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This is a good comparison between the scope of effects of q vs ultima

These results are from only using the ultima so looks like it can work


Lol,thought major title is basically 3 loops and up for an ultima.booster is 1-2 loops?


I am curious…If I run an Ultima title as a major title…what else I could get from it beside the state shifting.?

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  • longer-term effects (i.e., trait changes)
  • wider scope of impact (i.e., affects many more parts of your personality/identity/self
  • heavier processing load
  • more reconciliation

psitu v2 report


I’m glad that worked well for you.

Did you read @Yardbird’s post on Love Bomb?

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I believe this is the big distinction between Q and Ultima in terms of long terms effects- the scope of Q subs is enormous in what it will effect over time- the scope of Ultima stays narrow, specific, and highly focused. I believe whatever effects Ultima has on that specific area over time can secondarily effect other areas, like being wealthier or healthier will of course impact other areas of your life, but not in the way Q directly acts on them.


Use the search function and search “rank”

Thanks for posting this man!

Hey friends,
i’ve currently started playing PSIT been 2 days, and have been hearing all good reviews about PSIT-U my goal is to get laid fast so i want to stack PSIT-U+libertinev2
i hope women will be open to have sex when talking to them using both of these sub
How long does the effects of playing 1 loop of PSIT-U last?
How long does the ultimate sub effects last during the day or night while asleep?
and after how many hours the Aura starts to Kickin?


PSITU already has Libertine aura in it.

Approximately 1 day

Many of us use it an hour before a date/going out. That’s the best option.

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@Lion thanks man for the reply, can you pls make it more clear for me to understand,

Is okay to run PSIT as the major
SubQ while asleep for building foundation for seduction
While i use PSIT-U only when going out? (w/out libertine)

Last question, those played PSITU while going out on a date got laid? Or just nice responds

I want to play PSIT-U while going for my Salsa class, do you think it can get me a date?

What other sub do you recommend, ive stick to PSIT+libertine+love bomb and now PSIT-U

My goal is to get laid!

Replies are welcome for anyone who have experiened it


Yes. That’s a good plan

Well, PSITU was released during these covid times but I think there could be some experiences using it.

But please don’t think about it. PSITU is made for you to get laid. Follow the plan for how you will play the subs, go out (and/or use Tinder), meet women, etc

My advice is to not overthink it. Have fun


Tried Iron Throne Ultima
Has a carefree sexual friendly vibe to it as compared to Khan . I felt the urge to take action and be friendly with females.


@SaintSovereign Hi, is PSIT-U consider as major sub for ultimate?
Can i listen to 3Q sub and one PSITU would it be considered as booster or major sub?
and maybe add one more libertine to the mix?

You could try it. Just make sure you are getting results with your other programs and take rest days.

What is your current listening schedule and what are you listening to?

Holy shit, i have huge review on PSITU, it is damn amazing! :astonished:

I went out to a dance club this thursday with 2 friends, and used psitu v2 in tuesday & wensday once a day and an hour before going out the club.

It was magic, i saw an opportunity and instantly seized it without fear, danced around with her and pin her to the wall.

she screamed “KISS ME KISS ME” but i delayed it (wanted maybe play a part? ) cos she was not so much my taste.

i said lets go to the bathroom ,she held my hand and as we were going her friends stopped her and i lost the momentum.

But what followed this really amazed me, I think because i showed such dominant and sexual vibe, i turned around the dance floor to see if i get any looks after i did the escalation ( i did it in a very crowded place so it was like a public show lol).

I Swear in god, i had like 40 women in the dance floor giving me the deer in the headlights look, i felt like a superstar. i looked around and they were staring at me, it started feel uncomfortable! i never in my life had 40 women stare at me like hungry cats. wtf

If this sub is what made this night to be as epic as it was, YOU must use it for clubbing! i’m still in shock, whoo


awesome report

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You might want to get accustom to this.

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Anyone run the regular version of iron throne ? It’s hard to find any experiences on it since it’s been released