Unofficial frequently asked questions

Following darkphilosophers advice,gonna split the questions into different posts which you can find below.Please like the questions your looking for so we know which are the most frequent.thanks in advance



I was just going to propose this, your a systematic clairvoyant genius and whatever company you work for or own will be lucky to have you.

Also-please don’t take offense-and apologies if I missed this-but what is your gender-or how do you identify? (if you wish to share)


Haha,unfortunately havent been getting to do much work with covid so im pretty free.ive been doing pretty well with crypto though so been running medici and marketweaver lately to try to improve my chances >-<

No reason to take offense,lol. Im a guy .Haha,need to spam gym again now that lockdown is over.Lost alot of muscle >-<


THANK YOU for this!

Very important post for anyone starting out!

Especially the stuff about technical setups etc, which many still seem to be confused about.


Updated it with more questions.Can let me know if you think of any questions i should add/missed.

Haha,excuse me if i didnt tag you.Cant remember everyone >_< Mostly only the people i interacted with


Thanks for the tag @Meng123 :sweat_smile:

Did anyone experience this before?
During the night my mind is question things and providing answers and questioning this…like a conversation in my mind…
It was not a dream but more of like questioning and justifying.
All that happening while I am asleep.

Thank you

Haha,sorry :sweat_smile:.You slipped my mind for some reason.I do like your journal though
Hmm,ive had that before when im dreaming/sleeping,not as often while im concious.Usually means the subliminal is communicating with our concious.Might be an effect of merger of worlds.

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Hmm,could be a result of this.You might be having a conversation with the subliminal script in your subconcious so your concious and unconcious mind might be reconciling through a question and answer.Ill leave it open for anyone else who knows though.

Also, note that listening to subliminals while sleeping can cause extremely vivid dreams. Some users have reported that this actually disrupts their sleeping. Remember, dreams are the result of your mind processing information from the day. Listening to subliminals throughout the day can cause vivid dreams, but the incredibly, near lucid dreams that occur from listening while sleeping is the result of the mind actively hearing AND processing the subliminal message during REM sleep. In fact, we’ve had users report that — when listening to subliminal audio while sleeping — characters in their dreams will repeat the contents of the subliminal’s script back at them!

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I have lots of dreams sometime 4 to 5 in a night…but this wasn’t not or dream or was it lol because there was no pictures I could just hear my mind chatter going on and on while i was asleep.

Haha,not sure.definitely interesting though

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is there any comment on new technology overpower the old one?I guess if I pair my old tech custom with the QV2 titles…the latter one will overpower the former one…I understand it is inevitable…but to what extent ?will the old one get completely invalidated or it is just a matter of priority ,executing the new tech one first …the old tech one still get installed ?

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Hmm,since the build and script are still the same and only the core is different.i think they will still execute as long as you dont go over your subliminal processing limit.some people were mixing renaissance man which is qv2 with their q subs and customs and both still executed fine so dont think it should be a problem.just have to be a bit more careful of overloading

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I like the initiative. I would however suggest to not turn this thread into “ask me anything” where users just start asking not so frequently asked questions here because they know somebody’s around.


Thats true.thats why was hoping to get most of the obvious questions done but ran out of ideas for questions already so will probably stop already unless anybody can think of a frequent/obvious question that i should add.doesnt seem so with the lack of replies though :sweat_smile::laughing:

Thank you @Meng123! I think this is a very helpful thread!

How do you do it and make it look so effortless?!

I go do searches and I can’t seem to find things. Do you have a really good memory for certain phrases?

How do you find so much so quickly?

I just read this again. Thank you so much @Meng123!

I think you are 90% human and 10% magic in the best ways possible!

Hmm,i remember if i think something got said before and by who.usually by saint or fire.then just search by sentence or keyword/keywords with them under posted by.if you can remember at least one sentence in the post.not that hard to find it

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You are better at this than me! :bowing_man:

Thank you so much for doing this! This is an amazing community resource!

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One thing I can imagine could have made it a little bit better is if you made one post per question, so people could like the questions they were looking for. That way we’d have a count just how frequently people are looking for it. :slight_smile:

But I agree, thanks for the effort. It’s certainly appreciated.

Haha,was considering that but the forum only allows 5 posts in a row to a topic so would have been a bit difficult to pull that off