"What happened to my support ticket?"

So as I’m typing this, it’s December 15 2021, and this topic has been coming up often over the past 2 months or so.

Some things to keep in mind:

1 Please wait 3 business days for a reply. A business day is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you put in a support ticket on Sunday, the business days start counting on Monday. If you put in a support ticket on Wednesday, you may not get a reply until the next week. Also there are holidays. Here in the United States we seem to have a lot. So remember if it’s taking longer than you expect, there might be a holiday happening.

2 I understand your question might be urgent to you. Subliminal Club has a vested interest in answering questions to make sure people can use the technologies in an optimum fashion.

3 There might be delays for technology reasons. Software gets updated, for example.

4 There might be a delay because staff is getting trained.

5 There might be a delay because we are actual people who have some things we might have to deal with. For me, I some times take a break because of reconciliation. I don’t want to be snapping at people because I feel irritable.

6 If it has been past the 5 day mark, you can revisit your support ticket and see if it’s still open. If it is closed:

See this by @SaintSovereign:

6a You could also post on this forum with the support ticket number AND the date you sent it in.

7 If you submit multiple questions, and some do not get answered, try re-opening the ticket with a note.

8 Be polite. We are human and make mistakes. I’ve missed important things on this forum simply because I felt tired, or I’m reading really fast. If we miss something, please just draw attention to what you would like to know.

9 Be respectful of the customer service people.

10 Do not be shy about submitting tickets.

11 Now something really important. There is a search box AND a place where many questions have been answered:

and actually another place:

So in conclusion, live long in a healthy fashion and thrive.


A much needed post, @RVconsultant :pray:

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If that is the case, you should really consider changing that:

That’s probably one of the reasons why people freak out after two days when they do not get a response.

[Edited with the hope of reducing confusion]

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Thank you @friday!

I’ve also seen this at the website:

"Need Support?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Submit a ticket and we’ll get back to you within 1-3 business days!"

@SaintSovereign @Fire

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Thanks for reminder i should wait 3 business days but can be impatient at times.

Will keep this in mind when i liaise with the support team in the future.

Also be kind to the support team and be polite.

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Can I add this here please. Order no 89194 to access Alchemist Private Forum, thx. @SaintSovereign


Would you please provide a link to where you got that screen shot?

When you open a new ticket under support.subliminalclub.com

You can even see it in the screenshot :wink:

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Ticket #4767(November 23) & #4946 (November 29)

Thank you for clarifying.

Some browsers hide what’s after the “/”

Okay @Classic1 and @StateOfBeing , thank you. I have notified staff.


Ticket #4909 (November 27th) @RVconsultant

Hi @RVconsultant, can you please remind staff to add me on the Private Forum, still waiting thx.

Yes, and could you also check your support ticket regarding that request to see what is its status?

  1. What’s your username on the forum? This request might actually be completed quicker if you message SaintSovereign on the forum and tell him you were requested to message him regarding this. I’ll let him know to wait for your response.

From support :point_up:


Can someone please look into ticket #5583 for me? I’ve been waiting 2 weeks and even pinged you 6 days ago. I get that there are holidays but this is a really long time. Thanks!


Could someone from the team look into ticket 5691 for me? I haven’t received a reply for 4 days, I also messaged Saint Sovereign a few days ago who didn’t reply. The issue is I cannot access my account. Thanks in advance.

I have notified staff. Has your issue been addressed?