Why is working out so important? aka Fire's 5 steps

Ok I am starting now :slight_smile:


Exercise, in any way shape or form, will change your life if you do it consistently.

I regret not committing to exercise earlier in my life, but it’s better late than never. Only a year of consistent exercise on my part has had profound benefits in every aspect of my life.


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I noticed that those of us who work out tend to get better subliminal results in general. It may be a coincidence yet…


That’s actually hilarious because I noticed that when @GoldenTiger starting training with me his results started to come even faster and deeper. @GoldenTiger did you notice this or is it just me?


Exercise is a form of self care, self love. You’re putting in effort and time to build your body ignoring pain and forgoing pleasure. It’s a ritual that affects the body, mind and soul. You’re telling yourself that you matter and affirming it through actions, you’re Aldo clearing toxins from You’re body through sweat so it has lots of benefits and will surely help you get results.

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So far I am only lacking the martial arts. But I have been thinking about it for a while.

Some real art, like Kung Fu or Karate, which focuses a lot on mentality as well.

Anyone any other guesses?

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Not really :sweat_smile: We basically met each other at the gym :eyes:


Anything you do that promotes plasticity, neurogenesis, metabolism, growth, adaptation, adjustment…

is going to facilitate and enhance your response to the subliminals.


Would microdosing do that as well?

I don’t know, but I get the sense that microdosing is a frontier that is being explored in real-time right now. Kind of experimental.

Depends what you’re microdosing; different substances have wildly different effects.

2 great books on the subject; the latter is specific to LSD.

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What about for mushrooms?

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Michael Pollan’s book covers psilocybin specifically. :mushroom:

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Boxing did it for me. I tried full contact karate, but it was never “me”. I thourougly enjoy the cat and mouse game in the ring when you just want to punish your opponent for attacking and sometime just putting 110% to overwhelm your opponent. Mind and body mixed.


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