PLEASE READ: New Listening Pattern

UPDATE: Official article is out – New Listening Pattern: How Many Loops Should I Listen To (Single and Multiple Titles) - Subliminal Club Support Hub

The official support article and update to the instruction manual is coming, but I wanted to go ahead and get this out for anyone who wanted to start immediately. We’re pleased to announce to that after a number of internal tests, you can begin listening to 1 loop each listening day, per title to start, then take a rest day the following day. If you feel you can handle more, you may do so. Also, if you feel you are advanced enough to continue using the “old” pattern (which will be rebranded as the Advanced Alternative Pattern), you can.

The new simplified pattern really is as simplified as it can be. It’s literally:

  • On a listening day, listen to one loop per title.
  • Take a rest day the following day.
  • Repeat.
  • No need for two rest days as before.

NOW, if you use Ultimas as a booster, you may use them on your off days. Do not use this to skirt the guidelines, trust us. You’ve all seen and heard how Qv2 and Ultima v2 can be overwhelming. To clarify, what I mean is, if you use something like The Executive for motivation in the morning, you can do that, but do not listen to 3-4 loops claiming you’re doing so for motivation when you’re really trying to get long-term programming.

Post questions here. Official support article coming (waiting to see what issues and questions you have so I can address them all at one time), along with the long awaited Stack Rotation article, since it may be possible now that we’ve reached a point where we can simplify the listening process.

EDIT: You may still run up to three programs + 1 Ultima if you’re using the Ultima as a booster.


Thanks for the official recommendation. A question that I have. I know that I feel hard recon on rest day, and also if I take a second rest day it get worse. It settles if I take a 3rd rest day. Should I force myself to just stick to one rest day ? Like going to the gym to stretch my brain muscle? Or should I listen again when I am all back to baseline?

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So the max amount of subs per day still stands 3 main 1 Ultima?

Wanted to listen to sub where 1 day is for all related subs so RICH and EOG one day then a day them QL and RM all 2 loops per title will this cause any problem with processing?

What would you say is the max amount of loops per day?

So the advance schedule would be the old 5 days on 2 days off or just the number off loops per day from that schedule but with 1 day off and on

Sorry just really read the post proper my bad @SaintSovereign

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This will be different for each person. That being said, I have the same subliminal response as you – the reconciliation on the second rest day is worse. I usually resolve this by running a single loop, which seems to get things back in order. So, do what works best for you. If you fall off track, try to ease back into the stable listening schedule.



how many titles are we recommend per day?

If I consider myself an advanced listener,

Is it advisable to rotate the FOLLOWING 5?

  1. Quantum Limitless Stage 2
  2. SEX Mastery
  3. Paragon
  4. Diamond
  5. MOGUL

Just edited the post: You may still run up to three programs + 1 Ultima if you’re using the Ultima as a booster.


You’ve mentioned before that you personally listen to your Ultima titles first in your stack.

Is this still the case for you?

Do you recommend us to do the same?

What is the reasoning to listen to Ultima before rather than after the major titles?

Yes finally this I can’t wait to try out will let myself adjust back to a old schedule/advance then try this out for awhile

Wait does stack rotation give better results or just varied results?

Are the pro and cons to using stack rotation?

Does this change when we should do a washout, or should we stick with the current recommendation of one to two weeks every three months?

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does this “main title” include three different customs; custom ultimas?

I’d love to know if there was any test, which I’d assume there was, or results regarding the now taken out 2 rest days compared to the 4 that is currently going around.

I see that a lot of people are running the pattern you posted three times a week with the normal 2 rest days which now gives a total of 4 rest days.

If there was a test - were the results better listening with 4 rest days or does it not matter.

Another question.

I run 4 programs.
2 customs and 2 ultimas which basically makes up what you said about 3 mains and 1 Ultima.

Can I run two ultimas on one day and my 2 customs on alternating days?

Just to to @Brandon post was there evidence in the testing to show that the now advance pattern show more or better results from a stack?

Thanks for making this official Saint. I’ve been running this pattern for the past few weeks with great results, minimal recon. Seems to be very effective for Qv2.




Depends on what you think of the answer to the next question.

I use all of my Ultimas as boosters except Paragon. I run them first since I want to utilize the benefits throughout the day.


Same recommendation. Three months is good.


Lol, let’s not make this difficult or try to skirt the recommendations. Yes, customs are main titles. Custom Ultimas are most likely main titles because most people don’t make custom boosters.


You can experiment with this, yes. But the recommendations would probably mean that you’re running 2 of the Q customs and one Ultima as a main title, another Ultima as a booster. If not, you need to run one loop of all four every other day.


Lol I did make one but now am running, i want to run it as a main title but I feel the reason for this is that most people want the long term benefits

What if the Ultima is Paragon or Paragon Custom? Should I treat it as a main title and take an alternate day off?

Also, what would the recommendation be if we have a stack like: Paragon Ultima + 3 Qv2 titles?

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Topic: Staggered Days

Resting from a specific subliminal vs. Giving the brain a complete rest from all subliminal input

I’d like to ask for your guidance/feedback on this sub-topic. (Perhaps it will be addressed in the Stack Rotation article. If so, I’ll wait for that one.)

In the simplest version of this scenario, the person has 2 major programs (non-Ultima): Title A and Title B.

The person in this scenario wants to play no more than one title per day, so:

Rather than playing both Titles together on M, W, F; the person plays Title A on M, W, F and plays Title B on T, Th, Sat.

The person’s reasoning:

“While I’m playing Title A, I’m processing/recovering from Title B. Maybe it’s not as effective as a completely subliminal-free rest day. But it’s still pretty good. And it evens out since, on any given day, my subliminal exposure (just one title) is lighter. Also, I take 1 day a week (Sunday) as a completely subliminal-free day.”

So, my question is: Is that person’s reasoning valid and plausible? Is it problematic or flawed in some important way?