality well even if the gal might feel attraction for a brief moment, she’ll soon be like “euw why did I even thought about it”, simple truth

But if there is sub wich works it’s here, I’ve tried so many of them free-not free-youtube-other seller-etc… And only the one here had an huge impact that was noticable by taking a journal so don’t make the mistake of reducing what you could get here, you’d pass next to something really really great honestly…

I’m sorry if I have harsh words I’m tryin to help you calm down a bit on your attacks
Because it really just seems like you want them to degrade their presentation, wich I honestly think is honest even if guys don’t report 30 lay every 6 month wich is your interpretation only seriously

Edit : (I’d like to say maybe Wanted would be the all in one in seduction to change but it’s a longer road than a lot of other sub as physical change take indeed more time)
PS 2 : Remmind yourself that the sub in itself doesn’t do anything it just bring tools to your subconscious wich is doing the work and could have some help from your actions, the sub is not such a power tool that you see reality melting down infront of you and by taping your hands you appear in a harem