Longterm Review of Khan


Hey guys :wink:

First of all Happy New Year to everyone!
2019 had been a crazy and fantastic year with lots of growth, opportunities, success and fun, and I want to start this new year with a review of my favourite subliminal so far!

I have been listening to Khan St1 for 45 days (approximated 450 hours) and Khan St4 for 6 months (approximated 2200 hours).

My results :+1:t2::

  • I have had TEN TIMES more sexual encounters with different women since running Khan than last year. In the last 2 months, I had 7 new sexual partners (making out, fingering, sex). I am now kinda in a relationship but before that, I had a period of around 6 weeks where every week a new girl was falling for me. Also, had three girls hitting me up simultaneously for a while.

  • What is the friendzone? I am now confidently asserting my desire to woman both consciously and UNCONSCIOUSLY.

  • I became far more social since running Khan. I was always an extroverted guy but I often stayed home “to work a bit more”. This is not bad per se but since Khan, I hate just laying in my bed watching stupid YT videos and prefer going out, finding new friends, and just socializing for the sake of having fun and enjoying myself.

  • Being completely relaxed in social situations. This one is huge for me. Negatives thoughts always crept in… “Do they like me?” “Am I cool?” “Am I being weird right now?”. Such thoughts do not exist anymore in 99,9% of my interactions with others. I am just relaxed and mostly unstifled and free. Also, I grew the ability to switch my state very quickly. No more am I trapped in this very logical, rational mind after a work session but can change to a social being very quickly.

  • Being far more dominant in bed, and in life in general.

  • I am not talking about my “success” with women anymore (besides here on the forum hehe). That’s funny because before even though I had little to no encounters, I always made it seem like I had a lot, building this wrong ego. I now just don’t care. I am validating myself.

  • I am slowly but steadily cutting people off who are holding me back. Sadly one of them is my sister, which is following a different and in my opinion self-destructing life path…

  • Of course, the BIGGEST result of all. I PASSED the hardest exam of my life. I found new ways to learn, worked very hard and smart and finally did it. Studying at my favourite university medicine, which I absolutely love. I could not imagine doing anything else at this point.

  • Looking back, I can clearly see how much I manifested. At the beginning of listening to Khan, I was writing all my goals down: What kind of a man am I? What are my deepest desires and motivations?
    What shall my health/family/career/dating-life/habits/friends look like in 1 year, 3 years, 10 years, and over my lifetime look like? After writing, I mostly forgot about it and I now just reopened. I was shocked at how accurate those were, how I manifested most of it. Also after just rereading my own journal I came across this statement: " I imagine how we will go out every night, seducing college chicks, while everyone else is working the whole night AND us also getting the same or even better grades." :joy: Damn, that’s very accurate haha. Besides the last part as we did not write any exams yet but if the rest manifested, this will certainly too.
    But again, I feel Khan is always pointing me in the right direction, which is probably one of the reasons why I am not planning to QUIT running Khan any time soon. I am not sure what it is exactly. I think it is often just a gut feeling. @Fire has done some magic here. For me this is the biggest and coolest feature of Khan by far!

  • I cannot only talk to strangers easily but also seduce them. One of the first girls on Khan was one I approached (which I never have done before).

  • Khan also desensitized me from beauty. While running Khan St1 and before running it, I had some deep-seated fear of beautiful woman, the 10/10. Do you remember when I posted my traumatic experience where I could not even open my mouth while my friend was talking to an absolute hottie? Yeah, this is passed.

  • Khan is truly helping me to get the best out of life. I can feel it with some girls. I had to break up with some girls in the past because they did not fulfil my standards, even though I liked them. Khan told me: “What are you doing, wasting your time with that 7 if there is a 10 over there who would be eagerly excited if you talk to her”. Khan is also definitely not holding me back from being a total asshole. How did I end up with my current girl: Hmm… First I made out with her. She ignored me the day after because she thought I am total fuck boy. So a few days passing by, where I made out with another girl in front of her, then making out with my girl again in front of the other girl I just made out with. Then having the other girl sending my girl home and dragging me to a quiet spot to have sex with me. I know, I am not the most romantic guy… (They both know about that and are “okay” with it in the end. :smiley: )

  • Khan is also changing my physical appearance. I just looked at some pictures of New Year’s eve and I must say DAMN I look sexy. I had the same suit on than last year, so that did not change. I decided to wear contacts instead of glasses, this made a difference. But yeah, I do find me very attractive haha. Khan also changed my style. Sadly I cannot share pictures of me here.

  • I noticed that when I am taking the subway, walking down the street etc. people are constantly looking at me. Both genders but mostly women. It is really crazy. I was once sitting with a girl in class when I told her damn: “The professor (female) is constantly looking at me. I think she wants to undress me with her eyes haha”. She was like: “Yes yes” - not taking me seriously at all. And after a while she was like: “DAMMN she is!! SHE IS!! Do you know her??”

  • Girls are constantly looking into my eyes and I play with them. I often communicate with them just with my face and eyes over a longer distance. They fucking love it!

  • I have a feeling for what is “right” to say, or to put it better, what to do to get to my goal. I know how to make the conversation sexier, how to show my confidence, how to build comfort.

  • I noticed that I am not touching women that often anymore. I was far touchier in the past. I literally do it very rarely when hooking up. I always thought that touch is a must for attraction but I rather look straight into her eye with close proximity that she can feel my raw sexuality and desire oozing off.

  • I am very playful with the girls, especially when we make out. I don’t give her everything. I tease her, we kiss, then when she wants to kiss me I turn away until she gets crazy and wants is very badly. I switch it up with a lot of variety.

  • I have stronger eye contact, but not only with girls. I notice it, especially with my father. I don’t know why but I never really looked him into his eyes while he was talking. Often because I was annoyed or idk. Now that changed, and it feels far better.

  • My father also noticed my efforts and how I “succeed” in life right now. He presented me with an enormous financial opportunity. Did I manifest that?

  • 1 month ago, I quit watching porn and hard no problems staying off it. Even no desire. I am sure there is anti-porn scripting :sweat_smile:

Results :-1:t2::

  • I lost a bit my desire to work out. At the beginning of 2019, I was going at least 3x times a week for over 7 months. Now I have not been very often, I would say 1-3x a month. I don’t want to give Khan the fault but Khan is also definitely not pushing me to do so either. I feel like I have better things to do. I would love scripting for that in Khan v2
  • I am also still procrastinating. It is getting better as I am actively working towards it but I would love scripting that is much harsher. Khan feels really smooth which is a good thing but sometimes you really need a kick in the ass. A big ANTI WASTING TIME script is what I am missing the most.
  • Also I would love to see a Khan v2 with “Total Breakdown” included in St4. I switched back to St1 in December and this helped me immensely with some left insecurities and anxiety. But I think if it had been integrated into ST4, I would have grown a lot quicker. Healing is such an underestimated part. (I know @SaintSovereign and @Fire were not able to put it in St4 back then because of the old scripting method but maybe it is now possible with Quantumtech.) I would love to see that!
  • When I drink alcohol, I feel like Khan is taking over. Like my consciousness is getting turned off (due to the normal effect of such toxic) and I am acting only how my subconscious wants it, which is trained to be a Khan. I am not sure what to think about that.
  • When you are not actively working 10 hours a day for an exam, I feel like the Limitless scripting is not noticeable at all. Since starting college (around 4 months after starting St4), I did forget quite a lot of things for a long period of time. With QL stage 1 it is getting much better again.

If you made it till the end, thank you for reading. Thanks for the amazing subs and the welcoming community you are building. If you are interested in my personal journal, here is the link where you can read my journal in detail: Becoming the KHAN

If you have any question, leave them here.

Becoming the KHAN
New User. Looking for Suggestions
Which sub helped you the most with women?

@Friday, Man I love reviews like yours I must admit! I think many underestimate the effect of relentless listening of one single major sub! I know that Khan’s scripting is enormous and well done for really getting it down to your subconscious. You are a testimony to the effectiveness of Subclub products! You have definitely inspire me to stick with me my stack and my two major programs ( Primal Seduction and Ascended Mogul)…even though I cannot lie… Khan sounds really tempting…just curious, have you ran any other alongside from Subclub?


Great manifestation, I must admit Emperor has been manifesting me allot of positive opportunities. From girls to business and opportunities in my circle, various things how people act towards me etc.

I’m wondering though, why did you decide to strictly run stage 1 and stage 4?


Always good to hear how products have helped improve peoples lives welldone :slight_smile:.

Emperor was the big one for me it caused huge shifts in my dating and work life. Now that V4 is here i am testing it to see how it goes.


That’s very nice to hear!

No, I have not. I played with the idea with going for Emperor as the cover and description were really tempting. But I feel like Khan is more like me, my true self. I am naturally more a “Khan”. Whereas Emperor would need to change my core personality literally taking over it. If that makes sense.

I now just added QL to my stack


I had my big exam coming up in 45 days, so I asked Fire what to do. He recommended me either going for ST3 or ST4. ST4 has extensive Limitless scripting, so I went with that.


Looks like it worked out well. Do you think you’re losing out on anything by not running stage 1 and 2? Will you be running those in the future to fulfill your intentions of becoming Khan?


Stories like this are why we do what we do. :wink:


Probably the best in depth review of khan on this site to date and shows the amazing results you can have over long term use of this subliminal…i’m currently on stage 3 and will run for 3 months then stage 4 for 6 months.

Why did you choose to skip stage 2 and stage 3 ??


I don’t feel like I am missing out as I did run ST4 for such a long period. After, ST1 I will switch back to ST4 and will keep running it untill end of 2020


I had a very important exam coming up for which I needed the Limitless module in ST4.


Your thoughts here are what made me want to go with KhanQ - my goals will be slightly different but I realised Khan will run off the goals I want which is fine. So I bought Khan and I’m starting it now I think along with StarkQ.

Would love to know your thoughts on Khan compared to KhanQ.


Thank you, that is really nice to hear.

I did not read for ages what I posted above and I must say some things truly sound unbelievable, but they are not exaggerated. Trust me on this, if I could do it, you can for sure! But one really needs to take action and first and foremost expose oneself to social situations.

Anyway, I wish you all the best @themichaelbrandon