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Hello all!

Wanted to say hi, give some background, and ask some advice below at the bottom of this long post.

I’m new here and have already read quit a bit of journals to get a sense of things. Really loving the quality of the journals, support, and community here. I’ve done almost 10 years of Subliminals with another Vendor, which caused a lot of growth and everything from amazing to mediocre results depending on the sub. I initially dismissed trying another company but after reading the product descriptions and journals I was very attracted to try some on. And I don’t regret it! There also seems to be a kind of high consciousness around here that I can’t put my finger on :wink:

 I've been on Emperor V4 for a week and will start a journal for that in the next couple days in which I will share more details. Really great experience so far. It is super powerful, already a game changer. Had 2 days of reconciliation but back on the progress bus now. Also added Legacy Supercharger before a workouts and am blown away by how powerful it is. Felt a body and spatial awareness that haven't felt in years, and crushed my at home workout. 

I’ve had a chronic back and hip issue that I have not been able to resolve and Legacy definitely started moving the needle in a positive direction on that, giving me a sense of strength around it both psychically and mentally. Felt like a warrior who could keep going even if I lost a limb-not to be to morbid-but like I would kinesthetically know how to keep going.

I have done 2 years of PT, anti-inflammatory diet, nothing really has helped, except when I started lifting heavy but smart with a Barbell again in the last few months, and doing traction with reverse hyperextensions and L-raises from bar. Since quarantine, I’m in NYC, with no barbell my pain has gotten worse again.

For some background, I used to deadlift 600, squat 500, and Bench 335, all in lbs, and had around a 38 inch vertical jump at 212 lbs. Used to love snowboarding, basketball, MMA. I hurt myself doing Jiu-Jitsu and had to stop most lifting and activities cause I kept re-injuring myself and eventually just stopped out of fear of re-injury.

The injury itself was bulging disc in L4-l5 and S1 something MANY people have come back from stronger, or have and don’t even notice, but I have not successfully recovered in 5 years. I had come to relative peace with no longer being able to do these physical activities and moved from athletic interests to interest in spirituality, woman, purpose, and of course $$. Since starting Emperor V4 I have this insatiable drive to progress in all those goals but ALSO to be physically powerful and healthy athlete again and know that I can fully recover and better.

That said I have chosen to add some superchargers and subliminals which will support in this physical healing, either directly or indirectly. This is not my only goal, however it is a goal I would like some directional assistance with and/or advice on from whoever has something to offer here.

So far Emperor V4 is driving me to heal and deal with this, and Legacy is giving me a fearlessness and strength to workout. I have read Elixir can boost physical healing, and Regeneration can also support physical healing through healing trauma and negativity that is stored in the body, which is likely my case. I’ve read EmperorQ has healed ongoing physical issues quickly. I’ve also read Spartan can disappear the fear of re-injury, that fear itself leads to re-injury and ongoing pain IMO, and Spartan also directs the body to the ideal physical goals of the user, which in my case would resolve my issue.

So I’m definitely continuing with Emperor V4 and Legacy for now. Any thoughts or recommendations between the other options would be much appreciated!! Add regeneration and elixir/ just elixir/ Spartan and Elixir/Spartan-Regeneration-and Elixer etc lol? Switch to EmperorQ as soon as available? Open to suggestions and recommendations!!:slight_smile:

Hope this was coherent, wanted to get this out with allot going on, so please forgive and happy to clarify anything that isn’t cohesive.


I got some advice from messaging some experienced users, and per there suggestion I’ll be adding Spartan this week. I’ve been keeping a journal so far and will post results from week 1 and week 2.

Week 1
• First couple hours of Emperor felt instant shifting in solidity and masculinity, like a clean, clear sense and a strength. Markedly different than not on it. Up Right posture sense of awareness of chest and shoulders, more self-conscious like more aware and observing of myself.
• Moments of feeling indominable, and extreme strength, increase in confidence.
• Like a slowing down in social situations and an instinctual check of relating and maintaining dominance.
• More in control of my anger, and more able to stand up with a point and with strength.
• Notice more comfortable and assured in myself in general and socially
• Increase in sense of internal satisfaction and power
• Crazy drive to learn and follow threads, almost like on Adderall with certain things.
• Less shook by external factors, definitely could still feel anxiety and concern but it was small and contained and I had choice around it.
• Less tolerance for inefficiency and lack of decisiveness
• More comfortable and guilt free with whatever behaviors that were unproductive while at the same time stronger drive to not to those. Normally I’d feel guilt and get caught up in those dopamine activities to feel better, now I either do them and enjoy but most likely don’t do them
• Moments just didn’t give a shit about anything and pulled to just be alone and engage in distraction behaviors.
• Moments of reconciliation, At the same time unseated and insecure in the value I offer, like I am depending on others good graces and don’t like that
• Contemplating my work a lot from an intelligent place seeming silly to keep doing projects that aren’t producing results and from an intelligent place. Also happy to keep doing what’s needed to make money as long as someone wants it don. And now looking how to do it in a way that actually produces results, use that to create bigger things, higher rewards or move on to new behaviors and activities
• Strong, strong, sense of looking to resolve physical health, or ongoing issues, what does it take to get back to being powerful athlete, coming face to face with the challenge of that
• Strong energy, direction getting clear and clear, a little insular
• At time’s not a lot capacity between big picture and little picture and working out how to connect that.


Week 2
• Feel very internally powerful socially-like I can engage effortlessly or just be there. No desire to people please, make nice, but am actually enjoying interacting with people -never get stuck in my head
• Strong Aura seem to generate a lot of attention -don’t care if I have attention or not though.
• Effortlessly aware and tuned in with what’s happening with people but don’t give a shit. Normally I’m highly empathic and am affected by or want to resolve others pain-now I’m not callous to it but am indifferent to it other than for tactical purposes and relating.
• Woman I was seeing who we fell off from seeing each other keeps writing to hang out and I told we should take a break during quarantine and she keeps writing and pushing to meet up.
• Sense of acceptance and I am good enough to do anything now and still strong sense of wanting to be better, do better, live better etc
• More flowing in my life -less discipline -seems I am re-examining the value of my current disciplines. Getting done what’s needed-but there is a self-trust rather than a willing to do things that I don’t want to do.
• THIS ONES IS BIG FOR ME-feel equal to work superiors, and not concerned with what they think, I’m doing my best and that’s what matters, they seem to like me more and are inviting me to relate on a personal level.
• Refusal to be treated a certain way-extreme assertiveness in enforcing this
• Strong desire to stop trading time for money.
• Strong desire to make more money
• Paradox-I have a trust in opportunities coming my way and sense of just taking one step at a time while also desiring clarity and still have a confusion and resistance in what direction to go next for career-finances. Not worried about it at all though.
• Harder for me to be aggressive/ angry at people-much easier to be assertive.
• At time’s I’m letting an asshole part of myself out.
• Super intentional with my time and walk out of social situations to get shit done and be by myself. Like I can socialize for fun but strong drive and assertiveness in moving away to take care of what I want to do.
• Woman I live with seem extra feminine and engaging around me.
• I’ve talked to attractive grocery checkout girls and the convo flows effortlessly, they engage me and make it easy to keep talking even when other people are waiting. One time I wasn’t buying the minimum for credit card, and the check out girl was like I’ll make an exception for you, in a flirty way. Little stuff like that is happening a bunch
• There is some underlying edge this sub-part of it’s great but part of it has me feel a bit lost- I end up researching and learning a lot.
• In general feel like I like being by myself more and at time’s get really lonely, sad, feel disconnected. Feel like constipated crying and then come back to really enjoying being alone
• Ability to shift between relaxation and work behaviors
• Resistance and procrastination in certain work I do showing up
• Have moments of everything feels empty and messed up and I don’t want or care about anything or even if I did I couldn’t do anything about it, and then I snap back feeling better and clearer
• This sub is kind of addictive
I’ve also been running superchargers Elixir and Legacy to great effect will post about those this week


Welcome aboard. Emperor is a great first choice, at least it has been for me.
For your healing needs you might want to try Emperor Fitness. It’s a four stage program and the first one seems geared towards healing problems like yours. That should get you back onto the mats as soon as you can grapple without risking the plague. I’m looking to get back to Jui Jitsu myself as soon as I can.
Good luck.


Haha no plague rolling for me. Glad to be here and thanks for the direction. I wanted to try some single stage sets first. I’ll most likely add Emperor Fitness after a 4-6 weeks of my current Stack, as it seems the strongest/only real physical healing sub on Sub Club. I could keep running Emperor V4 or Emperor Q alongside it. Want to run a version of Emperor for at least 60-90 days. Best to you getting back to Jiu Jitsu yourself ! If your trying Emperor Fitness look forward to hearing about it.


Does anyone know how to request/receive EmperorQ?? I would like to switch next week after a month of Emperor V4 if possible.

Emperor V4 continues to create massive improvements and moments of reconciliation. I am driving hard like crazy to improve my financial situation, my work situation is getting better and better, woman I use to see no longer do it for me anymore. Its a little weird to share but I do my best to not watch porn but will occasionally do so however the couple times I went on porn during Emperor the following days were MISERABLE for me. I don’t know if there is a relation but it was like everything sucked, I had no energy, I couldn’t think clearly, I was reactive.


So I started EmperorQ and here are my initial thoughts. I’m gonna have to run the sub for a few weeks of obviously to really dive into the difference but even on the first day there are a couple incredible noticeably things. In this post I’m seeing if I can document the differences in Emperor Q from V4. It does feel like I’m losing something

EmperorQ is like an instant intelligence boost, in the sense of decisiveness and smart choices, clarity of the big and immediate picture, and not reacting emotionally or wasting time. I could even notice my thoughts, disconnecting from anything useless but my goals. It felt like a total clarity almost to the point I was unfamiliar with myself. Not in a bad way though. Like that line from Limitless, “I wasn’t wired or high, just clear, I knew what to do and how to do it”

Willpower and discipline much stronger, there. Normally I eat healthy but will have some snack candy, or ice cream before bed. Zero desire for that, in fact it felt great to only eat clean.

It felt like a lot of energy in my upper body, initially I felt weaker and more vulnerable and then this led to a really grounded calm confidence. Still less sense of power in my ‘Dian Tian’ / lower belly than on Emperor V4, and my walk felt surprisingly dainty. Definitely prefer the power B line of Emperor V4. Felt like a tank.

On EmperorQ my sense of self feels located in my upper energy. Shoulders up, strong energy running throughout my body but especially up top. Neck pain, back pain, vanished. Definitely hold less tension on EmperorQ, Sex Drive felt stronger, food tasted better, everything felt heightened. Not in an overwhelming way, just in a more acute, more enjoyable way, almost like mildly being on Ecstasy .

The sense of personal power, felt expanded, to the point where it didn’t feel personal. Ego went way down, I felt like doing everything slower, my being felt slower, anxiety dropped way down. Strong sense of drive, not just mentally but in my whole body. There was nothing to wait for, I could act on, and felt strongly motivated to act on, everything that matter to me now. Work felt easy and flowing, and even kind of enjoyable to do. On V4 I put in effort but work was still a grind.

Before Sub Club when I though about having important convo’s with clients and work superiors I would get mild performance anxiety, and then I would judge myself and beat myself up a bit for that. On Emperor V4 I felt strong and sufficient to engage, on EmperorQ it all felt irrelevant. Just another thing to do, no problem.

On this sub I experienced zero agitation or frustration, it’s like, there was too much intelligence and value to bother to react, to internal or external things that would take me away from an ideal state. I would just instantly dismiss it, find away around it, or move on to something better.

Emperor V4 feels tougher, like I’m more of a soldier/warrior. It’s stoic, and a little numbing, but not in a bad way. It feels like my power is in my solar plexus and lower body. Even though it’s more cerebral and erratic in thought. There feels to be more of a personal, power and pride. There’s an edge, and intensity. Fundamentally more agitated, and quick to anger, would get frustrated at things and be assertive to deal with it. I appreciate EmperorV4 a lot and am almost reluctant to switch, since I feel like I have so much to get out of this sub still. It feels like having armor on, and on Emperor Q I feel a bit exposed, more self conscious. Again thought I’ll have to run it for a bit to see. I’ll have confidence in knowing EmperorQ is a superior product.

I would summat by saying
Emperor V4 Feels like I have power and fortitude to take on the world, on Emperor Q I feel like the world moves with me.


Fantastic post and amazing analysis, be sure to let us know how Emperor Q feels after a few weeks. All the best to you on your journey.


Thank you Morpheus. After running 7 loops on EmperorQ while I slept, I woke up feeling pretty ‘normal’ and calm, the energy of confidence was not there, my sense of drive, solidity and confidence wasn’t there. I have an important meeting today, I didn’t want to be ‘off’ for so I ran 1 loop of EmperorV4 and felt the confidence and solidity come flooding back. So I’m assuming I’m having some resistance to EmperorQ or it takes more time to build, or maybe it’s just a different ‘flavor’ I’ll have to get used to. Whatever the case looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.


As I continued on EmperorQ my experience got worse and worse, and more and more uncomfortable. I felt like I was weak, vulnerable, insecure, reactive, like energy was leaking from my body etc. I wrote Saint sharing my experience and asking if this was just the ‘flavor’ of this sub or was resistance/reconciliation. I couldn’t tell if it was just a smooth soft Alpha that was very different from the comfortable dominance of Emperor V4 or what the deal was.

He wrote back very quickly, ( I’ve gotten nothing but responsiveness and amazing customer service here as well as great feedback from members when I DM them), stating it was reconciliation and to keep going. That + other feedback from Morpheus, gave me confidence to keep going and not question my choice to switch versions, and about a day later it was like 180 degree switch.

Something broke through and I’ve snapped out of the reconciliation. It’s become clear how vastly improved this version is to V4. Emperor Q has less a sense of ‘insular’ power still than V4 but my confidence has returned and then some, as has my enjoyment of life, and my discipline and flow. I had an incredible non-stop day of productivity today. On Emperor Q I also am starting to no longer settle for situations that are not my ideal. Without resisting what is or making it wrong I’m proactively looking for ways to move forward that will have tangible results in reality. I’ll share more details in the future.

Also been running SpartanQ the hour before I workout out, then 1-2 hours while I do mobility and workout. All my body weight exercises doubled after one listen. Push ups, pull ups, squats. I was very surprised by this. Today I did 70 band resisted full push-ups, when I usually struggle to get to 30. Also I use Captains of Crush grips, and after about 5 total loops on SpartanQ over the past few days, I tripled my current grip max in each hand. So usually the heaviest gripper I can barely close once, I closed three times fairly easily. Now I’m not running a scientific journal to eliminate other potential contributing factors but I would definitively say SpartanQ has significantly impacted my current strength and workout capacity in a very short time.
However I may drop Spartan to focus on EQ exclusively but man that sub is fun and fast acting for me.


Congratulations on staying the course Azriel and continuoing to listen to the great Emperor Q subliminal. The attitude of pushing through is one of the key factors in receiving top benefits from these subliminals. The other top factor is to stay on a particular subliminal for a long period of time. My plan is to run Emperor for over a year.

I have heard @SaintSovereign say many times, that consistency on sticking with the same subliminal for a period of time and taking action on your goals are the key factors, for success with subliminals.

I also agree that the advice and customer response are top notch here at Subliminal Club and the extra bonus is the best forum in subliminal history, right here. All the best to you on your journey and stay healthy and safe.


So yesterday I re-ran a loop of V4 and in my opinion the subtleties of what I was experiencing were accurate, whether it is in comparison to a fully realized Q or me in resistance/reconcillation to Q I do not know.

I live in a mansion with 7 other people, woman, alpha guys, chill guys, couples, single people etc, so even during quarantine I get a good sense of social, interpersonal and attraction effects of subliminal.

V4 is more contained, has stronger sense of self, better attraction, more comfortable with attention, less self consciousness, more introverted, less hesitant and more stand out/admired socially and feels more sexual. Tougher, and edgier, will engage rather than negotiate or smooth talk.

I follow what I feel like in the moment on V4 and can get work done if needed. Q I follow the path I lay out for myself in my mind. Q can more productive, more positive, smoother, more intelligent, more big picture, ultimately less reactive and more powerful but feels less personally powerful, as well as more attuned and sensitive to the environment. I like the feel, energy, and social/attraction effects of V4 more so far, and the behavioral engagement, discipline, productivity, meaningful engagement, flow. (Although these are hit and miss as of now)

It seems reconciliation is still very strong. On Emperor V4 I felt I had everything I needed in me to make anything happen, currently I’m experiencing a lot of insecurity on/about this sub. I feel like a slightly enhanced sophisticated ‘normal’ with more discipline. There are more moments that shine but that’s the overall tone. On Emperor V4 I really experienced literally the sales page description. I was blown away by how effective and powerful it was.

I’ve run Emperor Q 5-10 loops a day. I’m going to drop to 1-3 loops and see if that effects anything


Couple updates
I’ve added Godlike Masculinity and running 1 or 2 loops a day
I’ve cut Emperor Q back to 3 loops a day
experiencing much less reconciliation

On all Emperor Versions I’ve been moving towards increase in financial opportunities and purpose, now -this week on EmperorQ–An opportunity has manifested in my life to both earn $ and be of service. I’m working with one of the largest medical distributor in the U.S. and we are now looking to distribute PPE and other medical equipment of any needed quantity to whoever needs it.
This has is very tangential to the work I usually do but someone asked me out of the blue to work with them on this. And it’s fantastic, I can only source large quantities but I’m sourcing millions of items to places that need it and looking to continue to for whatever institutions need it.


Wow, great manifestation power in your life Azriel, congrats to you on your recent success. Seems like you have found, that sweet spot of creating your stack in the best way, that benefits you. Keep up the great work. All the best to you on your journey.


I’m curious to hear more about differences you and others have experienced between v4 and Q with Emperor. Is the lower attraction/dominance a common observation? I’ve definitely noticed the edginess at the start, and it seems like reconciliation and the emotional/mental load of that would definitely have its impact on attraction in social situations, since attraction often has a lot to do with the energy and emotional vibe being projected. I haven’t read enough journals of people who have run the Q version for longer to know if those differences disappear after reconciliation.


I’m new to this forum, however have used subs for over 12 months. I’m interested in Emperor, have you experienced any mind fog? For instance: slow motion thinking / reacting when at work? What about memory? Does your short term memory fade when on this sub?

I’m hoping / assuming limitless will counter act those symptoms, I figured I would ask.

I’m looking to achieve emperor levels while maintaining razor sharp mind / memory.


Thanks Morpheus :slight_smile:


I speak a decent amount about the difference in V4 and Q in my experience in the above posts. It’s hard to say fully since I’m still in and out of reconciliation on Q. In terms of attraction-here is what I can say so far.

There seemed to be a really sexual ‘pop’ around woman on V4. There was an aura and relaxed self-awareness.

Now that reconciliation has subsided somewhat on EmperorQ
there seems to be strong attraction as well. Definitely different though. A woman I used to see hit me up fairly out of the blue to hang out last week, and I ended up spending the night with her. So manifestation seems to be in the works. She was already into me so I don’t know to what extent the attraction was caused by Q.

On EmperorV4 I would bump into the same checkout girl at the local grocery store (4 times) and she was insanely into me. Like more so then I’ve ever seen a woman act who I was not already seeing. I have not seen or bumped into her on EmperorQ. It was like a meet scene in a romance movie.

So far I would say it like this (while still experiencing reconciliation and resistance at least):

Emperor V4 ‘feels’ more powerful internally and Emperor Q IS more powerful in results and behavior (when not in resistance/reconcillation)

With two exceptions -Emperor Q has moments of much more joy and flow and much less anxiety, I almost care to little about certain things now (although that could be reconciliation)

So far this is an initial summation of my experience of the differences

effortlessly generate attention, presence known, edgy, dominant
Attraction-hit or miss-if it hits very strong, you can feel it, sexually energy seems to connect. Woman pursue conversation once I engage.
Work-a grind-do my best, want to show my best-good soldier/warrior. Trust in pathways to open up for financial and career opportunities
Felt like a totally new person, invincible, aggressive at times
more trouble accessing my personal nuances and strength and sense of direction.
It didn’t matter though as I was just accomplishing one thing at a time

Little resistance/ reconciliation-at time’s when it happened, I would be aggressive, withdrawn, conflict oriented, or self isolating, at times lonely even when wanting to be alone. Very little self-judgement on EmperorV4 even during reconciliation

Emperor Q
smooth, can get attention when chooses, presence flows in and out, dominant as needed, self aware but more hesitation and discerning, at times hiding. Less need to be seen or engage.

Attraction-sense of indifference, take it or leave it, it’s already in the bag. Woman definitely check me out and have strong eye contact. Seems more well rounded in terms of when I am out and about the amount of woman who I seem to have a connection with when we look at each other. Less gravitas though, more ‘flowy’

Work-work’s easy and not enough- get done what needs to get done with ease or don’t bother doing more if it doesn’t have a direct reward or consequence. New financial and career opportunities opening up and looking to create my own new career and financial opportunities.

Feel more ‘normal’ my self, with my personal nuances and strengths being accentuated.
Clearer in direction but also clearer of the disparity between where I am now and where I want to be and present to an internal struggle, at time’s emotional frustrated, about that.

A lot of reconciliation and resistance-feel insecure, headaches, self conscious, self doubting, process doubting, stuck, strong self judging and questioning. Directionless, questioning everything in my life, more prone to checking out and watching shows/playing games.A lot of this is lessening as I continue to listen though.

Will continue to update as reconciliation lessens.


My thinking, capacity to do mental work, and understanding seemed to improve greatly on EmperorV4

I experience a similar and more profound effect on EmperorQ, however during time’s of reconciliation I can have similar symptoms to what your talking about, expect for short term memory fade, but never in a work situation. Needing to engage work always brings out the best in me mentality on both versions of this sub.


Amazing. Thanks for letting me know.

I’ll be starting my Emperor journey soon.