Any Single 40+ Guys Getting Results With Sex-Focused Subs?

@Malkuth is in his 40s too but not sure if he ran any sex focused subs,lol


Once again you rise to the challenge. Thank you, @Meng123.

Do post as many examples of this as you can.

Azriel is 33 so doesnt fit the age but he gets great results from the sex-focused subs so might be good to get some info from his journal


There are many more that are 40 plus – SaintSovereign, JCast, Palpatine, SubliminalGuy, Voytek, CoWolfe, D1gz, etc.

Most aren’t single, but they do often post effects they have on women – young and old.

The more you read, the more you’ll find that age doesn’t matter. Certainly not 40. 60s maybe.



Saiyan4blue journals are also a good read.No idea how old he is though


Of the ones simon mentioned.Think only palpatine runs sex-focused subs on his partner regularly though of those.Jcast has been on dragon reborn for a pretty long time now.Cowolfe is mainly ascension on his wife originally.Hes progressed to dragon and emperor.Voytek writes quite a bit but he doesnt run sex-focused subs as much


Amazing, looks like I have lots to read. Thank you @Meng123


He’s like 25 I think lol maybe a bit older but not even 30. He conquered life young and is looking for the next challenge :slight_smile:


@BlackTiger also is around the correct age and does well with women.Not sure if he would want to comment on this topic though.He mainly deals with customs nowadays.He said he got good results on khan though and think hes run most of the majors.


That’s awesome. unfortunately that is not my situation. Looking for people with similar situations doing well.

Any guy who is already good with women or money will have good stories using subs.

Hi Sarge i am a middle age man.

I had alot of success with women back in the day using both emperor and primal seduction combined. Especially those who were half my age.

As @Meng123 has said I use customs now.


Nice. And how were you with women before subs? And how social were you?

Some of @GoldenTiger journals might be good also.He has a lot of them.He said he went from scratch to pretty good with women using subs.


I’m 46 in August. I got a lot of baggage about this stuff, so I don’t have any useful advice to offer other than fix your shit now, if it needs fixing.


I always considerd myself good looking but had no idea how to escalate sexually and move the relationship foreward, after listening to subs, lots of reading i ingrained the seduction archetype into my identity and then became more successful.


That’s inspiring as that is EXACTLY me. I can get the low-hanging fruit girls now but still struggling with the hotties.



I’m 33 but I’m full bald with a beard, so could be mistaken for older lol

Seduction subs here work great for me, in every way you could think of.
Attraction, manifestation, escalation, having fun, feeling enough, being myself, shameless in a good way, social confidence etc…I’ve had on and off success in the past-but usually alcohol +nightlife was needed and it was always a performance now it’s 24/7 just me–I meet woman at the gym, events, friends try to hook me up …it’s dope…different world.

yes they can add to their success, and people without success can go to having success . I believe Subs will help both.

Here is an example from my story-of lack of success in an area-to success- very simple

before I started Emperor a year ago I was having trouble with finances (for 6 years in a row), debt, often my account was in the negative, and even paying rent was a constant source of stress- -a year later I’ve over quadrupled my income, payed off most of my debt, and saved enough to live for 4 months all expenses set. I was not good with money- now I am…or a lot fucking better than I was …I’m not filthy rich but on my way :slight_smile:

Dude this is the biggest different for me with subs with woman- I am actually MUCH more comfortable now the hotter a woman is or the more attracted to her I am. I go on autopilot empowered mode around that. This is many from Emperor/ Primal Seduction custom variants.


Ya. And I just rediscovered that he’s not 40 yet.

Once upon a time with Libertine …



Thanks God! :rofl:


I’m 48. Just turned 48, 3 weeks ago and I timed the starting date of my stack to coincide with my birthday.

I’m not single. And I’ve not really run Sexuality and Seduction-Focused Subs. That’s why I didn’t reply earlier

My primary dream, of many years now, is to be working from a place of Calling. To align Nature, Passions, Work, and Wealth. My subliminals are focused on lifestyle design and self-determination. If and when I establish that, I’ll put more into sex and other stuff. I am the closest now that I’ve ever been.