Honest Review of SC Seduction Stack


Hello everyone,

I have been one of the biggest fans of SC, and I’m also not affiliated with the company, so this is my preliminary action oriented review. No matter how much I think @SaintSovereign and @Fire are awesome, results are really what change our lives.

Anyways, I have listened to:

  • 500 hours of S&S Unleashed + 2.1
  • 300 hours of Primal and Primal XXX
  • 20 hours of Rebirth
  • 20 hours of Libertine Ultrasonic
  • 30 hours of Aura stacking module

And have used the Libertine Supercharger every day since release, listening x3 in the morning.

I was way way far away from all the sexy girls, so now this is what happened to me since I’ve stepped to the airport and also arrived at a place filled with girls. This is a result of the last 24 hours where I have spent at least 8 hours approaching.

The Positive:

  • I have always had the ability to feel from a far whether a girl wants to be approached or not. It’s not 100% accurate, but it’s close. It’s based on her vibe and body language. I seem to trust this a lot now and use this as a guide, and I get a lot less rejections and deal with much more friendly girls who were waiting for a guy to talk to them at some level, even if it’s not obvious.
  • I had some great opportunities present themselves to me. When it comes to touching, at least 5 different girls touched me in the last 24 hours, girls I did not know before. Also, I have the opportunity presented to me of meeting a virgin girl who took a trip to the city all on her own and had nothing to do. Bad thing she was a 35 years old conservative virgin, but still I escalated. She let me touch her up and enjoyed her company. It did not work because she started some drama, and I seem to not cater to women for sex too much, so I let her go. Then, I proceeded to talk to some hot girls, it was a good thing, she left more girls for me. A much younger girl (23) eye fucked me in the mall, and I approached her and touched her tattoos.
  • The 23 years old super cute girl is very responsive to messaging, and telling me she’s free these days so down for whatever. Which is very good, she’s one of those rare “yes girls”. I’ll go for it, of course, I have no fear.
  • Girls seem to giggle and laugh at what I say even if it’s not funny.
  • Girls’ eyes light up when I talk to them, even when they tell me they have a boyfriend.
  • It seems some girls notice me, but not too many. Or more accurately, when I scan the place, some girls feel attracted to the look in my eyes and stay there. I believe this is due to Libertine, I have bedroom eyes.
  • Libertine Ultrasonic makes me feel sexy, and for some reason my mouth tastes sweet all the time when I listen to it.
  • I am playful, I am joking around a lot (unusual for me).
  • It doesn’t seem I am doing things, I am “being” attractive, rather than doing attraction things.
  • Primal makes me feel grounded, calm, totally fine with rejection. I love that sub. Primal XXX seems to be working much better for me.
  • My direct eye contact is sexy as fuck. I look women deep in the eyes, and it seems my sexual energy is transmitting through my eyes to them. But this seems to only interest some women, most totally ignore me. But the ones that don’t, they know what’s up and love it.
  • Primal really made me very open and comfortable with sexuality. I eye fucked women, I touch them, I state how sexy I find them, it’s clear, there are no hangups around it. I love that.
  • I am getting 70% approach to number close. Girls love me when I approach. It doesn’t seem to translate to responding to text. Only 1 girl responded. So it seems at the time they love my approach, but i guess they don’t keep thinking about me positively afterwards. I did tell them things about me, and learn things about them, so I’m not “gaming wrong”. Unless being playful is wrong and I should be purely dominant like an army sergeant – which is good, it will bring in the submissive girls who like this, I like submissive girls.
  • I was approaching girls in the mall in front of security guards and with no fear. Even in line to buy the metro ticket in front of people. No social pressure felt about that.

The Neutral:

  • I have tried to imagine sending my energy to 3 different girls who were not looking at me, to get their attention, hoping my energy will make them notice me. But they stayed oblivious. I wish I could send my aura or energy in some way to let girls know “I am here”.

The Negative:

  • If I listen to Aura stacking module more than twice a day, this triggers more reconciliation than even Rebirth.
  • The Aura X module in S&Sv2.1 does not seem to be doing much. It seems Libertine is so powerful it is overpowering SSv2.1. What I am getting from SSv2.1 is automatic analysis of what I did right and wrong, and learning from that. I do not see much other effects, no “energetic rapport” or whatever. Yes, I feel open to women, but that seems to be the same that happened when I was only running Primal for a while.
  • Goldlike Masculinity seems to give me a masculine strong “leader” attitude around men, but around women I am more playful and fun and I have soft dominance rather than hard dominance. This is okay, but it doesn’t seem to be a choice, so it’s not good. It seems there is a barrier to me commanding and interacting with women with direct authority.
  • I fear all this progress is not “real”. That maybe if I stop using the subs, it will dissipate.
  • I do not feel positive about the future. There is some fear there. But I feel neutral, which is much better than the negative expectation I had before. Still not as good as real optimism. Maybe this needs more time.
  • Primal gives me much better quality sleep, but still my duration of sleep clocks at exactly 6 hours whenever I listen to SC subs, for some reason.

This is what I remember right now. But overall, I am very happy about the man I am becoming, more and more. I like how I talked to the girls, the person I was to them triggered great attraction. And yes, my feet hurt from doing 8 hours of approaching today, and I am in no hurry to get the results, just that some things like energetic connectivity or Aura X do not seem obvious to be working for me. Unless @Fire meant them in a way which is different from what I understood, and so then, they may be working but I am searching and not finding something totally different.

Again, it seems Primal + the Libertine Supercharger overpower SSv2.1. What I notice when talking to girls is: calm, playfulness, frame control + the same sexual aura feeling I get after doing the Libertine Supercharger just triggering on its own when I approach girls (not 100% but around 70% of what I get when doing the guided meditation). It is great. I do not know what to look for to know whether SSv2.1 is doing its job right, or just like Emperor does with other subs, Libertine and Primal kick the ass of all else. And Godlike Masculinity seems to be overpowered by Primal too, I get playful when approaching women. But not as masculine as when dealing with men and using Godlike Masculinity.

Let me know what you guys think.

Raphael's Khan Journal

I want to add that I’ve also listened to 100 hours of Limitless X.

And that I’m not new to approaching girls. In 2018, I have approached 750 girls. So I can compare the reactions now to last year. I have a frame of reference.

I just hibernated for the last 2.5 months, and have been listening to Subliminals from SC 95% of those days.


Can I ask you, how did you track the hours?


This is a very minimal estimation. I have probably listened to much more than these hours.


Excellent. Profound review! :thinking:


This is an absolutely excellent review, @Amash. @Fire and myself will discuss some of your observations tomorrow. We welcome honest feedback – it’s key to creating the best products possible. A few initial thoughts:

Auras as a whole are very hard to script and control, that’s why I was reluctant to go down that route in the first place. The most popular aura-based subliminal right now has been in development for over two years, and the producer is saying it may be another year before it’s complete. We’d rather take a different approach to attraction – natural attraction – by raising your status high enough for women to naturally be attracted. That being said, the Aura in S&S is sexual + status, but doesn’t really attempt to get women to take the first step – you’ll still have to actively seduce.

This is probably a result of GLM’s interaction with S&S. Around men, GLM is acting normal. Around women, S&S’s autolearning kicks in and modifies GLM to be a bit “softer,” as that may be the optimal way for you to seduce. Trust the process, see if “soft dominance” works better. I was quite the lothario in my younger years and I was most definitely the “soft dominance” type.

I understand this fear. I see subliminal use the same way as going to gym. It’s a lifestyle. Just like I have to exercise regularly to stay in shape, I have to use subliminals to keep mind sharp.

Either way, thanks much for this. Very appreciated.


hello @AMASH

good to see your review on Seduction. I am mostly interested in this area, and sexual healing part as you know (you wanted me to write more about me). Anyway, I real your review. You approached a lots of girls! Which is very impressive. Now, let me tell you about my situations here.

I don’t know if you are Indian, your name presented here (Amash) is kinda sound like Indian. If you are Indian you would know about my culture very well. I am from Bangladesh. We have lots of similarities, as we were one once. Anyway, most people are muslim here (incl myself). Cold approaching is not very welcoming in our country, and as I talked with my Indian friends, they said it’s also kinda same there. I mean, women are kind of reserved about sexuality, but not strictly reserved like Arabian countries. Once you can get them interested in you, they can turn into highly sexual. Social restrictions have created a glass-wall of shame around them. Once, you break them by attracting them, they are very welcoming. I have tried some cold approach here (maybe I pioneered, LOL). What I found is, women take it very strangely, they kind of get terrified as I approach them. So how people meet women here?

Well. mostly through social circles, class mates, facebook, instagram etc. I have to admit, some people go get girls by being “bad boy”. For example, when I was students, I saw some of my class mates would stand at the gate of girls hostel, roads, and tease random girls. To be honest, this were not my things, as I am very shy, introverted, stay-home kind of guy. Still, I gathered courage, and cold approached several times, which even those “bad boys” are afraid to do (LOL). As I am terrible with women, I always end up in friend zone! I also meet women via social circles. for example, as class mates, in coaching classes. Women always talk with me, but I am seen as friends mostly. I think these are “beta male” behaviours, and can be solved by Ascension/Emperor.

My question is, how do I develop my seduction abilities according to my circumstances, as I don’t wanna do cold approaching here, which seems not working here. And I also don’t wanna wait for “magical” moments of social circles, or coaching sessions. How can I attract women otherwise? As I see, many of my “natural” friends get women without any cold approach, effortlessly.

@Fire and @SaintSovereign have you scripted something which can help me here?


I always understood muslim girls who want to have sex just ‘take it up the …’. To not break the pure virgin for marriage.

Secondly, I think in your situation it might be usefull to go for huge social circle and social media game(RSD Luke style).

Thirdly, discretion is key, I have hooked up with Muslim girls before. Girls are girls, they all like sex, once you overide their logical side, and emotional they will want to have sex with you.

Finnaly there’s a few threads on the seduction reddit too, that have similar insights to me.


TL:DR 1. Be Discreet. 2. Girls Are Girls 3. Don’t brag around about those girls 4. Celebrate you and her together 5. Girls are Girls 6. You are responsible for logistics and creating situations :slight_smile:


@AMASH, that’s an excellent review, balanced and thorough! I’m happy to see your results, though I’m sure even better things will be happening for you in the future.


I am not Indian. AMASH is my initials. But I do come from a conservative culture.
I also got the number of an Indian 18 years old girl yesterday. I touched her, she was very receptive. But when giving me the phone number, she gave me her father’s number lol.
Also, when I visited Ukraine, I saw a short dark indian dude (who did not look rich, so no money play) with probably one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen. They were in the metro, holding hands, and she was totally in love with him. So with enough action, all is possible.

I am on vacation in Dubai. Most girls I approach are Russian, Swedish, French etc. So this is not at all an issue.

Plus, Primal is giving me this vibe of not playing by anybody’s rules. I don’t feel the limitations of any culture hindering me.

And to @safi, just leave. Go somewhere where the culture is not against you.

Yes, @SaintSovereign please discuss this with @Fire. It may be either worth modifying, or if not, maybe replacing it with the Libertine script as a module in SS, or something even better. It is all up to you. I’m not saying my Aura is not sexual + status, I am saying I get that same Aura with Primal + Libertine, and SS doesn’t seem to be adding anything to it. I did use Primal + Libertine for about 2 weeks, exclusively, and now when I introduced SS about 10 days ago, it seems the Primal + Libertine Aura is overpowering whatever Aura X is in SS.

Yes, there was a girl who when I said “Hi” to her, her face went red, she got flustered, and was totally attracted. But: (1) it was 1 girl, and (2) she read my text and did not respond at all. She’s an air stewardess here on a short time, so the perfect girl for some quick fun, yet nothing came of it.

However, I am seeing much more opportunities than usual. This may be due to the city of Dubai, or it may be some romantic opportunity attraction module in SS or Primal. That stuff is significantly working. The same way that Evolution is getting me into conflict and resolutions daily, so I step up to be the man I want to be.


Thinking about it, maybe Aura X is doing something in SS. So it’s much better to not break it if it’s working okay.

Because I noticed the Libertine Aura triggering when I listen to SS. So SS might be reinforcing the Libertine Aura, rather than introducing a new one.

Whenever I listen to SS, or Libertine Ultrasonic, (or even to some extent Primal although weaker), I feel sensual and sexual just like I do after listening to the Libertine Supercharger a couple of times.


@AMASH Thanks for sharing your honest review. Was a good read :).

Yes and the thing I don’t understand, is that, manually, it’s not that hard to program your aura. I mean, using visualisation, energy working ect. it’s not impossible. Just take a few days of sitting and as long as you maintain that practice, it’s done.
But subliminal makers have been working on influencing aura for litteraly years now and it’s still not good. I really wonder why it’s that hard to influence it from the subconscious mind?


@Orion that’s what the Libertine Supercharger does. It’s A hypnosis track + a subliminal track + visualizing your sexual Aura. It’s so good it overpowered any type of other sexual Aura might have been included in SS.

Again, some people are taking this review too negatively. I want to say again: I am a satisfied customer. I’ve been working on my seduction abilities for the last 5 years, and since starting this Seduction stack from SC, I got about 40% better. That means I got more progress and more results in the last 2 months than in the last 2 years.

I feel like a “real man”. I am calm, confident. It’s not just behaving like one, things do not stress me or cause me anxiety like they used to. I am also very playful and fun to be around, which was forced before and is natural now. Plus, Libertine gives me a beautiful sexual and sensual vibe, it is amazing.

I am just commenting on the “metaphysical” Aura X in SS. That either did not work well, or it got overpowered by Libertine.

I believe: Primal, Libertine and Limitless are the very best products from SC. Some say Emperor too, but Emperor causes so much anxiety for such a long time, you need to be a real Spartan to endure it. While with Primal, growth and progress is fun.

Also, I feel more hopeful about the future. Not yet optimistic, but significantly better. This is very very good and progress for me.

Finally, I had many more opportunities for girls who wanted to be approached than I have noticed even 2 months ago. It is either a manifestation of more romantic opportunities, or I can “see the matrix” more and can spot signs of girls who want to meet a guy. This by itself saves me sooooo many headaches.

When I was approaching girls randomly, I may talk to 10 girls to get 1 phone number. Now, getting 70% phone numbers is such a boost for my confidence, it is good.

I am very satisfied. I just also do not believe the Seduction stack from SC is clear. So we might have expectations about SS or Primal or Libertine that may not be included in the script, then wonder why they’re not happening. It may or may not be the case here. Like, for example, Aura X. I assumed it will make girls get attracted and notice me when I see them, before I approach them. Most just ignore me. The ones that notice me, get fixated by my bedroom eyes, which is caused by Libertine.

Anyway, the main reason I have written this review is to help @SaintSovereign and @Fire develop their products further. I am a satisfied customer and will keep using the subs. I also believe SS could be worked on to either tighten it better or rethink it or improve it. Primal and Libertine are soooo good, I’m thinking SS is not able to compete with their strength.


My personal theory is that the subconscious mind really doesn’t like the body’s energy systems being tinkerers with, as it’s such a core, integral system. It’s not as easy to manipulate subconsciously because of that. Consciously is a different story, though.


An important update to @SaintSovereign and @Fire

I wanted to clearly test the effects of SS, and so for the last 24 hours I ran only Primal XXX, without SS. Usually I run 1:1 SS and Primal.

Here are the results.


  • I was playful in all conversations
  • I had solid frame control and unreactiveness
  • Men who worked in services I went to treated me in special ways, and did me favors I did not ask for
  • Cashiers and server girls looked at me with desire, and touched me
  • The rejections (and there were many) did not blow me away
  • I approached a girl in front of her boyfriend, I was totally unaffected, I wanted that girl and did it. He tried to cockblock and I totally did not care. I was going for what I want.
  • A girl told me “I can feel your presence”. And another “I feel fire in your eyes”


  • I seemed to have lost the ability to know which girls want to be approached and which didn’t. I was just running blind, approaching girls without knowing whether they were prime targets or not. So instead of a 70% success rate like two days ago, I had a 5% success rate today and a 95% failure rate.
  • I did not feel or look forward to approaching girls. I had to force myself to do it. The other time I wanted to do it very much.
  • When I had SS, girls would be attracted at Hello, then I just chatted with them and all was well. Today, with just primal, I needed to work my ass off to hook each and every girl. Getting a phone number was an arduous task with girls barely giving me the time of the day. I think this is proof Aura X worked.
  • When I used SS, I seemed to notice a new solid opportunity every 5 minutes. Today, I barely saw an opportunity every 30 minutes, and often it was some old 40 years old hag, not a cute girl in her 20s like before. I went to the same place at the same time, so this sudden disappearance of opportunities cannot be explained objectively.
  • Although I was playful today, what I did often seemed to not appeal to the girl. While with SS, it seemed I was doing the perfect and right thing.

So today I was rejected 95% of the time. Normally, this would crush me. But thanks to Primal, I am taking it logically, it’s all a big part of testing to know what works.

I now believe Aura X works. Without it, in Dubai, I felt like a leper that girls avoided when he said hi to them (95% rejection) while with SS, I had 100% nice reactions, and 70% of the girls gave met heir numbers.

However, this is not a pure 100% test. I started running Limit Destroyer last night. I did it 4x. So there is a bit of reconciliation. The reconciliation may also be something that is downing my vibe and making me less attractive, and this could be a valid explanation for the big shift in results.

I will keep testing, and will report. If @Fire or @SaintSovereign want to test some experimental Aura X version for me to report results on this specifically, I am open to it.

cc @Fire @SaintSovereign


@AMASH I love your posts as I find them very insightful. You mentioned aura x is this from SS ?.

Also could you elaborate on why destroy munitions may have “upset” your vibe ?


Ignore my first question I realized when rereading your post the aura x is from SS :slight_smile:


Every time I start a new subliminal or stacking module from SC, I feel kind of “sick” the next day. But then it doesn’t happen again with repeated listening.
Only the next day on a new product. So Limit Destroyer was available yesterday, today is the next day :slight_smile:


@Fire and @SaintSovereign did you check my updated review? Thanks.


since @SaintSovereign mentioned that it can be hard to create a script for a “working” aura, how about a script to let the body create pheromones for the seduction effect?

And thank you @AMASH that you wrote down your detailed experiences with the seduction products.