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Luther24 on PCC


Your go to guide for subliminals


Behaviours that build Vs break trust by @Extraordinaire


HOM for a relationship builder, True Sell for the “killer instinct.”


True Social


Day time lucid dreaming

True Social Effects


Subs to stop porn/sexual thoughts:

-Khan Black

I’ve read many reports on the success of both of these so just thought I’d add them to the archive

And I’ve been thinking about subs about this myself. So, might run a Khan Black ST1 cycle after some more exposure to OG khan


Genesis + ROM (and/or solo genesis) for improving self-talk, inner voice, ruminating/negativity, etc.

@Detective_L’s journal and posts, not mine!


Thanks I misread the post though. I thought it said true sell. There are similarities that are uncanny.

They’re based on each other to a certain extent.

Comparing a couple “similar” subs… talks about true sell vs. true social, this is a support ticket

LBFH for liking people more

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Emperor Black


My man’s done almost every multistagers :sweat_smile::pray:


OG User @Simon’s infamous instructions on how to use EOG St 1… I did this myself for EOG ST 1 and it was great :slight_smile:

EOG’s stages and what they do (a support ticket)

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Post; Description of EOG ST3
Journal: Amazing descriptions of EOG all stages

AND more importantly I’m marking THIS post specifically because THIS WHOLE JOURNAL is extremely valuable… a lot of insights on ST1 and ST2, and a lot of insights on ST3 and ST4

However this post specifically is where the recon-hell of stages 1 and 2 ended for the user, and where the benefits of stages 3 and 4 began for the user

Click on that part of the journal, go to the actual journal, and start scrolling down from there!

Main takeaways

  • Ascended Mogul + EOG was a fantastic stack for the user,
  • EOG3 and 4 were where the fun and action taking began
  • Stages 1 and 2 were hard but necessary for 3/4
  • The user from Stage 1 eventually realized his block was self-worth, which I also experienced on ST1, and while his idea to run AM/Regeneration to heal that is valid, I found that just running more EOGST1 was all I needed to fix that, personally
  • AM/Alpha subs VERY helpful for the added drive, although EOG3/4 (even 1, to an extent) have productivity… they’re very large subs, having something tight and focused on drive as a booster is helpful
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Fire dropping some damn HEAT


Idek what this is but I’ll check it out one day

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