OldChap The Conqueror of Sirens


Hello gents.

I received an e-mail about Emperor 3 days ago I would say, and I admit, I could not have resisted the impulse.

Something inside me screamed to buy it right away, so I did.

A little background on me…

I am a 46 year old English man, divorced, interested in increasing my monetary flow and venturing back into the dating game.

I have run a few other subliminal audio tracks in my life, but have never experienced much on them. I had some trouble with setting it up on my mobile phone (good thing I can ask my son for help, since the USB cable is not working properly), but we figured it out.

First Moments

The very first moment I turned on Emperor on my mobile phone, I felt as if my entire body started buzzing with a feeling I could only describe as latent power.

It felt indescribable. I have never felt anything remotely similar to this on any other subliminal. This was the most drastic eye opener I experienced in my life.

First Day

The first day I listened for about 12 hours using the set it and forget it method. The buzzing became less and less obvious (I believe it is becoming a norm for me now), but there was a feeling of inner unshakeability becoming apparent.

On the job, where I am a first level manager, the coworkers noticed something about me. My boss seemed to defer to me in questions he usually does not, and there was a slight feeling as if others were out to get me with slight jabs.

Second Day

Woke up completely rested and energized. Listened to Emperor throughout the night. At work, the jabs continued, but I started feeling disinterest towards them. Some of the jabs I simply deflected without effort, the others seemed to hurt for a few seconds then it was as if nothing happened.

Not sure what is causing such effects on my coworkers. Perhaps the inner feeling is connected to these jabs.

Third Day

Went out to a club. The bouncer nodded at me and let me in without any problems. I entered the club with a swagger I have not felt before, it was as if I owned the place!

I am not sure what that was, but it had a definite effect on the ladies. As soon as I entered the club, I crossed eyes with a petite brunette in a sexy tight dress. Her lips parted when she saw me, and we kept gazing at each other for about 4 seconds, until she looked down.

It shocked me for a few seconds, but I thought to myself that I should start getting used to this, because something is happening, and whatever it is… I like it!

I went to the bar and had a drink, and looked around. People were having fun, guys were drinking, the girls were dancing. I always wanted to learn how to dance but was always too introverted to try.

I thought to myself, what is the worst that can happen? I am divorced now, even if I make a fool of myself, nobody cares.

So I got up, went through the crowd straight for the dance floor and danced. I never danced in my life, but it was so much fun. I probably looked like a fish out the water, but it did not matter.

I had fun! Actual fun! I never thought I could have fun after that dreadful divorce. Thank you Subliminal Club.

After dancing for what seemed like hours with people I have never met (had a few different girls dancing with me too), I decided to call it a night, so I went out for a smoke. I saw that sexy brunette, and approached her.

She seemed a little shocked, just like in the beginning. I wonder what it is that is causing such an effect.

I told her, “hey, just finished dancing and my whole body aches from it! How about you give me your number and I’ll take you dancing with me”.

Surprisingly, she giggled and gave me her phone number. I took her number and left.


Today I am thinking of messaging her, see how far I can advance, and of course I am running Emperor as much as possible with the set and forget it method.

Extremely excited for what is to come.


Welcome to Subliminal Club! We’re glad to have you with us.

Yeah, this can happen when you are rapidly starting to increase in status. They are subconsciously perceiving that you are becoming an Emperor.

Both @SaintSovereign and I went through this process multiple times, as well as some of our testers and older members.

Stick through it, it is a natural process and you will become stronger from it. Another thing with Emperor is that it has massively increased manifestation rates, specifically scripted so it pushes you to evolve in the fastest and most powerful way possible, called the Evolution module.

Your body language, your signature, your smell, your energy, everything is shifting and becoming befitting of an Emperor.

If you were a peasant in the older times and saw an emperor just walk down your street, you sure as hell would be shocked too. :rofl:

This warms my heart, always feels good to know you are helping people. You are welcome.

Keep running Emperor, I’m looking forward to your further updates. :smiling_imp:


@OldChap I have been listening to Emperor for the past few days myself and have experienced the jabs as well. I’m a few years older than you having recently turned 50. I was reading the article in the support section of the website about reconciliation and I feel at this time that’s what I’m experiencing the most.
Here is the link to the article


I have been running Emperor religiously for the past 2+ weeks. It has been an incredible journey, with so many happenings.

Where do I begin?

The girl I talked about… well, I made her mine, to say the least.

I messaged her and told her that I am going to the beach, and I am taking her with me. She said yes right away, and we agreed on a date. It was interesting how that went down… I felt a little nervous, but then I started thinking that I am not the one that is supposed to feel nervous, she is!

Worked wondrously. Perhaps I was picking up on her nervousness? Not sure.

Either way, I went to the beach, and she showed up with a guy and another girl. Let us call the original girl Jess, the guy David and the other girl Abby.

Jess is a sexy little brunette with the most amazing lips you could see on a woman, while Abby is a black girl around… 5 feet 9 inches, pretty tall for a girl.

Awesome, right? Problem is, I did not expect this. I was hoping for some one on one time with Jess, not with some David chap.

I was already on the beach, relaxing, waiting for Jess to appear, and she comes with some other people.

I told myself that it does not matter, what I am going to do is have fun, no matter what. I’ll get laid eventually, so no need to rush.

They came and sat down next to me on my towels and we talked for some time. David seemed on guard around me. Whenever I would talk, he seemed to look at me with an unsettling mix of… jealousy? Not sure what that was about… at that moment, of course.

I then took out the alcohol I had prepared. We started drinking and we put on some music too, since the beach was mostly empty. One thing that stood out was how I controlled the conversations, and how both the girls and the guy deferred to me.

Want to swim, OldChap? Hey OldChap, what do you think about my hair? OldChap, should we go to a bar?

This is where things get interesting. At one point, I get up, and extend my hand to Jess, and tell her “I am going for a swim”. She grabs my hand, I pull her up, then I pick her up. She’s squirming on my hands, telling me how “no, stop, I’m too heavy!”. A few seconds after a calm washes over her, she stops squirming, and she looks at me with the sexiest damn look I ever saw in a woman.

I looked back at her, but then noticed David furrowing his brow and staring directly at me.

Okay. I see what is happening David.

I continue holding Jess on my arms and start running towards the water. She’s screaming for me to stop, but I go in and jump with her in my arms.

Interesting observation, I am not that strong. I have been holding Jess for a little while, and then ran with her. Does Emperor have some kind of body enhancement?

And this is where my jaw falls off the floor. We’re in the water, swimming pretty deep, and we have to swim to keep aloft. We are pretty far away, David and Abby seem like little specks on the beach now.

I ask her…

OC: “What’s up with David? He is acting strangely.”
Jess: “Ha, don’t let him get to you. He always does that.”
OC: “What do you mean?”
Jess: “Ugh… Every time I like a guy he starts telling me about my ex, and how he didn’t deserve me and blah blah blah. Honestly, David is kinda weird and has this weird habit of staring at me… but we work together so whatever.”
OC: “Sounds like he’s into you.”
Jess: “Well I’m not into him, I’m into someone else”

She then lips her lips at me, comes closer and runs her nails across my chest. She giggled when she saw my jaw dropping. After that awful divorce, I could not imagine a woman would be acting like this towards me. I thought myself unlovable.

Of course I would not let this go to waste, so I pull her closer to me and kiss her, and she starts going at me. It quickly escalated and I pulled away her bikini, and started doing her right in the ocean.

The salty water was an… interesting addition to the sex. But, that did not stop us. Her screaming had me worrying if the people on the beach would figure out what was going on though. She was loving it.

Either way, we finish and go back. She’s gleaming with happiness, and David seems to be frowning again.

David: “You seemed to be swimming for awhile.”
OC: " What else would you do at the beach?" I reply.
David: “True…”

Everything after that is smooth, we have fun, enjoy ourselves. David keeps frowning from time to time, looking periodically at both of us.

Abby though, I caught her asking Jess an amazing amount of questions about me, one time when I was returning from having a swim with David.

Wonder what will come out of that…

As for all the other benefits of Emperor, I will be short.

First off, my coworkers are no longer testing me. In fact, they ask me to check their work from time to time, just to make sure, even though it is not my area of expertise!

Second, I got a promotion. I am no longer a first level manager. Now I manage a larger section of the company, and I am finding I am enjoying working more than before.

It is not a huge promotion, but it is definitely a noticeable bump in my salary and a bigger amount of people to manage.

Third are big emotional and internal changes. I seem to be thinking a lot about the divorce and how I feel about it. I have also noticed myself being more relaxed, the way I walk changing, and the inner sense of power still being there, although now I have gotten used to it so it is not as obvious as in the beginning. My confidence has also gotten better as a result.

And fourth… my ex wife contacted me, after seeing the beach pictures I shared on my Facebook profile. Wanted to know who are these people.


To summarize, there has been a lot of changes, both internal and external. But I believe I can go further, because I still feel anxious and feel like I can never be loved again, owing thanks to my ex.

I hope Emperor can help me with healing all this, and after experiencing the power of it, I have no doubt in me that it will get healed eventually. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a week, maybe a month, maybe more, but I am not in a rush.

Yes! I believe this has been the case. My coworkers have started deferring to me now, and I no longer get these weird verbal jabs from them.

Thank you very much for this link, I have definitely experienced reconciliation.

There have been periods of nervousness, depression, and even extreme rage. But I decided to kept pushing through that and run it again and again, for at least 12 hours a day.

Seems like discipline and dedication is important.


Good day, I have just purchased Emperor because it included most of the subliminals, plus i could not decide. There’s not much to the instructions it does not state which order to listening, what is the difference in the 3 downloads? why is one extreme? what is the difference ? My research has revealed that Emperor is more broader so it may takes a longer time to become effective. I have been listening to Ascension lite. Wondering if i should have just went with Ascension as at the moment my main thing is procrastination memory and wealth. i have a test in 5 days would limitless assist? or just stick with Emperor?

Your thoughts.

PS. I did not know how to start another topic or even if I should have start another topic.


Emperor Ex is an experimental that has five times the power of the regular version of Emperor. The masked is if I’m correct just the regular version with sound as opposed to silence


I don’t really think Emperor is an easy jump from Ascension Lite. I hope it goes well for you.
If it feels like it is too much to handle, then go to Ascension or Ascended Mogul instead.