How To Cultivate The Mind's Eye?

This question is a spinoff of Mind’s Eye Q and my custom which has Mind’s Eye (Terminus) in it and was started last week—4 loops played so far.

I’ve been finding lately that it is challenging to get the ball rolling with Mind’s Eye. I want to manifest situations in my life, but I am not quite sure how to do that. I am concerned about jumping the gun too quickly and trying to go for something big, then giving up early before the Mind’s Eye properly develops. Note that I am not just talking about visualization itself (which I suppose I can already do to some extent), but visualization-manifestation. That is, use the visualization and manifestation power of Mind’s Eye to manifest things.

In my search for online resources, I found some promising channels like this which do have useful info, such as:

  1. We are all connected by the subconscious.
  2. Imagination impresses the subconscious mind.
  3. There is an intelligence which hands off perfect instructions at the exact time to each person involved in fulfilling your end result.

These are good things to know, but I can’t quite seem to connect this knowledge with a practice of visualization-manifestation (nevermind a true understanding of such) that will actually go anywhere. The only thing that comes to mind is listening to one of the various guided visualization practices that are created by some youtubers over a period of days or weeks.

Any help would be appreciated, this is a little disconcerting :confused:


Do you feel that you have a healthy imagination?

Like can you imagine yourself at a beach, and feel the breeze blowing on you and yourself lying down on the sand?

It’s easier than you think. (and harder too, i guess)

I know these kinds of zen perspectives can get a bit maddening at times, but it’s true.

You’re already manifesting.

Actually that reminds me of the description for Jupiter in the Q store. Says it quite well.

We manifest every moment, every second of our lives. Every moment we breathe, every moment that we are – we manifest. If we develop our ability to manifest more powerfully and more consciously, we will unlock heights we couldn’t even dream of. This is what control over your reality is truly about, and that is what the Jupiter module delivers.

Anyway, that’s the long and short of it.

You’re already manifesting. The fastest way to get better at it is to notice how you’re already doing it.

Kind of like breathwork. You’re already breathing. Breathwork just refines the technique.

Watch for the manifestation that’s already there.

Anything that gets you quiet or relaxed will help. Shower. Swimming. Jogging. Sitting.

Then there’s nothing wrong with the hamfisted approaches as well. Just get a notebook of blank white paper, and write down your intended manifestation statement in blue ink for 90 days. I do that too.

Vision boards. External or internal.

Oh, and one other very helpful point: Emotional investment. Emotional transmutation. (Thanks to Damon Brand).

Envision the situation you do not want or that you want to change. (That’s usually easy.). Feel the emotions and the sense of dissatisfaction that you associate with that situation.

Then shift to the situation you do want. Imagine it. Now invest that new vision with gratitude, joy, and whatever positive emotions you would associate with it.

Add any other elements that feel evocative or meaningful to you. Music. Movement. Words. imagery. (Praying works well for this. And if you look closely, you’ll see that many priests, preachers, and even just good speakers adhere very formulaically to this same framework.)

And a final helpful point:

Use manifesting to help you manifest.

Ask your subconscious to teach and guide you to the best ways to communicate with it. And it will just happen.


Joseph Alai is a follower of Neville Goddard- so the “feel it real” component comes into play here. As long as you can feel it real, then it will manifest.

Like @Malkuth mentioned, maybe you can try “knowing” instead of “visualizing”. Like you can “know” that there is an elephant next door playing the piano.

“Knowing” is like “being”. “Trying” to “visualize” in order to manifest puts you in a state of not “being” at your end point.

“I” already “Am” and “You” already “Are”.


Actually, by typing this post (and more importantly, by feeling the desire that prompted you to type it), you’ve already made a request to your subconscious. So, you’ve actually already done it. Now you can just observe yourself and the world around you to hear the responses.


This is really good

I just thought about this idea of a radio dial. To some people, moving the dial is easy. To some others, moving the dial takes a lot of effort. It’s still a difficult concept to grasp.

How about we see the idea of manifestation as something like this optical illusion. In such an optical illusion, what you get is what you want to see. If your subconscious mind wants to see an old woman in the photo below, it will see it. It took me 10 seconds just to see an old woman in that photo, because my subconscious mind probably believes that the photo is that of a young women.

Basically, manifestation is all about seeing what you want to see.

P.S. I crossed referenced this theory of manifestation of mine with something just happened about an hour ago.

@SubliminalUser So in order to cultivate your Mind’s Eye, you must not close your mind to any possible opportunities. Open up your mind to all possibilities and view situations from all angles, so that you can see what you want to see.

You can “be” instantly.

Don’t have to spend so much time visualizing.


Paging Doctor @anon3072973

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I don’t know if this will work for others, but one thing I’ve been finding helpful in bridging the rational and imaginative/subconscious aspects has been in learning to solve the Rubiks Cube, and particularly in learning the speed solving techniques eg F2L. Learning to see the patterns and connect them with the algorithms at faster speeds helps build the visual abilities in conjunction with visual recall for patterns.

With the basic algorithms I only got my solve time down to 7-10 minute average, with F2L where you’re putting edge and corner pieces in at the same time, with about 3 different patterns and having to maintain integrity of the other sides, you develop pattern matching and increase the speed of the solve. Training the pattern recognition helps the Minds Eye as an added bonus…

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I must admit, I have been looking at this picture for multiple minutes and I still can’t see an old woman, but a young woman is more pleasurable to the eye anyway.

It depends on what you are focusing on I guess.

For me, I spent a lot of time focusing on the white bonnet.

As they say, things can happen right under our noses without us knowing it.

Same with manifestation - that thing we want manifested has been right under our nose all the time - it’s just a matter of shifting perspective.

And perhaps that’s what the Mind’s Eye helps to do . Mind’s Eye just helps to unveil what is already there by shifting our perspective.

I taught myself to solve the first two layers, top down, of a Rubik’s cube, and learned the algorithm for the bottom one, couldn’t get it otherwise. Oddly the top two layers seemed to use/improve my kinesthetic sense, but it did help with visual strongly, after the kinesthetic movement or ‘feel’ was memorized. The Algorithm was more visual, especially memorizing the algorithm itself involved suspending the acronym’s letter in mid-air in my mind’s eye as needed (acronym for the movement (f,f,b etc)

Yes, it seems it’s all already always there, manifesting is just recognizing it

Or even a willingness to recognize it.

I’ve felt very trapped and discourage by one ‘job’ I have and I decided today to leave it today, in three months. But making it official. Before I felt stuck and hopeless, in that area, and didn’t know what to do, to securely leave. I couldn’t see a way out. After committing to that decision, with no new security, pathways are opening up everywhere on what to do next. Both in my view and people offering new opportunities.
In this sense this is also manifestation, since something new is revealed.

I think courage to let go of things is underrated element of manifestation, I often forget it and try to hold on until something other sure thing comes along.

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The young woman’s ear is the old woman’s eye. One face much bigger than the other.

Look at the small nose and the big nose. The old woman has a bigger nose than the younger woman. The big nose of the older woman is the chin of the young woman. I’m surprised no one looked deeper to find something else hidden.

Somehow reading this reminded me of those Magic Eye books, did anyone here ever owned or looked at one?


It was so cool to see a 3D image with depth, in a book way before cell phones, VR and all that stuff.

There is no time and space and everything has been created. To get what we want, we must learn to see beyond our physical eyes.

Wishing you all the best in your new career move. You may have made the right decision by looking beyond your current situation.


I did actually page Astronaut as our resident Master of Manifestation.

I’m starting to come around to this idea. I used to think that one would have to focus on one manifestation until it manifested and then move onto the next.

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I wish it were like this, for me as soon as I’m willing to let something go, something shows up.
My biggest challenge now is I don’t let things go even whens it time. If others can manifest the next thing first power to them, I just rot on the vine.

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