A SubliminalUser is Reborn

In this journal, I pseudonymously confide in the community my deep thoughts.

Two months into the Dragon Reborn saga, I am now going to taste the Dragon Blood. Dragon Fire has broken down a lot behind the scenes, and for a considerable amount of time it did affect me on the outside, too. No—it affects me even now. Withdrawn from most of the world now, I have become internally focused to an extent I have not seen in nearly a decade. It rivals the era predating social media. Funny, since the start of using social media was what inspired me to look deep into myself and figure out what’s wrong with me.

This time, it’s different. Unlike the earlier pre-social-media era when most of my days were spent playing video games, now I am focused on the betterment of myself. I am focused on removing all that has held me back from attaining greatness. I have come to see this time during the pandemic as the time to make a massive transformation and shock everyone once I’m back. To do that, I must face the Dragon Blood.

In doing so I seek the support of the community. As stated above, I’ve become very inwardly drawn. This very journal is a move to break out of that, to seek advice from you all here. As much as I’m enjoying the current level of solitude, there is more to be gained with the right community. So here I am. Given what Dragon Blood is about to touch, it may be challenging for me to share what is to arise…but I’ll try.

  • There are many things I have written down for Dragon Blood to tackle. Right now, I’ll share just a few things.
    • Remove absolutely any sense of having a “trauma” from the past regarding my personal identity—whatever still remains, let it go.
    • Heal my relationship with my parents.
    • Fix my sleep once and for all. Despite all the stuff I’ve done over the past years, it’s still a problem for me to fall asleep fast and get consistent quality sleep without the aid of a supplement.

With what I have seen and experienced, completing Dragon Fire is just the end of the beginning.

— SubliminalUser, a DragonHood member


All the best, I look forward to reading about your journey with Dragon Blood.

This is deep! Please keep posting!

:dragon: on!

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I immediately felt the first loop 5 minutes in and knew I had to listen to it after work, not during work (even despite it being near the end of the day).

My thoughts just before listening to the third loop of Dragon Blood today corresponded to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ylVRGttEW4. Faded quickly a few minutes into the third loop, though I feel like listening to the whole song out of nostalgia.

I am seeking great change and I aim for ST2 to provide that.

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Six loops. Let’s go. THIS IS WAR.

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@SubliminalUser Is that song meant to alleviate trauma or make it worse?

@JCast after the first three loops some kind of anger awakened. Anger in myself and at the world.

As within, so without.

I listened to about five seconds of it and it gave me a strong urge to do just what the title suggests. Good job… I guess.


I think you’ve gone from being a full time cynic to making it more of a hobby.:grin:


Oh if you just knew… He’s turning into a full time hippie. It’s all happy thoughts and flowers and fun and puppies and…

Kittens. Definitely kittens.

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Finishing up the sixth loop and I feel terrible. First a pressure in the heart center and now a feeling throughout the upper body.

In the what?

probably the heart chakra or middle dantien

I just rolled my eyes so hard I gave myself a headache

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Haha,have absolutely no energy sensitivity so not sure whether to believe in them either.Figure if it works for other people,they should keep going though.


I get it . I just have to be a smart ass. @SubliminalUser knows that about me. At least I’m not picking on @Voytek about a third eye


Understandable. Anyway, I definitely feel like I should drop all non-healing subs for a while. Looks like my custom main will be taking a break longer than expected.

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@JCast how are you handling ST2

Parents recognize something within me as they ask whether I’m stressed out. They also noted that I seemed quite tired (this observation was not long after finishing up the sixth loop)

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