Love bomb, baby! Love bomb!

I just got home and want to share this while the memory is still fresh. I’m going to try to keep this as PG-13 as possible without omitting any of the details that I consider essential to the story, but no hard feelings if mods need to edit anything. I’m not trying to be vulgar, I just am. :grinning:

So I’ve been listening to the Love Bomb Ultima Mk II Prototype every day since it came out. I wasn’t looking for anything external, I just love how it makes me feel. For the first week and a half or so I didn’t notice anything, but as I approached the 2 week mark listening to Love Bomb started to make me feel really happy. I look forward to listening to it in the evenings while I enjoy a cigar after dinner and again before going to bed.

One of my best friends used to be a stripper until a few years ago and she’s still friends with lots of dancers. Last week she told me one of her friends loves older men and she’d broken up with her boyfriend a few months before and was telling her that all she kept meeting was lame guys on dating apps, so my friend told her about me and wanted to know if it was okay if she gave her my number. I told her sure and we started texting and agreed on a date last Saturday.

Neither of us had seen the other. Not even photos. My friend told me she was “really super hot” and I don’t know what she told her friend about me.

When I went to pick her up, she opened the door and stepped back to let me in and when I saw her, I thought “shit, she has a hotter, younger roommate!” My friend’s friend (let’s call her Mia) is 33 but the woman who opened the door looked 26-27 and had a body that was too hot to believe, even for a Las Vegas stripper. She confirmed she was indeed my blind date, so I figured it was time to have some fun.

I told her she had a really nice place (she has a beautiful condo in a luxury complex) so she was showing me around and then we sat in the living room and were talking for a while and I said “I haven’t seen your bedroom yet, let’s go check that out.” So she took me into her room and I noticed her bathroom door open and said “Hey, you mind if I freshen up quickly” and she said no, then I said “As soon as I’m done we can get started.” I washed my hands and face and when I walked out she was standing in just her bra and panties.

I figured she’s a stripper so probably not modest about changing out of her yoga pants and crop top in front of me, but she didn’t have another outfit out and she approached me and said “do you wanna finish undressing me or should I just take 'em off?” Then it hit me oh shit, she is DTF right now? No date?

So I had a great time and left. This past week was very busy for me with work and other responsibilities, so I didn’t text or call her. I wasn’t playing games, I just was busy and had nothing to say and I don’t do simp shit like texting “good morning beautiful” or “how was your day?” So Wednesday she just texted me a heart emoji and when I noticed a few hours later I sent one back. Then yesterday, realizing that I have a 3 day weekend, I decided fuck it. No work this weekend, I’ll handle some personal errands, but that’s it, so I texted Mia and asked if she wanted to go out tonight and she said yes. So tonight she called me and asked if we were still on because I didn’t answer her text. I hadn’t looked at my phone in over an hour. I said yes and she said “good, don’t come to my place, I got us a room at [a hotel on the strip].”

I’d completely forgotten that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so since I haven’t even taken her anywhere yet, I stopped at a store on the way and picked up a card and a box of chocolates (nice, but nothing fancy).

She was so happy to see me wasn’t interested in eating or going anywhere. Again she started to undress quickly and we started making out and she kept telling me “you’re so amazing” and stuff like that.

So now we’re in bed and I already had the condom on and she pulled it off and said “I need to suck this for a while first because your c_ck is too perfect, but don’t c_m in my mouth, I want you to do it inside me.” After she’d gone down on me for a while I asked if she was on birth control and she said no, she thought I’d had a vasectomy. I told her I’m thinking about it but haven’t done it yet, so she seemed bummed out and put the condom back on me before we started to have sex.

Afterwards, she asked me if I was seeing her exclusively. I told her that I wasn’t, but added that I hadn’t seen the other girls in a few weeks and I liked her enough so far to be happy just seeing her (which is true). She said “Good, because I like you enough to go on the pill for you.” I stayed with her for a few hours talking and fooling around and she told me she wasn’t sure if I liked her because I hadn’t texted, so I told her I had nothing to say and I didn’t want to be annoying with small talk. She told me to call or text her anytime day or night just so she can hear from me.

Anyway I’m probably forgetting some details that I wanted to share but that’s already long enough and my apologies if it’s TMI or inappropriate. I’m tired and was just excited to share because these two dates were unlike anything I experienced before or on Emperor, so I 100% convinced it’s Love Bomb. I feel so light and happy and OPTIMISTIC! That’s the main thing I feel, an overpowering optimism, like the glass is always 3/4 full and my life is like a blockbuster movie that I’m the star of and I can write any happy ending I want and everybody loves me and I’m bulletproof because nothing bad can happen to me and I’m already excited just thinking about listening to it later tonight. It’s like an addiction with no side effects and no downside.

One more thing, I realize it’s too risky for Sub Club to promote any of their subliminals as an anti-depressant, but I urge anyone needing a boost of happiness to listen to this because I have never experienced feelings of happiness and joy as intense as I do while listening to Love Bomb and for hours afterwards. There’s something really special about this thing. I still haven’t read anything about what Love Bomb is supposed to do, so I’m going to have a drink and relax and then later I’ll check to see if @Fire and @SaintSovereign have finally revealed what Love Bomb is supposed to do, but I can’t believe you guys made something this wonderful and just gave it away for free.

I also have a really exciting (to me anyway) update on Emperor that I’ll put on my other thread later or tomorrow.

Also, on the way home, as much as I like Mia, the thought of being anyone’s boyfriend made me think of this


This is an awesome post! not TMI at all IMO.
Love stories like this.

Did you experience enhanced dating success on Emperor in general before this?
I understand the addition of Love Bomb has made it next level.

From my understanding, It has essentially been revealed, it’s Libertine with love scripting replacing the sexual scripting, so I believe it’s intended goal is to experience infinite love and positivity and project an infinite aura of that as well.


Thank you. I did experience more success with women, but it was more sexual. This was a very affectionate and loving kind of reaction and I was surprised because she’s a stripper. I don’t mean to imply that they’re not people and maybe this is some bias on my part, but I was very surprised because tonight she was behaving more like she was my girlfriend of six months than a second time hookup. Like during foreplay she said “make love to me now” and the sex was more like the intimate sex you have with a girlfriend you’ve been with for a while where you’re both really in touch with each other’s bodies.

That’s amazing and explains why I feel so optimistic and happy when I listen to it and for hours afterwards.

Yes, I always play masked subliminals on headphones because I don’t like listening to the stream out loud and I always play ultrasonics on my bluetooth speaker because I’m concerned about damaging my hearing listening to them on headphones.


Great post and story , she seems like shes hooked on ya like a drug …lol


Same , i tried masked out loud via speakers just doesn’t have the same effect plus who wants your housemates thinking you have a leaking tap in your room …lol


Wow man
That’s some experience !!
Thank you for posting this,
It might be personal but you think Love bomb gives vibes of sticking to one woman ?
Or it makes you feel to stick to one woman ?

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First and foremost women go crazy if they do not see any signs of attraction/interest from a man, something which Ascension, Ascended Mogul and Emperor seem to embody quite well, moreover our Heart Chakra the loving energy that connects us with life, nature, and other living beings in a way that is unexplainable.

I believe Love Bomb is just Libertine with Sacred Of Venus, extracted from the Sexual Scripting though.

@Yardbird, love this review already, bring us more hahaha

The same principle of as within so without applies here again. By feeling love, you’ll exude it and be able to receive and attract it from others.


I’ve always wondered if this Ultima would help with Romantic kind of love, and it seems it does. Thank you for the excellent share @Yardbird

Quick question I have not been on the forums for a while is what is Love Bomb? Is it Libertine or a new program in the testing phase? By the way awesome story!

It is a free program for those who bought Libertine


Thanks for letting me know. Do you know if it is still available to get or was it a limited time offer?

If you buy Libertine, the file Love Bomb will be with it for download


Yeh, you know those moments where you finally get the hint?

I think these are more hints.

Thank you so much for posting this about Love Bomb.

Check out this one…

This is a really important distinction in terms of results.

Good question @rajeshwer. @Yardbird your comments?



I’m wondering, do you think Love Bomb was having an influence on her in your absence?

Awesome stuff. Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, Utlima is masked with an ultrasonic track in the back as well, you listen to Ultrasonic with speakers and masked with headphones, so you do listen to Ultima with headphones?

It’s safe (and recommended) to use headphones for Ultima. They adjusted the ultrasonic to be low enough when masked is at a comfortable volume.

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I’m aware, I appreciate your saying this though.

I was looking to clarify what @Yardbird was doing.

Since he says he does masked on headphones and ultrasonic on speakers, so he might believe Ultima is a masked track- no harm in running it on headphones with correct volume, again just clarifying.

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My bad. I misunderstood that you were asking @Yardbird specifically :smiley:

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I want to ask you something that I was wondering, do you think Love Bomb effected this women BEFORE you even met her?

SubClub products don’t work, they’re just good marketers!!!111

:: rolls eyes ::

My response:

“Fifty told me, go ahead and switch the style up and if they hate, then let 'em hate and watch the money pile up.”

Or in @Yardbird’s case – the ladies. :wink: