Honest Review of PS Iron Throne


This review is of PS Iron Throne. I have not used the standard version at all, so I cannot comment on it.

Difficulty of playing the sub: I have not had any emotional upheaval or anger coming up or any such things described by others. For the first 3 days, I felt sleepy all day. Then all went smoothly.

Usage duration: I have been using this sub for the last 20 days. I have not taken any days off, so I did not do the 5-2 method, or whatever. And I have listened to it for 20 hours a day, minimum.

I have been approaching women HARD in the last 20 days. I even wanted to force myself to take a break, but I just enjoyed and looked forward to talking to women. In the last 20 days, I have been out approaching at least 18 days, and spent at least 60 hours daygaming.

I have not noticed more interest from women while I am walking around. BUT I have noticed that I am able to just tell which women wanted a man to talk to them, even if they weren’t clearly showing it.

So I am getting 80% good reactions, and the 20% rejections, I DO NOT CARE and I am not affected at all. Even a harsh rejection. I talked to an 18 years old girl and she said she’s not “interested in dating some old uncle”. That made me laugh instead of being affected at all. On another instance, two girls saw me getting rejected and they laughed their asses off LOUD at me. It affected me a bit, but within seconds, I thought “You laugh now, but I will be laughing when I get my dick sucked”. And moved on to the next approach.

I am also calmer, I enjoy life more, yet I seem to be focused and dedicated to gaming more than anything else. I am blocking time to make sure I give work enough focus. I am a disciplined person, I can do this, but I can tell it would be difficult for the average person to achieve.

When talking to women, I am totally comfortable and within my element. I don’t need to “warm up”. I can just go up to a girl, and talk to her, have a fun conversation, get to know her a bit, and get her number.

In terms of conversation and texting, which were my weaknesses: I have no problem now AT ALL talking to anyone and maintaining interesting conversations for hours, and on dated, or cold approach. Before, I’d get stuck and lost for words. But now, it seems I can riff off anything, and find subjects to talk about with no problem. Some girl once told me I am very interesting but I talk a bit too much, which as an introverted shy guy, I took as a compliment.

In texting, I used to try fun gamey stuff, and girls usually flake. Now, I just know what to say, and have honest normal conversations with women, and it seems to work very well. Those who flake or stop responding, it’s like water off a duck’s back, I just move on. I feel I have abundance, I can get new girls and other girls easily.

In terms of dreams, I don’t usually remember my dreams but I was able to remember some of them while on PS Iron Throne.

And they are mostly about pickup for some reason. In one, I was working on correcting my posture to stand up more upright. In another, I was texting this difficult girl I am texting in real life, and handling her shit tests. In another, I was with a girl on a date, and I was working on different ways to bring her home to me.

I also seem to try a variety of ways of talking to girls. And I sexualize interactions much more, with a sexual vibe, looking at them with desire in my eyes, and just enjoying those girls. I think this is the aura part. Not all are receptive to it, but I am proud of myself that I am not ashamed to show my desired.


I have not been getting ONS and hookups with this. I don’t know whether that is because my subconscious deems that it’s not the goal I want, or I am not sure what is going on.

What I noticed is I am able to find very feminine girls who are sweet good girls, and they are very interested in me.

In the last 20 days, I have dated 3 girls, and they are actually falling in love with me, really. It’s freaking incredible. Maybe subconsciously my goal is to find loving relationships? That would make sense.

Usually, my rate which is considered high in the PU sphere is to have sex with 1 new girl a month from daygame.

With PS Iron Throne, I am on another level: I have 3 amazing girls who are falling in love with me, sending me hearts and sweet things like that, and who can’t wait to go on dates with me.

One is a 25 years old salsa dancer who just had an orgasm when I kissed her. The second is a 19 years old redhead that looks like Sansa from GoT, and who is a painter. And the third is a 20 years old virgin who dreams about me.

I personally cannot believe it. I tripled my usual rate BUT the quality is better, because we’re talking about my ideal girls (I seem to find more of them for some reason), and they are falling in love with me. Not the usual thing which is getting 1 new girl a month, we fuck once or twice, then she disappears, and I need to find a new one, going through the grind again.

Do I still get rejected a lot? Yes, and no. If I go blind approaching all girls, I can have good conversations but may end up not getting the number. If I trust my subconscious and let it point to me the girls I should approach, my success rate is high. So I don’t approach as many during the same amount of time, but those I approach are open and eager for me.

So far, I am loving this! PS Iron Throne is the best sub I have used from Sub Club. And it seems a perfect fit for me.

I could not maintain Regeneration. It brought out all my fears to the surface. It was a struggle. I had to stop it.

But PS Iron Throne is a fun good experience, and I run it all day with no problems.

I give it a 10/10 and highly recommend it to everyone.

Raphael's Khan Journal
Those that ran primal seduction or sex and seduction or primal and iron throne..what situations did it manifest?

@AMASH, once again, thank you for the detailed feedback and positive review on Primal Seduction. It’s much appreciated and we’ll definitely take time to digest it and incorporate it into future programs.


You are welcome. I wanted to test this one thoroughly, run it exclusively for enough time, make sure the results are really different from my baseline. And it is time to say this thing is amazing, you have created a winner.

I don’t know what it says about me that a variation of the sub without emotional healing works much better for me and is much easier to run than a sub that has emotional healing or using Regeneration. But that is not what is important. What matters is: (1) I am a stronger and better man that I was 20 days ago, and (2) I am finding more than one of my ideal girls and I am able to share with them connection, fun, laughs, and enjoy the process of falling in love. Objectively and subjectively, it’s true success.


I am fucking dead…


Very inspiring AMASH.
I’ve got a question though.
Are you following a specific model, and/or using other programs(pua)/materials along with these subs?
If so, could you share with us or send me a pm?


Yes. After starting PS Iron Throne, I felt compelled to get Gunwitch’s Seduction MMA which I heard great things about before.

It is the model I am following. But really, even before doing that, I was doing whatever came naturally to me, and it was working great. I just found myself using techniques, humor, tension, carrying the conversation without thinking about it, as if my subconscious was guiding me using anything I have ever learned.

But my success rate became better after following a model rather than winging it. I also heard great things about the London Daygame Model, so it can be worth checking out.




04-23-19 @ 12:15 PM;
What is PS Iron Throne? Is that a particular stack that is done with Primal Seduction?


Iron Throne was the bonus that came with the pre-order edition of Primal Seduction.


04-23-19 @ 12:35 PM;
Ah ok got it. I’m looking forward reading up on member’s experience with this latest version of Primal, as the original did not do much for me unfortunately. And is this new version made using PrimalTech v2.0 and/or New Dawn format?


It was made in New Dawn. And this is Primal Seduction, not Primal. It’s a different subliminal with a different purpose. So far, @AMASH and @blackadder are using it correctly – going out and actively talking to women and documenting their results, rather than waiting passively to “see what they get” (not saying you did this, just pointing out the nature of PS). It’s definitely a “go out and do it” kinda sub.


I am using pure PS at the moment. I get it that Iron Throne is “sharper” version regarding sexual side of things without healing aspect.
Is main PS module better for attrracting woman into long-term relationship? It is my main goal rather then short-term encounters.


04-23-19 @ 1:40 PM;
I might jump on this one if I like what I read from the members that are using PS. When I experimented with Primal, I did go out and interact with women, but I didn’t see anything different from baseline. I was also hoping to see the women react to an aura with attention towards me as I did when I first started using a competitor’s subs for creating sexual attraction.

Any chance that an aura creation script was added to PS?


All 3 girls who are falling in love with me are looking for long-term relationships. So PS Iron Throne can help with that. And I think, deep down, I want that too, that is why it is what I am manifesting rather than quick hookups.

Yes, and no. I have used Primal. Actually, the original Primal XXX was harder for me to run than PS Iron Throne. I needed to take a day off every 9 days of running Primal XXX. While PS Iron Throne, I can use it forever without any problems. Maybe @Fire knows why this would be the case.

And yes, I am not getting a sexual aura like I imagine you’re interested in getting. What I am able to get is “detect” which women will really like me before approaching, and when I approach, their eyes light up and they are happy I approached them, and participate in the seduction by making it easier for me. I don’t have an “aura” of, whenever I say hi to any woman she melts or drops her panties or her face goes red and pussy wet. What I get is knowing what to do to talk to her, connect with her, and turn her on with my eye contact, proximity, touch etc. Not some imaginary “She drops her panties just because I walked in her vicinity”.


Both PS and Iron Throne will help you attract women if you interact with them – in person, or online (though in person is better). What you do with that budding relationship (turn it into a one-night stand, casual sex partner, or long-term relationship) is largely up to you and how you play it. Both short-term and long-term manifestation is in PS. Iron Throne is a bit more stripped – it’s pure, “go out and have fun.”


We added an aura, but it wasn’t our number one priority. Here’s the thing – that competitor sub has been in development for what, 3 years? And it still isn’t performing as well as both the producer and the community wants. I’m not knocking the producer, I’m not saying it isn’t possible. If that producer cracks the code, then his company will be rich overnight. What I’m saying is that SubClub isn’t spending years trying to develop an aura based subliminal right now for multiple reasons. We’re trying to create products that will help people take action, rather than waiting passively for an aura to do the work.


I played a few loops of the standard PS, and ended up crying, which is not something I usually do. It was a bit similar to Regeneration, although Regeneration got me to wake up shivering in unexplained fear at the end of the night.

I know this is good, and helps me release emotions. However, there is nothing less attractive to women than a man crying.

This is why I prefer PS Iron Throne. I can’t be approaching women and maintaining attractive eye contact if I have “sad puppy eyes”. But when I am not around women, the releasing can be very beneficial.


Has the standard PS always given you emotional releases since you started listening to it? I’m quite surprise that it hasn’t happened for me (although I know everyone responds differently). I thought I’m first in line when it comes to needing emotional releases lol.


I have not listened to the standard PS before.

Regeneration got me very emotional when I tried it, though.


Saturday: I had 3 dates, and fucked a virgin. I’m pretty sure I have a better life now that the ex feudal kinds! At least the girls nowadays smell better than the girls at the time haha

Date 1: She told me I am the most amazing man she has ever met, and is lucky to have found me.
Date 2: Told me I am fascinating and exciting!
Date 3: With the virgin girl I talked about before, who is 13 years younger than me. She was ready. So we made sweet sweet virgin love and she went home sore but happy.

Thank you SubClub! But of course, these results don’t come if you listen to the subliminals and sit home on your fat ass. They come when you are willing to face your fears, risk rejection, and go out there talk to women! It was Saturday, lots of girls out and out and in malls etc, so I did talk to a few and got a number in between the dates.

It’s rainy here now, but I feel like I’m walking on sunshine!