PLEASE READ: New Listening Pattern

I try to do one loop every other day but since ultimas are so mentally taxing its currently looking more like one loop every 4 days. Im hoping to see a difference in how others threat me, but honestly, i havent noticed any change at all.

One loop every 4 days is a potentially viable option.

What differences are you hoping to notice in how others treat you?

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Mhmm thats a bit hard to quantify. I guess im hoping to supercharge what wanted has given me. That people are trying to be even kinder to me. Its a bit hard to truly quantify how i imagine the results would be, but i havent really had that moment that others have mentioned where you really notice others acting differently when on LBU.

This was saints advice to me when i said love bomb and libertine didnt work for me.Havent tried it yet though

Other thing is it might not work in a dense stack


Thank you very much! Ill def try running it alone for a bit after my next washout, see if that helps it.

As for the dense stack. Im currently running heartsong, love bomb and WANTED. this should be an extremely synergistic stack and not to dense. That said its all relative ofcourse so even if it isnt that dense technically, it may still be a lot for me since i am quite sensitive to subs.

What would you say would be a better call for me rn. keep trying love bomb and hope it becomes more noticable over time, or remove it for a bit untill my next washout, and than run it solo for a bit?

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Based on this part from the sales page

Similarly to Libertine, you can use it standalone. But keep in mind Love Bomb is a maximally aura based subliminal, which is dependent on your inner growth. Listening to Love Bomb alone will not result in wide growth, and if you do not receive results with it, then you are missing inner growth and should listen to major titles.

Would go with the 2nd option of running it after a washout.Love bomb is only aura with no healing or internal growth so not sure if it would become more noticable over time.

By the same token it worked for yardbird so ymmv


Hmm I think that anything above 1 loop is treated as a major program

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I wonder how Dragon Reborn affects this.

By dissolving internal blocks and obstructions, might it lead to not only stronger effects, but also longer lasting effects from each loop?


That seems like it may be true now.

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Anything above 1 loop every 3 days – to be more specific. :grin:

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Thanks for the refresher on the differences between booster and major program. I had read that in the manual, but you know what they say about memory and time…I forgot about it.

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That’s unimaginable for me to do. The only way I guess to do that would be with Ultrasonic using speakers… I can’t imagine someone walking around with headphones on for 8 to 16 hours!!

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In theory, it’s possible. But I just don’t know.

Need the link to this new info again

Official instructions here:


I’m glad you posted this, Saint. I’m looking at it and it’s been clicked on 29 times already.


@SaintSovereign why isnt 1 loop of ultima v2 every listening day doesnt count as long term-programming unless you add 1 more loop with the rotating method that you mentioned in the support-article ?

when youre adding a loop the next day on the rest day of limitless excutive as illustarted in the support-article, isnt that major? also since your doing 1 loop everyday of an ultima

  • Monday:
    • (1x) StarkQ, Mind’s Eye
    • (2x) Power Can Corrupt
    • (1x) Limitless Executive
  • Tuesday:
    • Rest Day
    • (1x) Limitless Executive
  • Wednesday:
    • (1x) StarkQ, Power Can Corrupt
    • (2x) Mind’s Eye
    • (1x) Limitless Executive
  • Thursday:
    • Rest Day
    • (1x) Limitless Executive
  • Friday:
    • (1x) Power Can Corrupt, Mind’s Eye
    • (2x) StarkQ
    • (1x) Limitless Executive

(in context im using Limit destroyer) and thanks for the article, gonna test this new routine

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My logic was:

If a Major is to be played only ONCE in 2-3 days,
Then anything that is played EVEN ONCE every 2-3 days - is a major.

If A = B,
then B = A.

I’m a simple man. :joy:

Simon, you’re obviously wrong as you’re clearly contradicting Saint’s article.

Yeah … Kind of. Not exactly. Read on. :point_down:t2:

Saint’s definition of a Booster is a bit wider than suggested in my posts above.

I think of Boosters the same as Superchargers – use on specific days, when necessary.

In the Support Article, Saint is writing about Boosters that you may want for "Projects".
When you want a boost for several days, even weeks – regardless of your long-term stack.

A software developer works with Limitless Executive for a 20 day launch deadline.
A backpacker benefits from Love Bomb when hitchhiking a continent for 40 days.
A student uses Beyond Limitless during her 30 days of final exams.

This definition permits you to run an Ultima for a short-term goal, without requiring you to stop/modify your current long-term stack/customs. Saint’s is a big picture approach. :ok_hand:t2:

This did expand my understanding of how to play Majors & Boosters.
Hope it did yours too.



This should be in the support article, because it clears it up EASILY in 3 sentences.

I always thought of boosters differently as well. Or even the superchargers. I thought "If I have something to do, I run BLU EVERY DAY for the benefit :wink:

Your version makes much more sense tho.

By the way, are you a staff member of SC already? :wink:


No. My posts are still classified as "Unofficial Speculations from a Member’s Mind." :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: