Vision: SubliminalClub Community Wiki

I just had an inspiration.
Have been thinking about how the support for newbies could become better.

I like the work of @Meng123 with the unofficial FAQ thread:

My idea is to create a curated wiki where experienced users could write articles or even cite forum posts like the answers to the FAQ.

Everybody knows Wikipedia and for some open-source projects there are wikis just for the software.


  • @SaintSovereign and @Fire can focus on the development of great subliminals
  • User-generated content is free, but may be rewarded with forum status / bonuses
  • Some topics could be answered with a link to the wiki
  • Easy way for newbies and advanced users to find content by the search engine
  • Open-Source wikis are free and just need to be configured to just let authorized users post and edit articles
  • Up-to-date information without having to rewrite the manual
  • Could start small and become larger


  • Some project management would be necessary, like team chats etc
  • Maybe it shouldn’t be official as it is user generated and people could complain that it’s incomplete or something like that - a fan wiki
  • Needs a lot of planning for things like article structures etc.
  • I am not certain if it is okay with the terms and conditions of the forum to quote the content of forum members
  • SubliminalClub is a commercial company (but Amazon is doing the same with user-generated recommendations or questions & answers)

I am a developer who could set up a wiki. Just have to do some research. There are also hosted solutions which could be okay as long as there is no advertising. The selling point of those would be that there are no need for doing the upgrades/updates yourself. The less administrative work the better. There is enough to do with project management for volunteers.

My imagination shows me some of the first articles:

  • An article for each subliminal
  • FAQ article
  • Technology articles (QV2, UltimaV2, LifeCharger)

Starting small is important. The basic idea is one answer to the question: How to make lots of information better visible for everyone?

I don’t know if my imagination is going wild because I am sitting at home and am bored while waiting on feedback for a work project.
I like the idea, but would like some feedback from the community and admins.

Maybe it’s over-the-top.




I’m very down and thusly I am willing to create a discord server for us to lurk in and join voice chats


I like the idea of the discord server @Yazooneh :smiley: I could talk in English with my strong German accent. Just imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But I am currently unsure about the Wiki. Maybe it’s possible to put it into the forum as curated articles. Then there would be not too much additional costs for hosting a special wiki software, and it could be easily implemented.

Plus it could be okay to communicate more via the forum. Not everybody is a nerd like me and would read all the articles in the Wiki to assimilate knowledge.

My newbie friends always ask me computer questions and I google them for them because I know what to enter into google to find the answer even though my computer knowledge is not as widespread.

Could be that people like interaction on a forum. It’s more social.


I agree this this, but there are also people that would love the idea of a dedicated wiki as it adds legitimacy as well as another aspect to the community.

Rather than trolling users journals, one might be able to find a tab with categorized highlights of each title from each user.