The Adventures of SubliminalUser

Hey everyone,

It is I, @SubliminalUser! I have been on various adventures during my time at SC. Some of you may know me from my other adventures and that I have eagerly taken part in testing ZP. Since then, I’ve experimented with some ZP titles during the public preview, thought about what I need to work on next, and got to this journal!

Some Other Adventures - an Anthology

Key Dates:

  • Tomorrow (Dec 25): Final run of ZP Subs for the year. Paragon ZP x 2. That is followed by a 7-day washout.
  • January 1: Canonical start of my 45-day stack rotations.

I originally planned to start this journal on New Year’s, however I’m excited to share my plans here as well as some thoughts I have about the titles I’ve been using as well as the titles I’m going to use. Here’s what’s coming up in my first stack;

  1. CHOSEN: One of my biggest goals next year is to get a promotion at where I work. This next promotion is considered the challenging one to get because of the new kinds of territory I need to break into as part of my expanded role. The biggest component of that expanded role is leadership, influence, and setting direction for my team and other people. Combine that with Saint’s comment about CHOSEN being for people who want to get promotions and it’s no surprise that I’m going to run this. I intend to run this for at least half a year, if not the entire year—I will keep running this until I get promoted.
  2. Paragon: I need this for my health. Chiefly, I need to fix my sleep and fast. I got off of a sleep supplement earlier this month and since then it’s been hard getting long, high-quality sleep without once again resorting to cheats like sleep supplements. I want to induce a long-term change in my sleep quality for the better. The objective here is to be able to sleep without any supplements and have it be of high quality consistently. Having good sleep as a consistent part of my system is integral to everything, including properly processing subliminals.
  3. Heartsong: I’ve found that when it comes to things in the romantic department it’s been a little tough to get the right opportunities or people. For example, as part of some recent reflections I looked at all the women I met this year and I noticed some common problematic themes amongst all of them. It is just earlier this week that I came to the conclusion that I am consistently manifesting problematic women & also just not manifesting enough people. While I do already believe that success is inevitable for me (thanks to DR for that), I can certainly speed up the process by a LOT and also get all the problematic beliefs/manifestational seeds out of my system by running HS ZP (which should come with a lot of required healing).

Alternate to HS ZP: ME ZP. I really hope HS ZP is available before Jan 1. If by some chance HS isn’t but ME is, I’ll run ME. Along with the reflections I had related to HS, I realized that I need to improve the manifesting process itself. As much as I’ve improved in manifesting over the past year, I don’t think I’m doing my best just yet. Not to mention, visualization is still something I don’t do enough. I want to seek out more resources for improving my manifestation and visualization abilities.


How could the timing of this be any better?!? It’s as if I manifested this!


Ran paragon x2 in the morning. Last run of subs for the year. Currently in the middle of lifting, which I’m finding difficult in this weather and after my break.

On the topic of subs, it seems I’ll have to do something besides HS for my first stack since that’s not coming. So it’s currently the other two + the new lifecharger that’s planned.

  • Chosen
  • Emperor
  • Paragon
  • Ascension Chamber

I’m feeling it.


:pray: :pray: :pray:

If Saint released ME ZP soon I’d go all-in on that. Then I’d do Chosen + Paragon + ME + Ascension Chamber. But it comes out after January 1…I’d be stuck :-(. Why? Well, my listening schedule is currently poised to look like this for the first 4 days:

Jan 1: Chosen + Emperor + Ascension Chamber
Jan 2: Ascension Chamber
Jan 3: Paragon + Ascension Chamber
Jan 4: Ascension Chamber

It’s important to develop manifestation earlier in the year than later since it becomes a booster/assist for everything else in my stack and in life, period.

Note: I strongly feel the urge to have a different abbreviation naming scheme for lifechargers to differentiate them from the main QZP subs. I’d like to abbreviate Ascension Chamber as AsCh (as opposed to AC).

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I am now debating what to do with the pending release of ME. To delay the final stack decision I could do Chosen + Paragon on Jan 1 to give ME time to be released by Jan 3. But if that doesn’t happen…then I’d run Emperor.

However, now I am starting to wonder if I should save ME for a manifestation-heavy phase that would be ME + IC + HS. It would be stack 2. Note that this stack does not feature Chosen, so it would be unaligned with the original idea of running Chosen all year until the objective of promotion is achieved. What do you guys think? Could this be an effective strategy?

Asking for Stack Building Advice From...

Would you please summarize what you want in the next 90 days?


This is a great question. I’m going to try and answer this by the end of the day with a list of objectives.


Personally, I think you could save the manifestation work to Ascension Chamber (AC) LIFEcharger when it is released. That way you could stick to a stack of 3 other titles (not including ME) and still get to manifest with AC.

If you are adamant on using ME though, run Emperor ZP for now and decide later when ME ZP releases.


This is interesting. I didn’t seriously consider this point. But it is worth a shot, because even if I didn’t have ME in stack 1 I’d be working on manifestation via AsCh.


Let’s do this.

  • Get me on the path towards a promotion at work (shooting for mid-year). This means taking leadership-based actions.
  • Fix my sleep. No need to recap the background here, you guys already know it as I had asked for Paragon Sleep but that’s not happening. I need to establish great sleep without any sleep supplements as soon as humanly possible because this is important for everything.
  • Quit PMO for good. I was thinking of tackling this in a more tapered way if necessary—for example, starting with the expectation of just quitting P then later tackling the MO portion. Of course, if I can jump straight to NF, that’s the best.
  • Kickstart me back into productivity mode, especially for work matters (more important than before because of the promotion goal). I know this is hard to do at the beginning of the year, because of getting off of break AND also because the beginning of the year tends to not have as much work that I like (but need to do).
  • Instill in me a very high degree of optimism and hope. Certainly, while I’ve improved in this a lot in this year (thanks once again to DR) I still notice that my mind likes to think about bad stuff. I was awake last night and part of what made it hard to go back to sleep was negativity about certain aspects of my existence (such as things in the romantic department) and the future of said stuff. This simply isn’t helpful to me. If it was, I would’ve been helped here already.
  • Start losing weight fast. I want to cut. In fact, I have even considered doing an extended fast sometime during this time period. However, I have to make sure that I do NOT lose all my muscle gains. This is going to require quite a bit of discipline because I can’t just depend on fasting alone (I’m going to have to combine strength training, running, and clean intermittent fasting). This is a new level of discipline when it comes to fitness because I’ve had success with strictly focusing on losing weight, strictly focusing on bulking/gaining but now I have to lose weight while maintaining as much muscle as I can.
  • Rapidly develop the skill of conscious manifestation. I’ve imagined that to mean visualization, but if there’s another method that works then I’ll do that. By the end, I would like to have established a solid daily conscious manifestation practice. This I feel has been missing; I currently do written lists and otherwise think/talk about things but that’s it. I’m not downplaying that though, quite a few things have manifested.
  • Increase passive manifestation ability. Why I list this as “within next 90 days” is because I feel it could bolster stuff like bringing in the right people (see below).
  • Start bringing in the right people into my life. This is multi-faceted. The top two things are high-quality romantic partners and people who are going to support me in my career/promotion goal. The former I’ve talked about extensively in the first post of this thread when I talked about why I would run HS ZP. I feel like the skill of people manifestation is most significant there. The second is in line with ensuring that I am supported and properly recognized for my promotion. That’s not to say the existing people (e.g. my manager and co-worker/mentor) don’t support me. But look, I’ll take all the help and support I can here. The third thing would be more people who have the potential to become close friends and part of my “inner circle” ;-). This one I acknowledge as a lower priority because I already have a pretty good group of general friends. Just wish I had more because I feel that there are some things I’d like more friends for (such as friends who share some of my newer interests).
  • Physical shifting items highly relevant to the above: voice, fat burning, neural system relating to sleep, reward circuitry and stuff that would boost attracting people

I have more things I could say, but then I realize that while I want to accomplish them this year, they’re not necessarily as critical as what I’ve mentioned above. One example of this is shooting for more wealth success through the right investments


Great! Now based on all that, what do you currently have in your purchases/downloads?

Anything you think will help you with the above goals?

Do you have any customs already made to address these?

For stopping PMO, how about an Ultima with modules such as Stop Porn and Masturbation, Foundation, Stronger, Inner Gasoline, and Eye of the Storm?

[I have other ideas, but let’s start with what you are ready have first.]


On the way to a workout. I do think I have quite a few titles which are relevant here. A few constraints I’m setting:

  • ZP titles only. Qv2 is nice but I don’t think I get the kind of healing or power required for some of these new frontiers. My HS Qv2 run was pretty disappointing, unfortunately.
  • No customs. After seeing how ZP testing obliterated my notions of what I want in a custom, as well as seeing how ZP titles greatly surpassed my existing customs in whatever shared topics were worked on (AND the fact that stacks can be rotated in 45 days with reasonable expectation of maintaining long term results) it will be some time before I build any customs. I only have Man For Himself which has been unused since the end of last year. It’s interesting you mention PoMaQ, this was in my custom but it wasn’t enough for the long term. I wouldn’t be surprised if I went through the entire year using just stacks of 3 titles and lifechargers.

So with this said, I have the following relevant ZP titles available.

  • Emperor
  • Chosen
  • Paragon
  • Wanted
  • Libertine
  • Diamond
  • RICH

Hmm. I thought I’d get more feedback, but at this point given what I’ve written so far, I feel like the stack I’ve Chosen suits the Emperor I’m striving to be.

Another thought I’m going to share here comes from an event that just happened. I think it’s bs that I have to act so significantly different in order to attract women. It seems to be incongruent. As if I shouldn’t be someone I’m not—OR, it’ll be too painful to continuously have to switch between self mode and “attracting” mode.

…or so I think. “Can’t I just be attractive by just being who I am?” I thought. And the answer is: YES, it is possible. What can help out with that in the near future?..

Chosen. Emperor.

I’ve not run these titles yet, but I’m already grateful to SC for making such products available such that I can incorporate the skills and behaviors needed in such a way that it’s a natural process that doesn’t feel too painful. This is going to be unlike my previous social development, where I spent nearly a decade just working on being a more sociable and socially skilled individual.

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Yo bro, sorry for the late response, I didn’t realize you tagged me until I went through all my notifications, but here’s my recommended stack, and I’m sure you know why I said this;


With AC daily when it’s released, to focus on consciously guiding the subs like you want them to, like I want to use it to guide WZP’s physical shifting towards giving me the emperor cover art dude’s body (example).

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This is a great stack too, however WZP doesn’t quite address certain needs I have right now.

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Physical shifting and attracting people?

I need to fix my sleep, and unfortunately Wanted doesn’t do that. As far as attraction based physical shifting goes I imagine either chosen or emperor works on this.

This release occuring right before my new stack starts has thrown me for a spin…I wish I could run 4 titles

Okay, been thinking about my recent thoughts and actions and where they’re coming from.

The state of the world and way things are have really been messing with my head. Omicron of all this is very frustrating because of the way it’s impacting my plans. Our original NYE plan got royally screwed due to covid. The lack of control I have over this situation is disconcerting. Some people are now becoming hesitant to do meetups. Are events that I want to go to next month going to get canceled? How about the trip that I’ve got next month?..

I’ve seen in this break just how lazy and uninspired I can get. I had to truly push myself in order to finish my year reflection and to set up goals/desires for next year. But outside of that, it’s been some BS when I stay at home. Why do I keep doing PMO, for one? It’s nonsense. I know that it’s going to be hard to start things up at the beginning of this year, especially because the first two days of the year are a weekend.

That, to me, is very concerning. The fear that I cannot do much to affect my circumstances. Thoughts like “What’s the point (of doing this seemingly good habit, like NF)?” The laziness and passivity that I see being bred within me once again. The idea that I may quickly fail on the objective of starting NF tomorrow and going through the entire year is disconcerting. Or that I may not pick up quickly enough on my dedication to such goals as cutting, fixing my sleep and being the leader that work and perhaps the world is calling me to be.

I must be a massive action taker. I must set up that momentum. And so it is clear to me that I should orient stack 1 around this, even though ME ZP just got released. So there you have it. My first four days, starting tomorrow:

  1. Emperor + Paragon + AsCh
  2. AsCh
  3. Chosen + AsCh
  4. AsCh

I have faith that enough manifestation scripting and power is within the subs individually, and I believe AsCh will take my manifesting ability to a new level.