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Mate there is no frustration its about him being rude and abnoxious to good people here in the community. Anyway enough said :slight_smile:


Whether your argument is valid or not, your language is too much. Please try to contain your non-frustration, blackadder.

Real007, I expect in most cases it will increase the amount of interest and cause your potential partners to be more open. Generally you still have to recognise the signs and act on them.

But as a piece of unsolicited advice, if you bought the product months ago, you should build your own experience with it instead of lurking on the forum searching for other people’s experiences. I find having sex myself is so much more satisfying compared to watching other people have sex. So much more…


In another thread, @Fire posted a few experiences of people achieving that goal with their Libertine stack, and you keep literally just ignoring them and repeating the same question over and over elsewhere.

Also, we checked your account. You’ve only purchased R.I.C.H. and Beyond Limitless. You’re either lying about Libertine, or you pirated it. Either, enough with this discrediting campaign.


you are the one who is ignoring my question.

you advertise your seduction products in a way that implies that buyers can expect to get laid like rockstars after.

im simply asking you link posts where users report having sex with a lot of NEW WOMEN after buying your seduction products.

the experiences linkes my mister Fire where NOT people reporting they where getting laid a lot; it was people reporting the usual stuff i see here of “my wife…”, “my girlfriend…”, etc…

i repeat, simply send me a direct link to people reporting having sex with a lot of NEW WOMEN after using your seduction products.

ok my mistake.

i thought i had bought a seduction product in the 2-3 i remembered buying but i guess not.

and there is no discrediting campaign; i simply made a mistake thinking i had bought a product i had not.

you are being extremely defensive when you are the one marketing your seduction products in a way that promises magical results where a guy will get laid like a rockstar after.

everyone can check your sales pages and see for themselves.

im simply asking you to give direct link to posts where users report these results you promise on your sales pages.

why are you getting mad at me?

is that not an obvious and fair question?

Try these


At the risk of sounding combative, which is not my intention…

Perhaps you haven’t realized that from point A (where you are now) to point B (rockstar dreams), there is a transitional stage. One shouldn’t expect these titles to act as a pill you pop and one day, everything’s changed.

There’s stages to development with SubClub titles. I’m not sure what journals you HAVE seen and I haven’t looked at our friendly neighborhood Archivist’s links there, but I do know Saiyan’s journal is worth a gander glancing at the list.

I don’t know if you saw my suggestion to read the article on Reconciliation earlier, but, if you haven’t it may help you understand some things. One of those things is that there may be times when you are listening to these subliminals that you feel discouraged; you may see a ‘lack of results’ (seeing lack; what a paradox) and think that this isn’t working. That’s why I said what I said on your other thread about a certain level of expectation curbing results.

Now, being a member of this community, I can personally say that not one time have either Saint or Fire promised a single thing such as having the sex life of a rock star. I have read the sales copy of most major titles (besides Stark; tl;Dr, amirite) and I don’t think I’ve even seen rock star mentioned.

Let’s take a look at a tid bit from my favorite sales copy, the Emperor.

There are alpha males. Then, there are those who transcends all definitions and labels. These individuals are the true rulers of their lives. EMPEROR will get you there. It’s designed for those who will stop at nothing to achieve perfection and excellence. Forget what you THINK you know about your personal reality and limitations. Let EMPEROR: the world’s most powerful subliminal audio for wealth, empire building and increased sex teach you how to rule.

What a great opener! This led me to buy this title last September. One would think that because of the above, I’m running shit, right?

Well, subjectively, I think so. What did Emperor do for me. Did I experience…

An extreme sense of personal power and pride, that you are the master of your reality and being.
That you are a highly valued person with the potential to become the greatest person that ever lived.

Oh yes.

The sense that achieving incredible success, money and abundance are absolutely effortless to you, and will flow endlessly into your life.

I was offered positions with my old company that I didn’t even ask for, apply towards or even know existed. So definitely.

The ability to easily manifest extremely profitable and lucrative situations, business and personal deals.

Same as the last. Plus, I was beset with potential income opportunities from numerous avenues.

Some of the most incredibly positive self-talk to constantly keep you motivated and ready to conquer.

My confidence was untouchable.

Romance, ROMANCE, ROMANCE! And sex, of course. Enjoy being able to choose between multiple romantic partners :wink:

I had more than enough opportunities, but being in a relationship I didn’t pursue it. As I mentioned to you on your other thread, I had old girls hitting me up just to be my mistress. Ain’t no cap in my rap, baby.

To be very real with you, I’m glad I did that for you cuz it reminded me of a lot and resolidified my own confidence in subliminals. Which brings me back to an earlier post of mine to you.

I recommended that you start a journal and take action to get the most out of this. Similar to my recommendation of reading the support articles. You’ve not responded to either of these things so it makes me wonder; how serious are you?

Is this a fad for you or something you intend to stay with for awhile? Because again, lusting for results is only going to give you more lust.


They are a business not a charity. They have to market their products in such a way so they can sell their products.

How are they going to earn money to put a roof over their heads and feed wife and kids ?.

Perhaps live in card board box ? :slight_smile:

I know you are an intelligent person so please think things through before you make such comments.

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First: Watch you how speak to me and my staff. If you want to be a keyboard alpha, I suggest you take it to Reddit, or any of the other toxic forums out there. They’ll welcome you with open arms.

Second: You haven’t purchased the product that you claimed to use and not get any results. You didn’t “accidentally” forget that you haven’t purchased any of our romance / aura products. You just outright lied / didn’t realize that we can check your purchase history. And if you have used one, you didn’t do it legitimately, meaning I have no obligation whatsoever to spend time on someone pirating our products, or just starting trouble.

Third: You’re going to dismiss or handwave away any results that are posted as not fitting your “requirements.” You’ll move the goalposts every time something’s posted.

Fourth: I do not have time to analyze the forum and respond to this request. I am not your personal search engine. @Fire posted and now @Meng123 posted some. I suspect that you’ll find someway to ignore them.

This is just a weird attempt at some kind of hit job, and that’s not welcome here.


Thank you for taking the time to post such a thoughtful, reflective, introspective, and insightful response!

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Im sorry but how can you not know about your purchases?

I mean if you play subs regularly like in a daily basis u will know which is which is in a playlist and you will find their names when playing them :sweat_smile:


Haha,its possible to forget what subs you currently have in your library.Think i have most of the subclub store already but havent touched it much since i moved to customs.Cant always remember what i have without double checking.Dont think he has that many that he can forget though. :rofl:


Yeah its possible that way :rofl:

But he only has a couple of titles :rofl:


Bro honestly you’re making it worse for yourself.

You legit claimed you used Libertine and then were called out on it because of your claims.

I read the thread.

Just leave it alone.

Edit: @Real007 okay, maybe you said you bought it and you were discouraged.

I get that.

However did you think about actually using the product and seeing it for yourself?

Plenty of people have gotten results, both Fire and @Meng123 have offered the reviews for you.

Just use it yourself and go from there.


How are you even complaining about subs if you’ve only ran them for 4 times?

Also your goals isnt the same as everyone

You want to get laid 27 times in 6 months , its your thing your goal

Others are running sedcaution subs and their goals are clearly reached when your read their journals, its their goals they want more intimacy maybe between their wives and gf or whatever

But the proof that the subs work is that people actually are seeing results from the sub, maybe not in your frame of goals but theyre working

Subs can be directed intentionally, its not a script that works the same with everyone

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This is insane, are you actually serious?

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What is about subs is actually wasting your time cmon?

Your literally gonna play it overnight while your asleep

Wheres the wasting time part?

Its not like youre going out when youre asleep and you would have to listen to subs rather than going out,

You should read before buying, i did the same i read on the forum before, then i bought my first product

Youd have to run subs for quite a while to see changes, 4 times will literally do nothing


I read your post and I understand your point of view.
Now I am very curious what other products do you use?

Maybe I try them out if they are legit.

I have no respect for these people who pirate copyproducts. Do they not realize that by doing so SC will not be able to invest money into research and improving their products.

The products are dirt cheap too. They would rather spend money on drugs and alcohol rather then invest in themselves.


He’s been banned. Back to business, everyone.