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The early access version of LIFE(charger) is LIVE on the Google Play store. A few things – please ignore the screenshots and the terrible copy on the Play store page, haha. They’re just placeholders, as our goal isn’t to market to the public yet, but rather get feedback from our users. The following is the information that was posted to the private testers, so it may make references to things you won’t have to worry about. Please ask if something’s confusing:

NOTE: The LEARN tab is disabled intentionally. The feature isn’t ready yet.

The LIFE project (as most of you have guessed) are a set of apps and services designed to make your self-development journeys much easier and much more enjoyable. Remember, we aim to innovate, so anything we do is going to push the boundaries of what’s already available while wrapped in a cloak of familiarity so you won’t have to learn anything new. This first app, tentatively named LIFE(charger) by SubliminalClub, is an app that gives you immediate and instant access to a revived version popular supercharger line of products. There will be more LIFE(x) apps that will also aim to enhance your self-improvement lifestyle.

But again, we innovate. It’s not enough for us to just re-release these titles. We’re rebuilding them. For those who don’t remember, the Supercharger line was the precursor to the Ultima products. They were well-designed, expertly written guided meditation / hypnosis tracks with an embedded ultrasonic file. The goal was to help you “state shift” on a whim, and the more you used them, the better they worked. For example, you could run True Social just before going out on the time, and after awhile, you’d start getting better and better results. Being honest, results were mixed. People loved the concept, the writing, the voice talent, etc., but many people had problems with the visualizations.

With the Lifechargers, we’re going to rebuild the ultrasonic file in a modified Terminus Squared format – which is pretty much guaranteed to give you outstanding results. Terminus Squared is an INCREDIBLY powerful subliminal delivery method, but when used too much, it causes odd and unstable results. Let’s just say that we’ve cracked the code on how to make it function better, and this discovery pairs extremely well with the lifechargers.

Note: This version of LIFE(charger) does NOT contain the new T^2 format, as we needed to perfect the delivery system first – that’s what you’re going to help us with. This version of Life(charger) contains all of the past superchargers (excluding Libertine – the app stores won’t let us add that one). We need you to use the app regularly and give us feedback on what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see and more. Now, keep in mind that we tend to improve our products over time, so not all the suggestions will make it into the immediate production release, but we still want them.

LIFE(charger) does NOT play well with tablets right now. We’re actually rebuilding it from scratch later this year.

Anyway, grab LIFE(charger) from HERE:


Hi Saint,

Thank you for this. I have never bought As Above and the Beast Within superchargers but I see that the guided meditation superchargers are available on LIFE(charger). So I guess you want us to have a feel of the UI and UX of the app?

The entire app is functional. Use it to your heart’s content and provide feedback in however you see fit.

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This is some top stuff

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Ah, that’s fresh news! Good thing I finally bought my new phone not a week ago.
Now carrying the power of SC.

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Wow, liking this already :smiley:


Just to clarify, it’s still Not T^2 strength in the public access version?

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Does the Lifechargers influence in anyway the Stack we are already using ?


Not yet. We have to rebuild them from scratch and reupload. I’ll be working on that within the week or so. Some of the older ones will be updated with new music and better mastering. For example, listen to Beyond Limitless vs. True Social. You can tell a distinct difference in the quality as we kept making them.


They can, yes. Once we integrate the new Terminus Squared versions, it’s recommended that you only listen to one or two per day MAX if you’re running a number of titles.


Thanks. Just wanted to make sure since you said some of the info in the pasted part was old for the first testers.

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That’s amazing!!! Once this goes public, subliminal club will become more popular. You have no idea how many times I have searched subliminals on the play store back in 2016-2017


@SaintSovereign Hey how would the life charger compare against Ultima?


Different use case. Lifechargers are for immediate state shifting. Like, you’d use the True Social lifecharger an hour before going out. The True Social Ultima is an overall booster. Same function, different approach.


Will this be available for iphones at some point?


This sounds like you’ve distilled some practical principles for using Terminus2 build.

Shorter durations?


Yes. We’ve had the iPhone version ready to go for quite some time. The process for becoming an Apple Developer is much more “rigorous” (re: annoying) than Google’s program. We just finished the first part earlier this week.


Can this replace the regular hour long regular ultima’s basically you get the same benefit of listening to this, sorry if this has been explained

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Sometimes, I swear you’re looking over our shoulder or some shit, hahahaha. You’ve made a lot of guesses that were uncannily accurate and I just remained quiet (and looked over my shoulder). But yes, part of the solution was shorter durations. :wink: