Honest Review of Khan


I have bought and started Khan today. I am halfway through the first loop of Total Breakdown.

I will run it exclusively for a while. I do believe cleaning the slate and clearing out all the garbage to make room to build something strong is foundational.

I am getting an electric buzz from running it. A bit of a spacey feeling, but I do get that during the first 3 days of running any new SC sub.

I am very very excited! I will report on all progress. For now, my plan is to stick to the prescribed order of the stages, so everything will run smoothly.

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Definitely looking forward to your journaling - we have put a lot of blood and sweat into making Khan a reality. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I just feel that Khan is the right thing for me to move on at this stage.

As if some inner voice is guiding me towards it. So I am ready to run it and take action!


Looking forward too here reading your experience with Khan! :smiley:


An interesting update. After 1 loop of Khan, I feel focused and full of energy. Not spaced out at all as is usual in all previous subs I have used from here. I feel awake.

I also feel very confident now. Not in the same was as PS Iron Throne. If I had to compare the two, PS Iron Throne felt like I am a playful Prince.

Khan Total Breakdown feels like I am a mature emperor of a nation with my own armies and vast territories, that I am so powerful I can relax and not worry about anything because no body could touch me. That I am so powerful that the world is totally a friendly welcoming place.


Amash, it seems subliminals have a very clear and strong impact on you. I always get a strong subjective reaction at first (in terms of feelings or sensations, but not imagery) then it becomes subtle and I start noticing behavioral differences later (like 4-5 weeks in). Has it been that strong for you since you started? Do you think you became more “susceptible” to subliminals with time, or do you think the subliminals are getting better? How long have you been listening to subliminals in general? Thank you for all your feedback!


I started listening on September 5, 2018.

And it took me about 2 months to notice deep behavioral changes. But subtle behavioral changes happened on the first week.

But feelings and sensations? I felt thought on day 1.

Also, it seems that New Dawn works much better than previous tech. I notice changes fast.


Will definitely be following your journey with this one, Amash


Today was a sunny Sunday. I knew that lots of cute girls will be out and about in the streets.

First, let’s talk about Khan. I slept maybe 6 hours but woke up full of energy. I also felt compelled to go talk to some girls, so the “Iron Throne” scripting is definitely in Khan Total Breakdown.

I did however wake up a bit exhausted. I recognize it is the energy needed to break through internal barriers and clear the gunk.

So I was both not in the mood to talk to girls AND compelling to talk to them.

I ended up talking to 15 girls. I got mostly rejected, but I was free-flowing and comfortable and did not care. One of the girls who rejected me was a perfect 10. I walked to her comfortably and confidently, she just said “No” and walked. I did not feel bad, I was proud of myself.

The two girls who talked to me and gave me their numbers were very keen and willing. It’s amazing. I seem to polarize girls. So either very keen or “Hell No”. Which is fine, no wasting times on maybe girls.

The last girl I talked to on my way home was this solid 8 super cute girl in a short dress. She walked in front of some handsome muscular dude who was posing on the wall looking handsome, he looked at her, she ignored him. And just 3 or 4 feet from him, I stopped her, and she was just loving me. We held each other’s hands, gazed into each other’s eyes deeply, and she was giggling and loving it. She’s a medical student on the way to meet her friends, otherwise I would have instant dated her.

Yes, the reactions was GREAT from a girl I really want. I hope it continues to be good and we meet for dates etc. But the funniest thing was the muscular young handsome dude looking nice and waiting for girls to approach him. I noticed that girls who are 8+ do not give any signs for men to approach them. The good looking guys will get mostly 6s and some 7s. And so they never put their balls on the line like a man, and so the high value women do not respect that. They want a man to approach them.

The other girl was with her girl friend. Her girl friend started to talk shit, and I told her “Stop. We are talking her.” Very dominantly. She giggled and got quiet. The girl I was hitting on was just in love after that.

I would say I am not as playful as I am on PS. I am pure dominant male. But this is just a tentative first day report. I am a bit emotionally exhausted from the cleaning up that Khan Total Breakdown is doing. I would need a few more days to let this balance themselves before I can say what is going on.

I do notice the difference between Khan and PS. I cannot really put words on it. I would say Khan is more of the mature dominant CEO who dates younger girls, while PS would be the son of a rich Tycoon who is playing around with models and has fun in pool parties.


You’re very good with descriptions and analogies Amash. You have a unique gift of being in a situation, seeing exactly what’s going on, and sharing here what you felt and saw. It’s makes it easy to read your journal and imagine being in your shoes.

Thank you for writing here :slight_smile:


Thank you for the kind words @subliminalguy

I really appreciate them :slight_smile:

This journal will probably evolve more over time. I remember @SaintSovereign said the subs here are programming to linger in their effects for a few days after the user stops listening to them.

This mean, in a few days, I will be able to clearly feel the pure effect of Khan, rather than the mix of Khan with what is left over from my previous usage of PS Iron Throne.


I’m curious to see how different they are. I was drawn to PS due to your journal entries, and now I’m getting it in Kahn. I know I made a good choice since it’s a comprehensive package.

And another main reason I was drawn towards Kahn is that Saint said Kahn has most of Daredevil in it. Like many here, I am an introvert. The biggest detractor for me with Emperor was it (more or less) isolates you. Living like that actually pains me. I wanted the Emperor drive, but not the Emperor loneliness.

To clarify, Saturday our company joined with some related companies for a community recycling event. We had to create a car path in a major parking lot using orange traffic cones, and I was chosen to stay in one spot to direct drivers. I didn’t expect this, but I loved it. It felt like my old teaching days, helping and assisting people, and feeling real good about it. And this was always a reason I loved teaching, which was helping students one by one.

Back to work tomorrow, I’ll see if Daredevil shows up clearly. Only 3 women work in our branch, but I’m wondering how I may be different with the guys, who I see mostly.


I seem to have too much energy to sleep well.

I also woke up this morning with the hardest, thickest, strongest morning wood I’ve had in a long time. So Khan seems to have similar scripting to Sex Mastery X2.

I also do not think I can do Khan in the 24h set and forget like I did with PS Iron Throne. I felt an inner knowing that I should take a break for a few hours to let my unconscious process things.


Which country are you in currently Amash?


I am in East Europe at the moment. And you @subliminalguy? Where are you located?


I’m jealous of you AMASH, most subliminals are ‘smooth to me’ so I can only tell them if they work over longer periods of time :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in Florida in the US. Summer’s on here.


Weird. The complete opposite for me. I didn’t know the name of stage 1 and I thought my subconscious was being completely broken down.

It felt like I was extremely hungover without the headache all day long today. Smiling less, no mental energy to do any work of importance. Even after two workouts I didn’t feel clear like I always do.

Shits going down.


@Gorilla - it’s the same for me after playing Stage 1 Total Breakdown. Like the name suggests, it is a healing of old traumas and breaking down (only) negative effects of many past subliminals (possibly from other dodgy sources) that we have used


This started for me since last evening, and today I feel that way.

It’s not weird that I had the complete opposite. Remember that when you stop running subs from Sub Club, their effects linger for a couple of days after.