Love bomb, baby! Love bomb!

Smh they won’t learn but by now we just have to leave them alone, is it so hard to follow instructions when your a beginner

Tough to say because I have always been a one woman man. Never had a threesome or multiple women at once and never wanted it. Even sleeping with the blonde and the brunette mentioned in my other recent thread happened because the three of us have very limited time. The blonde has a young daughter and runs two businesses, plus she’s very close to her family and has relatives over to her house all the time. The brunette runs a business as well and goes to school also.

However, I do feel “bonded” with the stripper (the only woman I’ve seen since Love Bomb). I don’t know if that makes sense but I can’t think of a better description at the moment. Not in love with her but she feels “right.” I even told her last night that her body feels like it was molded for me. In every position, she feels perfectly built for me

True. Even though I learned that years ago I never used it to manipulate anyone, though. Still, I’ve done it several times over the years either because of circumstances or indifference, which made me a pretty bad boyfriend TBH. It surprised me about 4 years ago when a popular and successful 26 year old started begging for any scraps of time I could give her. She would even ask if I could call her while I was at work and leave my phone on so she could listen to me work, which really consisted of just me tapping keys on a keyboard and occasionally talking to coworkers.

Too early to say with certainty, but I believe so because of the way she asked me to call or text her at any time I wanted and told me that she’d been thinking about me a lot.

Sorry, I haven’t been around much for the past year, so I’m not up to date on the names of the various versions of programs (Q, X, Ultima, Dawn, etc.) and didn’t know that Love Bomb was an ultrasonic and masked hybrid. I listen to Subliminal Club - Love Bomb Ultima Mk II Prototype exclusively with headphones but at a lower volume than any other Sub Club recording because I find the water sound to be louder than usual.

I don’t know. I could ask how she felt about meeting me, but I don’t know if she can be trusted to understand whether she did or not or to feel comfortable confiding in me. She seems pretty vulnerable to me already and I never want to hurt anyone, but especially not her because she’s a friend of a very close friend, so I don’t want to put our mutual friend in an uncomfortable situation if things go ugly between us.
If Love Bomb can have an effect before meeting in person, that would be the ultimate game changer.

LOL my experience with Love Bomb completely destroys that myth because I had no idea what Love Bomb was designed to do. I actually didn’t even pay attention to the name and had to look it up in my folder to write this thread because, since the title is so long, it gets cut off on my phone, so I only see “Subliminal Club…k II Prototype.mp3” which doesn’t tell me anything. I wasn’t planning on playing any subs for a while and only made an exception for this because I love mysteries and surprises, so the fact that you didn’t tell us what it was about made it irresistible to me and once I started feeling so much joy and optimism from it, how could I stop?

I also wanted to mention that because of COVID lockdown I’m home most of the time, so my exposure to women has been mostly limited to friends that I see once or twice a month and retail workers when I go grocery shopping. I know some people like to use the reactions of retail workers, servers and bartenders as proof of results, but I never have because those people are supposed to be cordial around customers. Still, I could swear that all the woman at my regular grocery store are extra smiley and attentive for the past two weeks and one of them stopped as I was passing her last week and said 'Hi! It’s so good to see you! I haven’t seen you around!" which I thought was funny since I have been going every week without fail for years and have seen her plenty of times. I also wear a pretty distinctive mask, so even if you don’t know it’s “maskless me,” you’d recognize the mask from previous visits.


I forgot to thank you for that link, will check it out now! Everyone feel free to drop me any links about Love Bomb because I usually don’t care how a sub is written or why it works as long as it does, but I’m very intrigued by this one because of how powerful and potentially life changing it is.


Thanks for the clarification.
So, on this note sounds like you were not listening to Emperor while running Love Bomb.
If that’s the case, just goes to confirm your long time listening exposure of Emperor has become a permanent part of you now.

Yeah, I haven’t listened to Emperor in 4-6 months, maybe longer, I don’t remember.


had you listened to anything but Love bomb since Emperor?

Also it’s clear the deeper changes from Emperor are still at play- do you still feel the effects of Emperor strongly on a day to day basis?


With the exception of one day that I listened to one of the Limitless MP3s back in November, Love Bomb is the only sub I’ve played since Emperor.

And, yes, I definitely feel the changes from Emperor or every day. I’ve recently become obsessed with investing, for example.


When you listen to a subliminal for a long time and then remove any archetypal programming from your stack it will stick with you until it’s overwritten by something else.

So, when you do Stark for 6-months and go for Khan afterward, you’ll change and become a Khan, if not Stark will definitely stick with you until overwritten by other subliminal stimuli or general life experience.


or blended :slight_smile:


If you keep running it, but after some while, it’ll be overwritten, depending on the amount of old energy vs the amount of new energy.

Imagine running Emperor for 10-years, I’m sure it’ll be a blend then, but 6 months is not enough, after 6-months on Stark for example you will be more Stark than Emperor and after 12-months, I’ll doubt much Emperor will be left.

Because Subliminal programs are extremely powerful at reprogramming our unconscious, hence why I mentioned that you can stay as that person, as long as the stimulation was long enough for it to become somewhat definite compared to previous life experiences.


There’s an upper-limit boundary for categorizing results as Due to the Placebo Effect; once results have surpassed that limit, the new label is: A Viable Treatment.

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@Yardbird how do you think Love Bomb might have effected your friend who introduced you to Mia?


Do you mean do I think my friend introduced me to Mia because of Love Bomb? I don’t know because I haven’t seen her in person in about 3 months, so in order for her to have been affected, Love Bomb would need to work without being in close proximity. I have talked to her regularly by phone, FaceTime and text and I’m not saying I don’t believe it’s possible. Also, I want to point out that Mia wasn’t particularly warm or enthusiastic in our texts leading up to the first date. She wasn’t indifferent, rude or in any way negative, she just wasn’t unusually interested in me when we were texting before our first date. It was when we first met in person that she seemed to quickly warm up to me.


Thank you for clarifying! I’m very happy for your results!

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I’m guessing you have continued to listen to Love Bomb and see Mia. How do you think continuing to listen to Love Bomb is affecting other areas of your life? How do you think listening to Love Bomb is affecting Mia?


These subs don’t “make” you more likely to cheat. SubClub is very careful with scripting so it adapts to one’s goals. Meaning, if someone listens to subs and then cheats, that desire was in there already somewhere.

These just make you more of your unfiltered and unbridled self.

I’m married myself, and had the same concerns at first when I got Emperor as my first sub.

That’s true and good to know. I’ll be getting on emperor later on anyways and didn’t even realize it increased someone’s romantic-life as well.

Do you think Wanted and God Like Masculinity are also good subs for my relationship/business goal?

Emperor has godlike masculinity in it AFAIK. If you want more of the glm vibe, it wouldn’t hurt to add it in.

I suspect that Wanted could help with business goals if stacked with a specific business-related subliminal regimen.

If you have PCC, it’s great with Wanted

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PCC stacks well with most products
Especially titles like Emperor and Khan
It brings in charisma and charm kinda how stark has it almost… I’d say it’s a really magnetic sub
Plus it helps with social

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