I don't know what to do anymore

I would say start with ascended mogul for 1-2 months then add elixir or regeneration


You’ll get through this, I believe it. My vote would be for Dragon Reborn but that can be tough. I would start with Regeneration and then move on to Ascension + Rebirth


@JohnStuward, I kind of agree with @Palpatine .

Here is my recommendation. Run Dragon Reborn (Stage 1 only) and Ascension for 6 month. Then you’ll figure out where you want to go. Do yourself this favor, whichever subs you pick, run it for at least 6 months. You’re 36 years old, 6 months is nothing compared to the rest of your life.
Stack Dragon reborn Stage 1 and Ascension for 6 months and go to the gym. Don’t start running sex based subs. They won’t do much for you because you lack the foundations those subs can build on.

Being alpha is EVERYTHING. Being Alpha means putting yourself first (alpha), taking control of your life and working on goals that suit you. Creating your own power. That’s what Alpha really is. That’s why I recommend Dragon Reborn (stage 1) to clear the mental and emotional trash that your mind and heart are filled with. While Ascension is helping you build your personal power.

Ascension will take care of this but stick with it for at least 6 month. But seriously though, also take yourself to the gym and change your diet! PUT THOSE MUSCLES ON.


What ksub said.

John, you’re in a bit of a hole at the moment, so your first step is a simple injection of self respect, Ascension is an excellent suggestion. Other big name programs can follow once you understand how to use these subs. Ascension will give you something to aim for, despite your current job situation. It will also stop others taking the piss out of you - a big guy who demands respect? I wouldn’t mess with you!

About women:
Would it surprise you to learn that, despite being a few years older than you that I too have never had a girlfriend? Girl “friends” yes. That will come with more self love, don’t worry too much about that.

Once John becomes Big John it won’t matter about the weight, although do get to a gym to look good for yourself. Ascension will again help.

Dragon Reborn will burn off your past emotional stuff, but it can make you feel a bit low, so do it if you can stand it.
Good luck!


Hello @JohnStuward and welcome.

We can understand a lot of what you are going through and most men have been through what you have gone through so we can relate. Many of us have also overcome these issues with a combination of subliminals and action.

Regarding choosing a title, Dragon Reborn seems to be a good idea but don’t run it now. It would be better for later on but not as a first title (and guys please stop recommending DR as a first title for new users!!!).

As some have already recommended, Ascension is an excellent title. Being Alpha is a great thing. Be your own mental point of origin? Be confident? Increase happiness? Generate attraction? All these qualities make you an alpha male. We don’t define being Alpha as being a doucebag.

Another title is Ascended Mogul. It is a combination of Ascension and Mogul. It is a good idea to run AM if your financial circumstances is not in order.

And if you want to make friends, something like True Social could help.

In short, run Ascended Mogul + True Social. Read more on instructions on how to run these powerful tools and take charge of your life.


You are in the right place brother you gotten some great answers on here and are going to continue to get more.
One things i noticed is I can tell you have low self esteem. You are not happy about not having much experiences or any with women, you are not happy about your weight, you are not happy about your job. From personal experience when you are not happy about these things especially body issues and career they can really cause a lot of pain on ones self esteem. I’m 30 and I can definitely relate to you because I struggle with similar issues that you have.
I’ve seen some good choices already that people mentioned like dragon reborn stage 1, elixir, ascension, ascended mogul you can’t go wrong with any

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Advantages of a Younger Person

  • Vitality and Raw Enthusiasm

  • Open-mindedness / Willingness to Try New Things

  • Flexibility

  • Cultural zeitgeist is oriented around younger people

  • Favored by societal expectations in dating and career

Advantages of an Older Person

  • Comparatively Greater Sophistication of Thoughts and Ideas

  • Better Developed Empathic Imagination

  • Self-Discipline

  • Patience with Learning

  • Better at thinking independently of social and cultural expectations

When you’re thinking about dating or anything else, remember your particular strengths as well as your limitations. Strategize around both.

Gradually train yourself to think in terms of what you CAN do, and not only in terms of what you CAN’T.

extra suggestion:

Start a simple daily gratitude practice. It’ll increase your self-esteem, raise your mood, and enhance your sense of possibility.

(the magic number seems to be about 3 months. After 90 days or so of gratitude practice, the benefits are competitive with anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medications.)

And beyond that, just check out that website in general. Become an amateur expert in positive psychology.

It won’t make you stop having bad days.

But it’ll make you a bad-ass even on your bad days.


@Lion : Whichever sub he runs, he is going to need to do a lot of clearing and healing work in order to establish solid foundations. Or he would be building on shaky ground. I remember Rebirth giving me panic attacks but I’m happy I stuck to it and I reaped the benefits. Sometimes, trying to go easy is the wrong way. Yes he will absolutely go through reconciliation and emotional turmoil while faulty beliefs are being removed and his identify is being questioned by the subs. From what I read, Dragon Reborn is the best tool we have for healing and clearing. He might as well start with that. The sooner he gets done with it, the better for him. A little pain or emotional turmoil is not that big of a price to pay to finally start living.

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Hello mate,

Like others I strongly recommend Ascension for 30 days, then you re-evaluate. Forget the alpha male definition you’ve heard about elsewhere, just imagine becoming the best you can be.

Included modules:

Good luck!


From the things he wrote, I would actually give Ascension a good 6 months.


Some fantastic recommendations here for you regarding subs! Taking action is a crucial part though, so I’ll offer my 2c in that area.

In terms of healthy diet & fitness, most of the conventional wisdom out there is complete and utter SH*T. Insulin is a huge driver of fat storage (and fat loss, when used properly) which is part of why both fasting and keto diets work. There are definite benefits to being in a ketogenic/fasted state, one of which is effectively reducing blood sugar and correspondingly dropping insulin.

I’m not a doctor, so I’ll recommend reading all of Dr. Jason Fung’s books on insulin, diabetes, and fasting. If you’re so inclined, his book on cancer prevention ties the previous books all together with more of a long-term health perspective, but it’s not a necessary read for just improving health.
As for lifting etc at the gym, check out the book Body By Science, by Doug MacGuff. Spend an hour a day in the gym if you enjoy it, sure… but results can be achieved with a much lower time spent. It’s like vitamins… no point in taking a 1,500mg pill if your body can only absorb 200mg at a time and you pee out the rest. Minimum effective dose is important.


Thank you for the Dr. Jason Fung book recommendation on fasting approaches, @BLACKICE. That’s exactly what I’m looking for right now. I know of the work of Dr. Peter Attia, but was looking for something a bit more portable and rapidly applicable. This is a great place to begin.

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Dr. Attia is one of only 2 doctors I follow actively, the other is Dr. Rhondra Patrick. I should follow Dr. Fung too, so far I’ve just read his books.

@ksub - the DR sales page itself says to not run DR as a first title. One needs to have run something like Emperor before running DR. And we need to understand that such advice isn’t given lightly.

Also, titles like Ascension and AM has healing components included in it like Rebirth. Best then to start with titles like Ascension and Ascended Mogul that will give quick results that will encourage a new user faster.

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Then something like Regeneration would work too.

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Elixir, Regeneration and Rebirth are excellent healing titles to begin with, I agree (especially Elixir + Regeneration).

But if the guy wants to start with something like AM, it would still be a solid choice. Healing is inbuilt into most of subclub products (except Iron Throne).

Want more healing? Go right ahead. The excellent thing about subs over here is that we can build foundations later too.


It might feel hard but it’s just your perception. Once you start feeling better about yourself life will glow up.

I would go with dragon reborn. And also add some workout can be walking or anything+ meditation.
Just changing your diet and talking a walk help a lot. You can also drink cinnamon and lemon which increase your metabolism.

No matter where you are at right now it don’t matter. Just improving yourself 1% everyday will change your life after a year or more.

I wish you luck and love on your journey. And welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

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@Malkuth I recommend this new quest on fasting by Mindvalley, it’s pretty awesome.

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Ascension is the way to go as a lot of people have mentioned.

However, I would also look into some personal development/self help material that can help you setting some goals and making a plan for achieving something you’re proud of.

I know that a guy like Tony Robbins is a dividing figure, but I think that the book Awaken The Giant Within or even better the audio program Personal Power II are great places to start, if you are completely new to this kind of stuff.

Good luck - With the help of these subs and other ressources, in a year or two you’ll be much further along than you could ever imagine!!