Support Ticket Questions & Answers


As we know, we have to send in support tickets if we want our questions answered. I’ve sent in about 4 questions that may actually end up being helpful to the forum once answered so maybe what we could do is provide Meng, if you don’t mind of course?, the questions and answers and they can place it into their thread to help more people. This may stop Saint, Fire and the support team from getting the same questions and at least then some things are also answered on here that are official from support.

75-100 tickets per day is ridiculous, but sometimes necessary, and I want to make the SubClub teams job easier.

Edit: I’m aware that posting answers here won’t completely stop them from getting the same support ticket questions but it should help if we’re seeing them and others that are lurking are too.


It’s an excellent idea, Brandon. We can even add the questions and answers directly to Meng’s thread.


Glad you like it! I just want to serve and make things for useful and easier for both us as a community and the SubClub team.

@Meng123 let me know if you’d like this or not.


It sounds like a good idea.people with any good questions and answers from support can just add it directly to the faq thread cause im not always active on the forum lately :sweat_smile:

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@Meng123 - out of curiosity, are you running anything right now? If so, which stack is it?

Hmm,been running the medici/wanted/pcc/sex mastery one with a heartsong custom for almost 2 months along with rebirth ultima.was getting pretty decent results but been feeling a bit drained/tired lately though so doing a test run of my old customs.khan/stark/medici and dr/empfit/limitless. Only tried one day so far but they are super light in comparison.looks like my tiredness is cause of wanted,fire was right to say that program is energy intensive.may leave out wanted in future customs.


@Meng123 - woah! That first stack was too heavy. Good luck on the lighter stack you are running now :+1:

Lol,the 2nd stack is supposed to be heavier but its lighter.3 st4s but its lighter than one custom with wanted.think saints right about alignment and density.its either that or wanted physical shifting is too energy heavy for me :rofl:


Thought I’d update this thread, as I still think it’ll be super useful for people.

Here are a couple of my support questions I asked:

QUESTION: If I’m using AudioShare, should I download the file to my iPhone and use the MP3 version or can I import from my music folder and let AudioShare convert the file to wmv? Will it damage the file?

  • ANSWER: Regarding Audioshare, I’m not sure if you want to convert the files from .mp3 to .wav, it might damage the underlying subliminal. Proceed with caution.

Basically, for those of you using AudioShare to listen to subs in the background of whatever you’re doing, download the file to your FILES application and upload it into AudioShare from there and use the MP3 version, not WMV.

QUESTION: Will you ever allow Private Journalling in a private part of the forum? I have people who will watch the forum for my stuff and would prefer for them to not see it but I do enjoy still writing on an online journal

  • ANSWER: Unfortunately, we do not have private journaling functionality, and we probably won’t try to add the ability to do so, as we’re looking for public information – good or bad. We recommend that you use a program like Scrivener if you want to create a private journal. We can change your username to something completely unrelated to your personal life, if you’d like.

QUESTION: If you’re getting 75-100 tickets, or more, per day, do you still want us to send tickets/replies to tickets rather than other means?

  • ANSWER: As for tickets, we’d prefer that people use the support center first, as many questions are already answered there. Then, post on the forum and wait for a community answer. If that doesn’t work, yes, enter a ticket. If the question has already been answered, however, you’ll be directed to that post or article.

I won’t post the last question as it was a bit more personal but here you go guys, hopefully this helps a couple of you as I know things like AudioShare and tickets were somewhat of a concern.


If you have support questions, that aren’t too personal, that you’re willing to share then post them here (or drop me a PM for me to post) and lets help out the community (including Saint, Fire and the Support team) but making questions easier to find for us all and new comers.

Hopefully this helps!

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If not personal, and of course you can say no haha, but would you be willing to drop your questions/answers here to help benefit the community?

Question: 4 cores in a custom


Question: Deep Sleep in an Ultima custom


Thank you @friday! These are truly helpful, especially the first one!

Does this mean you’ll add True Social Ultima to your custom now? I’ll still be using it tonight before I go out if you still want my experience based off the outline you gave me.

In regards to your question, it’s fantastic because I still wanted to re-add Inner Circle into my custom and of course that would make it 4 cores rather than 3. Since PCC and Inner Circle are quite small scripts it could work well with Renaissance Man and Stark which would be awesome.

Yes, that would be awesome.

When you go out could you look out for one more thing?

If I add True Social, I am contemplating if it still makes sense to include Dragon Tongue or if these two are so similar in nature that it is okay to drop Dragon Tongue for True Social. Could you pls check if True Social also makes you better at reframing situations for your advantage and increases your wit as these are the effects I am looking for the most from Dragon Tongue?

Of course, just know that I have Dragon Tongue in my MSQv2 custom so it may already have an effect. My wit with Dragon Tongue and the way I speak has definitely changed because of it.

I’ll be sure to see if True Social enhances it and reframes the situation for sure.


New questions I had for support just got answered. I believe asked these over the weekend and just got the response so support is doing great!


  • Rebirth, I’m currently using this program but want to suggest it to a friend. I’m just wondering if they could use this without anything else in a stack and if it would be just as healing alone. I see this recommended on the forums but mostly to be used in a stack.

  • Would it be okay for my friend to buy without having to use a stack and would they achieve the same results that way? They’re going through a difficult time both personally and financially so I don’t want to suggest a stack to them, but this sub is great (however I don’t know whether that’s because I’m just using a stack with it).


  • Yes, it’s fine on it’s own. He will notice results and will probably even come back to purchase more for his goals ! :wink: We appreciate your recommendations and wish him the best of luck!

QUESTION: - I thought this would be helpful for people to see

  • In regards to my stack, is it too heavy?

I currently use two customs: Heartsong, WANTED & Khan + 17 modules & Stark, Renaissance Man, Power Can Corrupt + 17 Modules & Alchemist Stage 1 & Rebirth/R.I.C.H (I alternate the Ultimas by week to have a mini wash out)


  • Your stack looks great to me! Not too heavy.

QUESTION: (Saint just answered this in the Certified List of Headsets Thread)

  • The list of certified headsets came out yesterday. I’m currently using my AirPod Pros which were on the list. It speaks about Transparency Mode for safety in regards to being able to hear around you, but would I be able to use Noise Cancelling with ALL subs such as my custom/mains and Ultimas? I was under the impression that for Ultimas you have to use the transparency mode for the full effects.


  • Yes, You can listen using both modes, it’s just a matter of preference.


  • I’m currently using Alchemist Stage 1, would Alchemist be a better choice overall for manifestation/visualisation and everything else included over Minds Eye? I think I have a bit of recon as I want to use Sage Immortal/Minds Eye for manifestation/visualisation purposes (I’ll eventually make a custom of the three for that when I’ve finished Alchemist) but is Alchemist the better choice over the two for those purposes? I want to be a master manifestor which is my goal and something I’m currently working on.


  • Well, Alchemist is a great choice, but it’s a 4 stage product. So I feel it works better, just overtime. You will notice results the first stage, and it gets better and better as you move along to the final stage. This process can take up to 4 months of listening. Minds Eye is also a great title, it’s targeted to a specific goal and can manifest quicker results. It’s all a matter of preference. Think of it this way, let’s compare Alchemist to a 4 year college degree and Minds Eye to a quick trade certificate. So again, It’s all a matter of your personal goals. If your goal is to master something, I would stick with a 4 stage title.


  • I’m looking at using Ultimas I can use every now and then such as Dreams, as I’m trying to learn to Lucid Dream, APX, etc. Can I use these every now and then including my booster or do I need to take my booster out and replace them with these when I use them?


  • You can use them every now and then and include your booster. If you feel it’s too strong you can always replace them when you want.


  • This sounds stupid but I’m assuming my stack is very energy intensive (I’m looking at you WANTED and Khan), do I just need to eat more? Would this have an affect on weight gain? (I already hit the gym, and do cardio via dance and don’t want to gain weight again). Is there any data on this? Is there anything I can do in regards to energy levels besides eating healthier/more?


  • Yes, eating helps. You’re feeding your body the energy it needs to process the subs. It’s important to eat, however, if you’re trying to keep an eye on weight, be sure to keep an eye on what you eat also. Find a list of low calorie or lowfat snacks you can feed on throughout the day without packing on the extra weight. If you exercise regularly this really shouldn’t be to much of a concern. Oh, and remember to stay hydrated!

wow if thats not too heavy then i think rules have changed in some way,

the 4 core rule doesnt imply unless it is within one custom?

Technically I’m doing 3 mains and an ultima as a booster so I’m within the core rules.

Both my customs include 3 cores, not 4.

you said ur using wanted, and heartsong, stark, khan,Rm and pcc and alchemist and rebirth and rich

thats 9 cores