Open Bounty: Give This A Try

The next time you’re going through really bad reconciliation, eat a VERY rich sweet – like fudge cake, and drink a Gatorade, then report back. Also, write down ANY cravings you have when going through reconciliation.

Don’t ask too many questions, just let us know what happened. :wink:



I thought this would have only applied to WANTED and maybe KHAN cause of the energy requirements :thinking:

So… don’t send a nasty gram to customer service or say something crazy on the forum? :crazy_face:

Just kidding, I’ll give it a shot. :wink:

strong, strong desire for fruit loop pop tarts at the end of last week, I had a great weekend so maybe they helped.

Pop-Tarts Now Has A Fruit Loops Flavor And I Need Them


Are those real? If they are, I’m going to get some.

Nevermind, I looked it up, they are very real.

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Yes , as you can see they are very real, and they are better than you can imagine :slight_smile:

Toucan Sam is one sweet dope peddler, especially now that he’s got bricks- scallopini style

edit: and they have photo/cartoon realistic images on them- that make you nothing that looks like this should be edible lol


Wow that looks like cancer-overload haha

I just cannot eat something like that after reading Deep Nutrition.

Anyway, I suppose the idea behind eating something richly sweet is the dopamine release of the sugar, paired with the energy of the carbs that counter-acts recon?


I wouldn’t recommend it as part of a daily or regular nutrition plan lol
but for those who wanted to try it one and one time only for novelty, I can assure you there would be zero risk of cancer.

likely at least one of the reasons.

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I do have strong craving for sugar , when reconciliation hits


Dark chocolate also works for me. I eat more bars than usual when recon hits, as well as an intense craving for flesh

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Coconut flakes on a daily basis would work magic for subliminal alchemists.

Another thing is that’s why recommend running Alchemist and working with your energy level.


How cheap are the coconuts over there in Thailand?

I have no idea, I don’t need them. I have some other sources of energy. For example, yoga, proper diet and cultivating your sexual energy improves the processing and manifestations massively.

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Oh, I thought you asked about the flakes. One coconut costs 80 cents. But the flakes give you lots of energy and you can eliminate candies and other junk food containing bad sugar.



Oh, yes, absolutely. Its one amazing fruit

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They treat the symptoms of Alzheimer with coconut flakes so… lots of fuel for your brain.


Wouldn’t MCT oil do the same thing?

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Okay. STOP!

Coconut discussions as interesting as they are, would you all please move this discussion. Let’s get back on the “Open Bounty” topic.

[Update: Oops. Thanks, Simon.]