Man For Himself


With the rise of COVID-19, the world has been placed in lockdown. Now that several months have passed, it has been determined that one must be able to continue to develop as an individual regardless of social circumstances. Although a quarantine may be temporary, the challenges it presents are merely reflections of the underlying ever-present necessities of life.

Man For Himself will help you with learning everything that you need to learn in order to not only survive but thrive in this time. You will find your brain supercharged to a level never experienced before as your memory and learning skills grow to an extent needed to handle the fast-paced information-based society that the world is today. Your work will certainly be of the highest quality; despite the myriad of distractions available while working from home, MfH will help you develop an unbreakable concentration and fully live up to what some may call deep work. In addition, you may find time slowing down…but you will enjoy it. No longer will the adage “Time flies when you’re having fun” quite fit your experience.

Not only will Man For Himself take care of your brain but also it will take care of your body. You will find yourself losing fat and building muscle more effectively than ever before. Workouts will become enjoyable and no longer will you lack the motivation to show up and do the work. Man For Himself will allow you to build yourself up to your strongest and of course will support your recovery. This of course includes hormonal optimizations as well as getting the rest needed every single day.

Man For Himself won’t just make you more fit, but also make you much more attractive. Expect to see your face, your body, your voice and everything else much more attractive to everyone. MfH works with your subconscious to shape you into your ideal attractive self. When people see you again in a due time, you may be met with a few gasps of surprise as they see how much you have changed…for the better.

Alongside all this, Man For Himself contains tons of scripting related to boosting your manifestation abilities. You will find yourself able to manifest things much more easily, either passively or actively using our Mind’s Eye technology which allows you to get what you have visualized and focused on. No longer will you doubt that your visions have an impact on your reality. You will become absolutely confident knowing that you have power over your reality and that you can shape your outcome.

Don’t get this title wrong by thinking that it’s only for when you are staying at home. Remember: Although a quarantine may be temporary, the challenges it presents are merely reflections of the underlying ever-present necessities of life. In the modern world, it’s important to be a life-long learner. Fitness is a lifestyle and it is imperative to have the framework for that lifestyle. Manifestation is something that will support you throughout all stages of your life, in every possible domain of your life.

Will you step up to the plate for yourself?

Find out…

Order now.

Other Details
  • This is my journal. It is not an official SubClub title.
  • I did not use Ultimate Writer to make this

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Power Level: Terminus

Module Category
Quantum Limitless Q ST4 Core Core
Emperor Fitness Q ST4 Core Core
Mind’s Eye Q Core Core
Blue Skies Healing
Stop P and M Healing
Facial Morphing Physical
Epigenetics & DNA Module Physical
Serum X Physical
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness Physical
Deep Sleep Physical
Sensuality And Handsomeness Improver Status
Natural Winner Status
DEUS Booster
Pragya Booster
The Merger of Worlds Booster
Omnidimensional Booster
Yggdrasil Booster
Overdrive Booster
Joie de Vivre Booster


Lol. I was fooled. Thought it was a new Sub Club product.


Holy Fucking shit! You just made me take out my debit card for nothing


@mecharc I did the same i was like OMG new sub lol


Save your money!

The “copy” is good isn’t it :wink:


Bro I was so fooled that my own brain tricked me into thinking that you’re logo is the one that @SaintSovereign uses. The description especially really had me going lol


I hate you dude :joy:
I was totally going to make a new custom :joy::joy:


Oh man. This got me good @SubliminalUser. Nice one.

Am curious as to how this turns out for you. Please do journal about this.


Hahahaha – while I love this thread and concept, I had to add [Unofficial] to the subject, just to ensure that we don’t get slammed with support requests about this. :wink:


Darn it, I was going to change the title after the thread got enough traction anyways @SaintSovereign! Did you see the “Other Details” section? :joy:


I mean y’all could make the exact same custom though. :joy:


Aye, but there are a lot of registered lurkers who register JUST to send support requests. I can already see the requests coming.


Will be doing so! Jokes included


Anyone recall the wait for their first custom? It is quite something.


5 days with the last one I didn’t express order.




It’s a good thing they’re backlogged. Business is booming.



I already foresee utilizing the following as part of my arsenal that supports the goals of this subliminal

  • Executive (when I just need to get stuff done)
  • BLU when emphasizing deep, focused work
  • Sanguine (potential reconciliation helper)
  • DREAMS (potentially helps with sleep, as well as allows me to work with my subconscious and uncover a deeper understanding of my personal reality).

Ultima is great and can emphasize some aspect of my custom on a given day.


There’s a very nice aspect of these modules, which is that they all help towards my goals in some ways.

  • Physical: EF + All Physical Modules, obviously. QL can help me get the right knowledge needed for physical changes. ME would help me visualize and manifest an ideal body.
  • Intellectual: QL. ME links with QL for visualization (e.g. memory palace) that can be used for learning. Pragya and Merger of Worlds improves the brain and increases the subconscious-conscious connection.
  • Manifestation-Visualization: ME Q, Omnidimensional, Yggdrasil are the key elements here. Blue Skies technically has spiritual healing. QL links with ME in visualization.


Just got feedback regarding how I can improve at work for the upcoming half. It’s going to definitely require me to shift in terms of how/what I focus on and what I am good at. Can’t wait for QLQ ST4 to help.