SubliminalUser - Taking Massive Action

Let’s make things happen this year! I’m looking forward to all the amazing things this year is bringing to me. :slight_smile:

Stack 1: Massive Action Man

  1. Emperor Black
  2. Emperor Fitness ST4
  3. Khan ST3

Today’s run features EMPB and EF ST4. EF ST4 is playing as I type this. I’m going to shave my head, give it a restart, and let EF ST4 work on the physical shifting of hair (and also another routine I’ve got going for increasing hair thickness)!

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First Entry!

I found entries from last year’s journal incredibly valuable in my year-end reflection that I did (privately) to come up with personal insights. However, one thing I noticed is that entries became sparse in the second half of the year and especially the final quarter. One thing I intend to do in '23 is journal more often (ideally daily), so here I am.

Today’s run was:

  • EMPB (15 min) — is this properly abbreviated as EB?
  • EF ST4 (15 min)

I chose not to go with Khan ST3 for today’s run for two reasons:

  • I suspected I was gonna be inside most of the day (correct!)
  • Since EF ST4 is not in ZPv2 format yet, I wanted the ZPv2 base scripting from EB to boost the run of EF ST4; as a once private-tester of the original ZP build I can tell you here that we run ZP titles back-to-back because we want the ZP effect from the first title to carry over to the second and create a synergistic effect.

I shaved my head because I wanted to try some new hair growth techniques; EF ST4 can be considered among those techniques since it is comprehensive physical shifting. I was happy to shave my head by myself, for free! It’s fun to wear hats/beanies all the time while outside.

The biggest thing I noticed about Emperor Black today is that I maintained my self-discipline easily throughout today. Although I wouldn’t say today is a super-productive day, I would still pat myself on the back for basically doing OMAD today, avoiding time and energy drainers and also keeping myself under emotional and mental control.

That last part was a big factor in today’s sole event, where I got dinner with my parents. The dinner itself was alright. However, I am impressed by the way I handled my parents’ discussion around relationships and suggestions/ideas for how to handle them. Each of my parents differed in what they thought was the right way to go, so that was entertaining. However, the highlight is I kept myself composed, non-reactive and calm about the situation. Overall this makes me a better person and also makes my connection with my parents much better!


Yes it is

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Rest Day.

What a day today has been. It’s not particularly tumultous or eventful, or even fast paced. Today started slowly with the way I did my leg workout today. I can feel that EF was doing its thing, pushing me to finish the workout and do it right. I’ve gotten pretty strong on my lifts and I hope EF capitalizes on that for true muscle building.

One change I observed today was how I reacted to the meal I had. I had a chicken salad from a place I like to order food from usually when staying at home. Typically, eating the one meal in one go leads to bloating, to sluggishness and then to questionable decisions involving time wasting and energy draining activities. This time I did not have any of that. Yea I felt a little stuffed, but I had bloating nowhere close to before, nor did I go towards those unhelpful activities. EF must be working on my internal systems already. I took the time to manifest more stuff.

I also spent some time on the apps today and funny enough, I found someone who I know in real life on there. I decided not to do anything until the app showed me someone else :joy:. However, I am practically certain this individual saw me on there. It’s a person I don’t plan to contact again until I feel more ready for it—I want to incorporate some changes from Khan ST3 first. That, and another audio…

That other audio is Libertine. You see, I intend to run Libertine as a weekly audio (much as AsCh was designed to be weekly) in conjunction with my stack. I’m making my run of Libertine be on Fri/Sat—I think it makes sense to many people why I’d run on one of those days ;).

Enough about that, though. The most intriguing event for me today was when I started feeling a wave of GREAT INTENSITY. I cannot explain why it came about—I suspect EB was blooming and kicking into gear. I felt as if my intuition was telling me: Amazing things are going to happen to me and my life in the very near future, get ready. I was so moved, in fact, that I decided to go drive to a great park that I spent over an hour walking in. This is the same park I walked in back when I was in great turmoil from Dragon Reborn ST2. It’s also a park I walked in last year during a time of great change. It’s practically become a ritual at this point.

I walked by myself at this great park for a long time. While I walked, so many thoughts and imaginations flashed through me as I felt this truly great intensity boil within me. I had such thoughts as:

  • This year is an amazing year.
  • This is one of the best years ever.
  • I am so glad I’m getting all I ever wanted.
  • I can manifest anything I want.
  • I feel so fierce that anything I think is guaranteed to manifest.
  • IT’S ON.

I felt as if I were possessed by this feeling and, recognizing that the feeling can be put to great work, I put my mind towards imagining various great things for myself occurring (imaginations of successful end states). Wealth, romance, fitness, career and more. I felt I had a truly powerful fire burn within me…I had to be careful not to conflate it with blind anger. It was telling me, this is my year to shine and I must go and make things happen. Be one of the greatest human beings out there. The feeling carried on through most of my walk, spanning over an hour. I did not even mind the physical exertion or the time passed. I just wanted to stay with this feeling, a feeling so amazing.

I am really glad I got to experience it. I of course felt compelled to write about all this too, before the day ended. My roommate even felt my intensity too—it rubbed off on him and made him feel more motivated to do great things. I still have some other things I’m going to do!

Bonus: I listened to a special audio today which focused on Root Chakra healing. It was around the time I listened to this when I started feeling the great intensity I discussed above. And now, I’m listening to one on Sacral Chakra healing. They’re just frequencies so I think it’s safe to listen to while on my current stack.



  • Khan ST3

I’m glad this title is ZPv2. I listened to the full 15 minutes. Some of you may remember I’ve run Khan in the past (admittedly with earlier builds and little results), but did you know in all my previous runs I never ran ST3? Here I am making the jump straight to massive action. For me Khan ST3 is an evolution from Daredevil + PCC which I had been running for my last three stacks.

I woke up today with relatively good sleep, which tells me EF ST4’s sleep scripting is already being put to good use. Workout was decent—it’s the first day with some new changes, so can’t complain there. I just hope EF ST4 multiplies the effects of my efforts :smiley:

Today marks the first day back at work, and it was pretty good. I was at the office for most of the day, now focused on performance evaluations for last year. Yep, it’s irksome but it has to be done, and it’ll be the focus for the next working week. However, more bothering than work was thoughts that would come up regarding the person I mentioned in yesterday’s journal. What’s going on there? Today the person even sent me a message on ordinary social media wishing me a good year! No messages from my side.

I was wondering what to do, so I got some advice from a friend who was visiting in the area. But I’d like to say, that friend’s comments about my appearance suggest that my efforts towards physical improvement are working well (and this may be being helped by EF)!

My friend (jokingly) finds it hard to believe that I am a natural lifter, after he saw me for the first time in months today. This is even after I showed him my best photos that I took during my trip in late November, where he thought my arms looked skinny. Now what is going on here? Certainly my lifting routine has been at play far longer than EF (of which I’ve run just one loop so far). Still, this is the first time I have ever received such a compliment.

Anyway, back to the above situation. After going over the situation in detail. I was advised to play the social circle game—still spark her attraction, meet more of her friends and also make sure I get jacked and fit before I meet many of her friends. However, I wasn’t advised to pursue her directly because it would be bad for me (though I bet I could still do it given the changes occurring within me, the subs I’m running for that change, etc.). Sounds a bit unfortunate, but logically speaking I get why the outcome of the discussion was that. Afterwards, I got some help with picking good photos :slight_smile:

I intend to take massive action with women, however that will have to be the right action, too. I’ve got to be careful! In the realm of fitness, I just ordered occlusion training equipment because I want to make my arms big!

Bonus: I decided to listen to this Solar Plexus Chakra healing audio.

Is this a result? It’s part of a text conversation I asked one of my female friends to come to join me as I sponsor a business :stuck_out_tongue:

Confirmed. Wear something nice, I’m making a video for the place :wink:

Sounds good : ) looking forward to it

I’ll be running Libertine on the day of this actual event as part of my experimenting where I do weekly runs of Libertine.

@StateOfBeing @Tobyone @KingEsh @Lion @PurpleRT73


Haha definitely seems to be so. Good luck :+1:

Interested in having fun, I think it would be fun to flirt effectively and see what my subs are doing. Not interested in a relationship with this person haha

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Hey it’s upto you how you want it. I think Libertine especially is for something casual.

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Very true! Fingers crossed I get first-loop results like I have gotten with EB, EF ST4 and Khan ST3. I never ran any of these titles before, and so far I’ve only run one loop of each.

@Lion my guess is Libertine is going to synergize with EB and Khan ST3 in a very interesting way :-).

My listen for that day will be, in order:

  1. Libertine
  2. Khan ST3.

Let me know what you think. Is that order good, or should I reverse it? My thinking is Libertine should be first to give it time and process (as I run it in the morning) so that the aura can pick up later in the afternoon.

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For sure a sign, you are sending out energy and others pick up on that.

I like this way of thinking, just have fun and with no strings attached, let things flow naturally :slightly_smiling_face:

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A friend of mine informed me about Mercury Retrograde and to be careful of it, as it’s going on until January 18. I was warned that progress in certain regards may slow down until that date, and some odd stuff can occur. Now, I don’t know how much Mercury Retrograde is true and especially how much of its effects tie from people’s belief in the notion, but I will say this: I’m getting hit pretty hard today and currently I don’t feel so good.

I woke up today with one of the worst nights of sleep I have had in a long time. It makes the declining sleep quality I had during my recent break look good in comparison, and it seems this time EF wasn’t helping me out. In terms of direct causes I can only speculate on a few factors:

  • The moderately spicy hot chicken I had for dinner (but I’ve had spicy hot chicken for dinner before, it was not like this)
  • The rainy/stormy weather of the night/early morning (dubious; statistics show me rainy showers give me a great improvement while “rain” gives me a slight decrease in quality. I guess rainy showers is lighter than rain?)
  • I was thinking a little too much about that girl mentioned recently, even after the advice received. (Basically, ideas about how to go about the things I should do.) It has been quite some time since I’ve lost sleep due to overthinking, especially overthinking about specific people.

Honestly, I woke up pissed at the idea that I’d lose so much sleep over thinking about a woman, especially one who I’m not even that close to. I vowed to not allow that to happen moving forward (even if this bad sleep didn’t occur due to this). I am transforming into a KHAN. I can’t let myself get tripped up so easily. Sure enough, I’ve thought much less about that person after this & throughout the day.

I still went to do my lifts, but my performance definitely suffered due to the lack of sleep. And work, well…I had to leave the office early and call in sick. By the time lunch rolled around, the lack of sleep got to me. Even the drive back was unenjoyable and I really cannot be thinking too much about work right now. There’s some serious business I need to get there later, but when I get to them I will do it right.

I felt something surge within me—probably from Khan—while I was lifting and on the way to work, but it’s faded now. I think the sleep quality is just getting in the way.

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  • EB
  • EF ST4

Because I went to bed early yesterday, I woke up early today although I spent much more time in bed than usual so I was very well-rested! However, doing the workout in the morning was especially tough because my muscles aren’t used to lifting that early in the day. Still, I completed all sets and reps as planned. I’m sure EF is going to help me improve as time passes, too. In fact, EF is already doing its work because I get a lot less bloated, food coma, etc. after meals nowadays. I was also pretty mindful about meal size today even when eating outside, and I am also feeling an internal push to be healthier.

In today’s dinner hangout, the few things I noticed within me are a relative nonchalance during the conversation, yet I put in the energy at the right times and got a friend’s friend interested in my social media business. Got a new connection (potentially a new friend that way). I’m really liking being able to use the weekdays to have fun and make stuff happen in my life, rather than waiting for the weekend to have fun. Although, until performance assessments are done I should probably put more time into work…whenever I can focus, that is.

There was an odd period of time in the middle of today where I just blanked out and wasn’t productive at all. I wonder if that was the odd sleep schedule and caffeine use, subliminals hitting me hard then, Mercury Retrograde (joking here), or something else.

Let me tell you guys, it seems this stack of subs is processing and progressing things way faster than any other stack did in the beginning. This is especially notable because of a few things:

  • I’ve never run any of the titles in this stack before. Official recommendations suggest switching out one title at a time when changing stacks (though I’ve never followed this, before/after the recommendation was made).

  • EF ST4 isn’t even in ZPv2 yet. Well, that’s likely a factor in why the changes from it aren’t as pronounced yet (though it is being run right after EB and it IS a physical shifting sub so the time frame expectation for certain benefits is going to be different).

The previous titles I’ve been running, as well as the internal changes seen within me where I have become more willing to open up my mind and manifest great things for myself, must be synergizing better with subs than ever before.

Okay, that’s nice, but why did you quote @Tobyone?

So I decided to call the individual who wished me a good year 2 days ago and I picked up some clear signs of attraction. I hadn’t read or responded to their message up until today and I ask about making a call (never done this with them before) and they’re immediately down for it. During the call, I got to hear an (ever so slightly) sweeter voice and lots of giggling during the call, even while I said normal stuff or perhaps even lame jokes :joy: . It was a nice call, just a few minutes long but I enjoyed hearing from them and enjoyed that they clearly enjoyed hearing from me. I even acted slightly differently (intending to be more attractive) during this call too—I can tell both my knowledge of the situation and my subs were at play. Pretty cool stuff!

And here I’m sitting right now with a voice that is rather unusual to observe on a Thursday night. It’s a little deeper and more masculine I would say. My voice naturally fluctuates through the week with it being deepest on a particular day of the week, and right now my voice is like that day.

I for one find it really cool that these changes are happening to me and I accept them wholeheartedly. This is my year.


Bad sleep again, last night. My sleep graph is eerily similar to that of 2 nights ago. My suspicion is the subs are making me process a LOT and I need to slow down a little. Doing this by reducing all main sub runtimes to 5 mins.

Rest Day.

As the above message suggests, I was a bit irritated waking up with bad sleep today. I suspect I’m being hit with a LOT of processing from the subs which is making me stay up. As a result, I’m cutting back on durations from 15 mins to 5 minutes. The exception to that, of course, is Libertine (being run tomorrow) since it’s a weekly sub.

Today was a lot of drudgery as I did work mainly on my performance assessment. It’s a drag to review all the work I’ve done during the long time period involved. After that I went to the sports center—pretty fun and I got some good pictures out of it, some I could even use on the online apps since I’m currently missing action photos!

There isn’t much to say after getting back home, other than that I just enjoyed a good meal and am looking to sleeping in. I’m also looking forward to tomorrow with its events and the first time I’m busting out Libertine in this stack!


  • Libertine (15 mins)
  • Khan ST3 (5 mins)

I’m happy I got to sponsor the business today up in the city as it made the day much more lively and exciting. It started off fine with my workout and trying out the occlusion training equipment (I returned it, planning to get better stuff), however, it got really cool at the sponsored event. I ended up meeting two new people today as my female friend brought a friend, who brought another friend. We all enjoyed our time there as we got to have free stuff and an interesting convo. :slight_smile:

The friend’s friends left early, so it was just me and the girl during most of my time in the city. Yea, she has a boyfriend (already knew that) so the point of the meet with her was to catch up (it’s been a while), see how my subs were working, and also just have a fun time. One thing I thought was funny was the way she described her boyfriend and being nice and , she sounded unsure of herself. I pointed this out and she went back and forth on it before simply stating that she’s bad at describing people. Very funny…

She was a lot livelier in front of me compared to before. It was pretty surprising, especially as she still describes herself as someone who doesn’t go out very often and is fairly withdrawn. In some ways I felt like I was talking to a different version of this girl. Not out of the question that the experiences of last year changed her, though from what I heard there was nothing particularly life-changing even by her own note. Here I think Libertine and Khan were doing something. We hung out for quite a while after the initial event, and in fact, she went out of her way to make my visit to the city more worth it (this city being a solidly long drive from where I live), hence we stuck around for a while and got dinner at a pretty good place!

She was glad for inviting me to this event and thought that now she should visit my town sometime, a gesture I liked—though I recognize that words are cheap.

Now one thing I do know is that these subs have been processing over the course of several days and some really pronounced effects can happen on the rest days. For example, the moment I discussed in the journal entry below was on a rest day.

So I’m interested in seeing how Libertine processes over tomorrow and the rest of the coming week. My top questions are:

  • How long will its effects persist? Ideally I would like to see it be powerful during the course of the whole week of course, but that could be a tall order for a first run (next run is scheduled for the upcoming Friday, 6 days from now).
  • How potent does it get? I talked about effects becoming most pronounced not on the day of the run but after. When would it be for Libertine?
  • How are the ways in which it will affect my experience as I become more and more of the scripting found within EB and Khan ST3? I really wonder about this one because it’s stated that Libertine doesn’t provide any growth on its own and if there are no results from it, it’s because it’s not being backed up by that foundational/base scripting that comes from such subs as Khan.

There are a lot of things on my Libertine wishlist based off the description. One is having Libertine give me an online effect, such as more matches on the apps or people getting affected through text or voice calls. Let’s see whether they will happen.


Rest day.

Today’s a pretty good day. I didn’t do that much in the afternoon, besides my social media stuff. I was gearing up to use the apps more but got sidetracked by an unexpected evening event that lasted the rest of the day.

That event was cool though because I got to see people I haven’t seen in years. And now some of us will be hanging out together on Tuesday!


  • EB (5 min)
  • EF ST4 (5 min)

As you can see, I have cut the listening time of the subs by 3/3. This is to prevent my brain from being too wired and causing the sleep issues which I suspect are coming from the subs. From my understanding, 5 minutes is still considered a proper run of the sub (while not being a micro loop).

I woke up fairly well-rested today (better but not ideal) and I did well in my leg-day workout, with the exception of the last exercise where I seemed to peter out a bit early. I worked from home today, which meant minimal interaction with people besides my roommate. That’s fine though because the main focus of today was getting as much work done as possible. The self-assessment is due by the end of tomorrow, so I’m minimizing as many distractions as I can. Additionally, I had a longer-than-usual workday, spurned by the desire to get work done but also due to a longer-than-usual lull in the afternoon where I didn’t want to work and instead watched YouTube videos. I found that unusual given the run of EB, but I don’t feel too bad. Watching funny/entertaining YouTube videos is a much better option than some of the other nonsense I used to do!

In the evening I decided to take a warm shower as part of a technique to have better sleep. I also spent a bit more time on the apps and made some improvements to my profile that I think will help out. Let’s see how it goes. Services I wish I had better access to include a photographer who’s well-versed in taking effective photos specifically for the apps, as well as a service to get photos accurately rated.

In other news, I have quite a few things happening this week.

  • Tomorrow, I have one hangout planned that goes into the evening, featuring that group from yesterday.
  • For Wednesday I set up dinner with the woman who I had called a few days ago. She was receptive to it, and that much is evident through the texts. Wednesday is the day I’m running Khan and will be doing arm day, I hope both help me out :joy:
  • For Thursday, currently setting up a meet.
  • Friday is when I drive down for a short trip.

Rest Day.

It was a fairly eventful day both in and outside of work. At work, self-evaluations became due so there was a big rush for that. I was so relieved when it was done, knowing the rest of the week will be relatively smooth sailing at work and I’ve got more great stuff to look forward to.

The fun became immediately after work as I went to practice my sport for about an hour and a half. The problem was, my morning workout caused me to fatigue fairly quickly at the sport since similar muscles are involved in both. I’m thinking that up until the competition I have in mind is over, I’m going to skip lifting (for the same muscles) on the day I practice the sport. That will help me get much more out of my practice.

After that, I did the interesting meetup with the group I had met up with on Sunday. Overall it was kind of interesting hanging with a group I mostly haven’t been well connected with for a long time…on top of that, throughout the hangout I sat next to this person I didn’t know until Sunday. This girl was…a little interesting. While she had a pretty face her character suggests to me that she might be trouble. That, the unfamiliarity with her and the odd nature of how the group hangout went—the guy who was the center of the social connections here was pretty drunk—just made me a little inhibited in expressing myself. Or so I think. Anyway, I still connected with her on social media afterwards. It’s great that she lives in the area but…I don’t know what I’m going to do with that info (if anything at all), even if I think I should be meeting more girls.

Perhaps my intuition tells me she’s not my type. Unusual to hear that, especially after the push I’ve been giving myself through subs and all the inner conversation. But hey, it is true that not every girl is going to be my type.

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  • Khan (5 min)

Today I got to try out the new training equipment for my arms as part of arm day and the pump I got was crazy! This is really promising stuff and I’m going to keep it for my arm days in the future, all the while knowing I have to be careful not to get too carried away with it… :slight_smile:

In other news, during that workout session, I set up a lunch hangout with one of my female friends (Casey), in fact, someone I reconnected with only late last year after many years without contact. Amazingly, it worked out and we got lunch just a few hours later! Great conversation, but unfortunately, no segue into her being able to attend the event I’m planning to host at my place later this month.

The evening plan I originally had for today with the other person (Alice) fell through because she caught a cold. However, she was hopeful about meeting up another time—this is where I suggested the event I was planning to host. A bit more messaging and I realize her friend is actually out during the day I originally suggested. On another note, the friend from the city, Sam is down to go to this event on that day but I’m not so sure about hosting it at that time now…

Basically, I’m trying to set up my event with a proper ratio of guys to girls and I don’t want to mess that up with a weird ratio the first time around. I’d rather just move the event to a different time in the month.

Want an interesting scavenger hunt?

Bonus points to the reader who recalls when I first mentioned Sam in a much earlier journal :wink:

As you can see I have started to give these people pseudonyms because, at this point in my journal, I’ve already mentioned quite a few people, a fair amount being women. Now, even if I don’t plan to date these people or something of that nature, I still think it’s good that I’m talking to more women than before. Doing so is progress, in a sense. Not to mention, I’ll be getting to test and observe the effects of the subs I’m running where EB and Khan are sure to affect my interactions (EF indirectly given changes in appearance). On top of that, I could run a kind of “social circle game” where I can meet more people through existing people. Have women introduce me to more women and stuff like that.

Something interesting happened on the apps. After getting feedback and understanding that one of my pictures wasn’t as good as I thought it was, I took it out of my profile. Within minutes I received an email saying that I got a match and a message. I opened my app to find…nothing changed. What happened? Perhaps there was a glitch in the system? I choose to take it as a sign of what’s to come. Sort of like an echo traveling back from the future, hinting that things online are changing very quickly.

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