LONG GUIDE: New Recommended Listening Patterns for ZP, by Billions (not official or verified)

Hey all.

With ZP being released, we should reconsider not just WHAT we listen to but also HOW we listen to it.

Let me start by introducing a few key ideas that will give context to what I’m about to suggest.

  1. ZP might only need a 3 day washout instead of 5. Although this seems to be more prominent in experienced users so far.
  1. Less listening time seems to help increase processing drastically.
  1. In my personal experience with sharing subs… new users struggle with the current listening schedule and often deviate from it one way or another, simply due to being confused. They don’t take washouts. They take too many washouts. They’ve never even heard of a washout or a rest day because they didn’t do their due-diligence, and because we rely on a system of due-diligence in order to properly adhere to the listening schedules and recommendations… They just play the subs hours and hours a day with a more-is-better mentality and there’s not yet a brain-dead simple way to explain subliminal listening patterns that would prevent this.

What I’d like to do is start to create a less-is-more culture so that we have better results and the integration time we need to get those better results.

Further, if we created a simpler to explain and follow listening schedule, everybody would be on the same page, would know exactly what the recommended schedule is, and would take the perfect amount of washouts necessary.

Actually, following my suggested schedule, we can remove the word “washout” completely from our vocabulary but still get the necessary off-time washouts provide.


A note on this schedule is that this schedule works best for people with 1-2 subs in their stack, and it may be slightly inefficient for people with hard-gainer syndrome. But with changing washouts down to 4 days instead of 5, using this system, I think that it’s appropriate to also change listening days from 21 down to 18, so there’s no net-loss.

And that’s step one of the new pattern I’m suggesting… reduce listening days from 21 down to 18, and, based on @SaintSovereign’s observations, reduce washout periods down to 4 days. Not 3, but 4.

What’s the result of that? That’s right! An EVEN 21 day listening schedule.

The cycle REPEATS completely once every 3 weeks.

But currently our listening days aren’t consistent because there’s 7 days in a week, so, if you listen on a one-day-on one-day-off schedule, sometimes your listening days will be Tuesday, and sometimes they’ll be Wednesday.

So using this model. we’re going to switch to total consistency and only listen to subliminals on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Weekends are off. That’ll create some interesting effects.

Following the Monday Wednesday Friday schedule does a few key things.

  1. It makes listening days and rest days obvious.

  2. It creates a less is more culture with a 2 day washout every week.

  3. It standardizes the newfound knowledge that 5 days for washouts might be a bit long, but keeps them one day higher than a 3 day washout to accommodate for the fact that the users quoted as having great results on 3 day washouts were all highly advanced forum users.

  4. It makes the explanation of listening cycles possible to sum up in one simple sentence.

"Listen to subliminals every monday, wednesday, and Friday, but take every THIRD friday off.


If you started on a Monday and took every third Friday off, you would ALWAYS have a 17 day listening schedule and a 4 day break cycle. It would fall on the same dates every single time. You would get a 2 day washout once a week. You would get a 4 day washout every 3 weeks (as recommended), and you would never have to think about your listening schedule again.

4 days is great for a washout, especially for beginners who are going to be more likely to use this method, because even though reports from @Invictus and others show that a 3 day washout is all that you really need, we also have to take into account that they’re more advanced users. So, an extra day of washout certainly won’t hurt anyone and will probably help a lot of people.

So this is my idea, in brief and in essence. Standardize listening schedules, take weekends off, replace the idea of “washouts” with “Weekends and Every Third Friday” off, and make everything brain dead simple to explain.

The result?

  • An enhanced listening experience.

  • Increased share-ability to new users.

  • More rest-time and the creation of a less-is-more culture.

  • Shared experiences among forum users who would be in unison taking breaks on the weekends and posting those results (if they follow this schedule).

  • A 2 day washout every week that’s scheduled right in, removing overexposure threats and fears that after a while you’ll need to do a longer washout to give yourself extra extra processing time.

  • A 2 day washout and a 4 day washout that would reduce the risk of the possibility that 3 days washouts are okay for your first and second washout but after a while are not long enough to be the sustainable solution.

  • The option for advanced users to listen to three loops in one day on Fridays or right before your 2-day washout period, to give you more time to integrate. This would allow people to run two major programs regularly, with a once a week booster, listened to right before mini-washouts.

  • You never need to count listening days or rest days ever again. Just set a recurring event in Google Calendar called “Rest Day” once every third Friday. You can set once-every-third-week events in that and other calendars, which makes it EXTREMELY simple… just set it and forget it, and listen to your subliminals habitually without ever thinking about them, and without any risk of over/underexposing.


Also read my guide on first/beginner subs if this interested you.

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I really like this idea and I do want to implement it, though I have one concern: for a 3 sub stack, I’d be running all 3 subs on Mon-Wed-Fri. My issue is that 2 of my 3 subs I would consider compatible (CFW+Stark currently), but my 3rd sticks out like a sore thumb (MTMX). I’m wondering if running all 3 subs on the same day would possibly lean the effects of the subs towards the more-compatible subs since there would be extra emphasis on their objectives.

Something I’d have to figure out, other than that I think this is a great idea and one I look forward to trying, once I get over this little roadblock.

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@PhasingPhoenix Dis :point_up_2:

@bombayduck , this is why i mentioned this.

It seems like you could do a few things…but you’ll probabky pick #2

  1. Listen to your lowest priority sub only on wednesdays, aka once a week, for reduced exposure to a minor sub, plus greater integration time on the other sub.

Listening schedule looks like:

Mon: CFW + StRk
Wed: Mtx
Fri : CFW + STRK

  1. listen to two subs per day, each sub gets 2 exposures per week.

Listening schedule looks like:

Mon: CFW + stark
Wed: stark + mtmx
Fri: mtmx + CFW

  1. Pick a main sub and booster subs, or other alternate schedule.

Example: listen to CFW every mwf, but listen to stark monday and mtx friday.

Wed: cfw
Fri: cfw + mtmx

There’s ways. But all of them result in better integration.

Since your weekend is always a 2 day washout, you could even listen to 2 subs on mon/wed but 3 subs on friday.

Formatting is shit because im on my mobile but essentially you could do the #2 option, listening to each sub 2x per week, and have a completely balanced stack, OR you could prioritize one over the other and focus more on some titles than others.


I think the biggest reason why I want to use this schedule is to play 3 subs a day at a reduced amount of time. You may recommend against it but in a 21 day period, I’m already exposing myself less with a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule at 3 subs a day, versus a day on/off schedule. To run 2 subs a day wouldn’t make this listening pattern useful to me.

One of the biggest things I like about ZP is the boost that is felt after running the sub, so running 3 subs a day three times a week allows me to feel the boost as much as possible (this is especially important for MTM). I’m going to offset the potential overexposure using the 2 day weekend washout every week, and instead of running the subs for 15 minutes I’ll be running them for 7.

try it out! It’ll be very clear. Either this pattern will give you a boost, or give you recon! I’m excited to find out. Please post results here and get 'er trending :wink:

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I read this schedule on another thread you posted in and I was intrigued by it. I feel like I am a bit over exposed (mostly tiredness on the listening days) using 2 subs every other day, so I might give this a go. It does simplify things too, sticking to a set weekly routine is easier for me to manage, and provided the results are there - it would be a better approach. As it is, I started a new stack last Monday, today is Saturday, so instead of doing the loop tomorrow (Sunday), I will take an extra day off and start fresh again from Monday. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Tagging @wagz because I’d like to recommend he listen to this schedule for KHAN ST1 instead of the traditional method.

Also, @Wagz, definiteky take your time with Khan St 1! Make sure to do 2 full cycles of it, not just one.

@Billions may I suggest an approach I have been using for Aura Subliminals (Libertine, LB, etc)

I am running per instructions, but adding the aura sub which I ran in the past in a complete cycle as a refresher. This means 3 stack subs + a 4th one which is ran only once a week as refresher to keep the aura up

Day 1: 2 stack subs
Day 3: Stack sub+ refresher
Day 5: 2 stack subs
Day 7: only stack sub without refresher

Nice man!! Ive never ran an aura sub so im not sure how they’ll interact with that but glad its working for you!

Just wanted to follow-up on my previous post here by saying that the 3 sub a day method led to a significant amount of recon and 2 subs a day is definitely the way to go.

Since then I’ve decided to use a main-sub/supporting sub routine, where my main sub is listened to 3 times a week and the support sub is interchanged between llistening days. I make sure to run my subs for 2-3 months at least, and with the success some users have had in listening to one loop a week I figured it wouldn’t hurt, and it hasn’t. This month I’ve been using Paragon as my central sub, with QL ST1 and AM alternating.

This month I decided to try and change up the cycle to get an extra listening day in: on week 2 I ran a sub on Sunday, and am doing Tuesday-Thurs-Sat for the 2nd week. 3rd week is Monday and Wednesday as always, with the skipped Friday for the washout. This allows me to get that precious extra day of loops in while still maintaining an easy to track schedule.


I’m reading this only now but it is a very interesting idea!
@Billions are you still using this schedule and would you still recommend it?

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It’s still valid. I’ve kind of just moved onto a listening pattern that’s even more intuitive and reduced.

The key takeaway from this post is that there’s a benefit to listening less than the traditional listening schedule.

I often listen to subs with 2-3 rest days in between, and take a washout once every 10-15 days, not even the full 21 day cycle.

Listening less is powerful - 3 minute loops should be the go to for anyone feeling recon… recon is a sign that you’re getting too much of a good thing…

And actually in my worldview, gettin positive results is just another form of recon - if you are blown away by “how well the subs are working” and “how amazing you feel” from subs… you’re a few loops away from too much of a good thing, and the recon that comes with it.

Once you find your sweet spot, don’t overexpose - that’s the lesson.


Do you need to listen to a 15 min loop of a new sub the first time, then proceed to 3 mins etc or would you just start with 3 mins off the bat?

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Up to you to find what works best for you.

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I was actually doong the other way around, start low (3min) and then the next week if I don’t feel any recon increase (5 then 7, 10 and finally 15).

Does this makes sense or is it better to use shorter loops?

BTW I was using the “suggested” pattern, one on one off

I’m curios about this too

Yeah that’s true for anything in life… :wink:

BUT… Weith result that can be very subtle (at least they are in one year of DR) it’s quite easy to be mislead.

That’s why there are basic standard guidelines

I used to run all my subs for 15 minutes. It would take me to overexposure pretty quick. Overexposure is a nasty thing to go through.
I found a sweet spot at 5 to 7 minutes for each sub.

Not for me, no. 3 min from day one