Love Bomb - V2 vs. Prototype

I’d love to hear from anybody who ran the prototype and then v2 if there is a significant enough difference to buy v2. All comments welcome.


Good question , should be interesting to read peoples results

I don’t know how I would compare them.

Here is what I would say:

If you really want the benefits of LB, if you want it to be a main part of the effects on others or your life, I would urge you to consider getting the LBv2.

If you are wanting LB as more auxiliary, maybe just stay with the prototype. Even with the prototype @Yardbird got a strong result with a woman who sounded very kind, friendly, open, giving, and generous.


Considering I just posted the same question some 2-3 hours before you in an unrelated thread, also going to be following closely.


I never used the prototype but I’ve been listening to V2 since it was updated. It definitely works. I don’t get the feeling of love like I did with the first version. When I would listen to the first version I would feel happy, loved, and feel joy about being alive. I haven’t had that feeling since listening to V2, but I have noticed people gravitate to me more than they did before. I would even say that effect was almost too much. I listened to it three days in a row and yesterday it was overwhelming. People at work wouldn’t leave me alone. My coworkers wanted to hangout with me non-stop. My manager even told me he was going to unplug the internet so I’d hangout with him. So, it works, maybe a bit too well. I’m going to listen to it once a week from now on, most likely on days I’m not working.


@vivekarora83 or @rajeshwer

Didn’t one of you listen to Love Bomb when there was a labor dispute at your work and people calmed down?


It was @rajeshwer and this was on Feb 19. LBU V2 came out on the 25th (4 days ago)

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Thanks @emperor_obewan!

So looks like it was Love Bomb full version not the prototype that @rajeshwer used.

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First of all, cool new avatar @RVconsultant. Second, I went and bought LBV2. Played one loop so far. Feel very social and outgoing and I smile easily.

Would love to hear how others are doing on it.


How do you think the power of the internal effects compare to the prototype?

I don’t know if it makes me feel that much. I notice results from it in how others react to me.

@Dragon-Lesson would you like to comment on how Love Bomb has effected you and those around you?

PS Thanks for the compliment on the avatar.

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I need to do another test run with al 3 versions.

But I had people calling me to hang out, after the V2


@RVconsultant , I use experimental version and had good results with that.
It has helped me to create more peaceful situations and forge deeper relationship with people .
My friends and family always want to hug me , I get so many compliments from them .
Ofcourse other subs would also be at play along with this .

Now experimental not getting upgraded to v2 , I will buy a full version .


@Lion @anon2351792

As far as I know you’ve run both subs. :slight_smile:

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I only ran the Lite version for 2 days. Then switched to the full version.

I recommend to purchase the Love Bomb Ultima product if one wants to get all the benefits of Love Bomb. It isn’t easy to compare on a practical level and I feel that as a long term solution, the LBU product will serve you well

After all, 50 USD is a small price to pay for Love

PS: have detailed my awesome experiences in the LBU thread


I don’t know how LBU fits into @Sinusoid’s goals, but mine were less about social connections, although that would be a cool bonus. Mine were about how it makes you feel consciously, to assist a meditation process. It was about health/stress/heart opening and assisting the processes I’m working with in Alchemist.

I’ve heard mixed reviews so far, with some people saying they don’t feel anything but the social results are there (placebo? baseline state already there by default? lack of sensitivity to internal landscape? I don’t know), and others saying rivers of love, others saying just happy and relaxed. It seems very difficult to quantify due to the level of subjectivity and I may not get an answer without buying it myself. Believe it or not that additional 15 added on to the price from the price of a main makes a difference to us lower income yokels in countries whose dollar is worth 3/4 of that of the US. I don’t consider $62 of our currency small change on a wage of less than 50K a year, most of which goes to bare essentials. But I get what ur saying.

Guess I’ll have to weigh up this tech vs the potential future tech with Seducer and Hero which I know very little about. That’s going to be the real question.


@emperor_obewan - i know what you mean since am from a country where the exchange is also high

What I mean though is that the price is worth it.

Am curious though how an extra 15 dollars is added to the price of the main?


Because of the price difference.

A lot of mains cost around $34 while the standard price of an Ultima is $50.

It’s not truly ‘added on’, but I think he means that it’s 15 dollars more than the price of a main.

Ultima is the premier technology now. So it also has the higher price.


Major Programs are 35. Ultimas are 50. (Minus the 5% discount)

I’ll probably end up purchasing it, and just having to forgo the new tech coming out later in the month. Given that the existing majors are being upgraded over the next two weeks, I might have my hands full with them anyway.

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And just for amusement, a few days ago when I was going back and forth over the decision, I saw this cartoon on the Oatmeal at 11:11am. I know this is about the Mars rover, but the timing and the visual could not have been more appropriate :wink: