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What’s up good people using Iron Throne Ultima.

How has it been usin Iron Throne Ultima so far?

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Does anyone know if it contains Libertine V2 or an updated V3?


Hmmm, I got a reply from a girl on tinder. Only that, I really want to fuck (I’ve been listening to Diamond also Hahaha). Basically it’s making me move. But everything is in lockdown here so I can’t even do anything… I should boost my tinder profile! I also texted a girl I didn’t spoke to for months hahahaha

Anyone here is good with tinder profile??


Don’t know, but I think they only included the aura generating, we should ask @Fire to know exactly which part of which version was added! :wink:


two days ago ,I bought it and use it back to back right after stark ultima…the immediate reaction was my brain felt like turning on …I became more motivated to do things and practices …focused that could be something come from SU…and the typical…light hearted and feeling sexy attitude was also in place…that should be the effects of PSITU…and I listened to them in the afternoon…I got to excited that I couldn’t fall asleep until 3am in the morning…


Since PSITU has Libertine’s Aura in it, I wonder if it is going to receive version-based updates in the same way Libertine has been receiving updates. My guess is that will happen once Libertine gets to a version that’s considered truly final.


12-28-20 @ 08:10 PM;
I purchased PS:IT back in 2019 when it first came out, and I would like to put this new version to the test, but my account has not been updated to download the new version. Just waiting for SaintSovereign to make the necessary changes.


@DssMaster it’s not a free upgrade. It’s a separate purchase. Get it while the 50% discount lasts.

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12-28-20 @ 08:20 PM;
Why should I and other members have to re-purchase it, if this is just the Ultima updated version of PS:IT? SC is no longer giving the updates to current members?


Psit ultima is considered a new/seperate product. theres still free upgrades for normal psit


Because it isn’t just an Ultima – we’ve also added Libertine’s aura and other upgrades to make it work “on demand.” We only gave free Ultima upgrades to the stacking modules and superchargers because we were discontinuing those entire product lines and we don’t believe in selling products we had no intention of upgrading. Technically, those weren’t even “upgrades,” it was more of a product replacement. PS:IT is still a very powerful, useful program. It’s just available in Ultima format now. Right now, it’s half off, which is something we never do AND you can still use your SubClub Elites discount with it.


12-28-20 @ 10:40PM;
It is still the same product regardless of how many upgrades were added to it, otherwise why would it still be named the same?

Sex Mastery X2 ULTIMA – Get Better at Sex Subliminal

It’s a different version of PSIT meant to be used differently. You use the Q version regularly to make long term changes, and the ultima right before you need some seductive ability to make a really big but short term change. They are two different products with two different purposes. I would bet that combining the two of them would be epic though.


I did a loop of PSITU today
I ran 1 loop Emperor X, an hour later, a loop of EQ, and hour later PSITU

Felt really confident sexual and pushy, but in a good way. Got on the train and started talking to a cute girl there immediately, we kept making eye contact after but she was with a young teen, I couldn’t tell if it was her daughter or maybe she was just a teenager who looked more mature or a mom who looked really young, so strongly discontinued after that thought crossed mind just in case.

Went to the grocery store to pick up some cbd coffee, a super hottie works there. I had a moment when she was pushing to offer me her number, and I fumbled the whole thing, since then she’s been colder. When I got to her register today, a older woman was still packing up, so I couldn’t go near to put my credit card in. I started messing with the older woman in what I thought was a playful way. The register girl was laughing and asking me if I was making fun of the older woman. I told her I was not sure, and we got into a bit of a convo. Nothing outstanding like the first few time’s I saw her on libertine and Emperor X Terminus, but definitely strong. I felt a bit heartless on this Ultima, and may need to be friendlier to accommodate for that, or it could be having run Emperor before hand.

Went to the gym and the girls who worked there kept talking to me, and actively engaging me in a fun way, more so than normal.

I could tell this sub had me a bit on hunter mode, looking to make things happen.
Cool sub so far, I will test it more.


No, it’s not the same product. Different build, different use case, different effect. Ultima is a different product line, it’s not an “upgrade” to Q. It’s meant to be used in a different manner, it has its own pros and cons, and the build and scripting methods are NOTHING alike. We won’t be giving out Ultimas as “upgrades,” because it’s not an upgrade. It’s a separate product that’s part of a separate product like.

This is like saying the ‘90s Camaro, Firebird and Corvette are the same car just because they all used the same metal frame. Different engines, different interiors, different features, different uses.

When we upgrade PSIT to Q Plus, that will be a free upgrade. We won’t be releasing Ultimas as free upgrades because it’s not an upgrade.

Sex Mastery X2 ULTIMA – Get Better at Sex Subliminal
Main Disc. Thread - Sex Mastery X2 Ultima

Any one kind enough to list the similarities or differences between

  • Libertine V1,V2
  • PS Iron Throne Ultima



My sense

Libertine V1
super chill-very sexual-playful intimate, I got approached and hovered around on this one. Convo feels super sexual-sense of fun, love, and joy-free but I still had a sense of caring-in the moment-totally flowing

Libertine V2
sexual, status, hunter like, attraction that’s has a kind of shocking effect, sexual but flirty-more making fun-less just casual convo with sexual undertones, sense of fun and power-less caring-in the moment

PSITU-only used once
pure power, libertine V2 like but the aura seems almost controllable -like it can be directed, high status, total IDGAF attitude (this could be influenced by Emperor loop an hour before)-much more intentional than other libertine, strong push towards action-mentally choosing what to do and doing it, more dominant and overt interest expressed.


The “Half price off AND SubClub Elites discount” was too hard to resist. Made me “Add To Card” haha


When I am having Sex in the morning, when would be the best time to run one of these Ultimas? Before bed?


When you woke up to eat the last slice of cold pizza on the refrigerator.
At least, I would do so.