Main Disc. Thread - Libertine Ultima


Ya’ll already knew what was up. The test went so well that we decided to go ahead and release it (and yes, it’s a free upgrade if you already owned it):

We cracked the code, the one that no other subliminal producer could. We’ve created a subliminal title that quickly generates a powerful, profound and exceptionally effective sexually charged aura that attracts the most beautiful people that catches your eye. With just one loop (minimum) of Libertine Ultima, you’ll understand what it is to be a true libertine — an individual who effortlessly instills a sense of infinite lust in those around them and revels in all the carnal pleasures that this existence can bring.

We’re not going to give away the secret to how we achieved this, but when we handed Libertine over to our testers, the majority of them began experiencing profound results on day 1. The rest soon followed suit. They reported tales of passionate sex romps, rekindled physical relationships with significant others, people in stores clamoring to help them, and stories of being followed and admired by the most beautiful of people. Things you’d consider yarns if they didn’t come from individuals who had very little idea what they were testing.

One tester reported that a beautiful woman — who was with her boyfriend — followed him around a store while he shopped, popping up in random aisles for no other reason than to just admire him. Once he said hello, she giggled and took off like a giddy schoolgirl who had spoken to her crush for the first time. And this was TWO DAYS after his last loop of Libertine Ultima.

Libertine Ultima will also subtly adjust and enhance your body language and speech to assist with your seductive abilities. In every movement, a striking sensuality. Your gaze, laced with an intense primal sexuality, and the sweetest, most seductive poison will exist on the tips of your lips.

Libertine will stack EXCEPTIONALLY well with Sex & Seduction, Sex Mastery X, Primal Seduction (and PS: Iron Throne), Khan or a custom subliminal focused on sex. Or, you can use it standalone. Libertine’s aura is designed to intensify and grow stronger with each loop. But, be careful — too much of it can be a bad thing. We recommend starting with a single loop for the first few days, then increasing to a maximum of three loops over time.

If you begin to experience any negative side effects, including extreme tiredness, discontinue use. Libertine (and all Ultima subs) works best with headphones. Since there’s an embedded ultrasonic subliminal, please be sure to play it at a reasonable volume. Discontinue use at the first sign of any ear pain or tinnitus.

It will create powerful active changes in you, your psyche, your conscious and subconscious minds and your body, that will allow you to feel what it’s like to have an extraordinary sexual presence, with an intense gracefulness hidden beneath each step.

Will you start walking the path of lust? If so, order now.


Looks Like I’m Just On Time. Excited To Try This Out!


You’ve got that freaking right. I’ve been reading the journals.

Thing looks like no joke.


It really doesn’t. It could be the answer to many’s prayers. Though to be honest, I’m not quite sure how I can start ramping up (or even if I should) towards a using this with any kind of regularity during COVID (everyone still works from home, not many social events for one).


Er… Primal too, right?


Might have to sell some items of clothing for this one …lol
Ace work guys !


Lol hey @SaintSovereign got the same problem again as i did with beyond limitless since i have the pre order edition.


This just made my weekend! Can I just say now I’m glad I’m not working from home yet because it gives me a chance to observe initial results from this tomorrow :sunglasses:

Thanks @SaintSovereign and @Fire you guys rock! :fireworks:


That’s true.

The right times will come. And we’ll be ready when they do.


I don’t think any other producer will come close to the work you and @Fire do…
This subliminal really made women make a move with just my presence!


I was needng this soo much! Thanks @Fire and @SaintSovereign!


Same, the ultima version isn’t there yet. Though it was only two hours a go so may take a bit.


Shots fired. If you know what I’m referring to, you know :joy:


Yes baby! !


I am feeling so annoyed right now as this was an old purchase. I was hanging out for this to get the upgraded so I could download it for free but had a refund for another purchase and maybe this was in the mix as well since it’s not showing in my account. The price got bumped up :cry:


You get free upgrades with this company. If you had the old one, the new one will be in your downloads.


This is powerfull you just need to be carefull not to over do it… sometimes just with one loop i got extremly tired.


Thank you for the upgrade. I will see how this stacks with my StarkQ custom.


Lmao you caught that too huh?


Woow! The upgrade does not appear in my account where I purchased it. :frowning: