Le Journal de Palpatine™

I’ve got a few journals on here that I started for different stacks.

I’ve decided that since I’ve now ordered BILLionaire, and still run a few standalones as “guided,” I’ll keep everything in one journal.

We all know I’m not likely to stick with any ONE stack long-term…except BILLionaire. I ordered that in Terminus so I can get away with one listen per day, and still have time for Ultimas or Q subs.

I just bought Libertine yesterday. And already have results with that (married so I’m not going out looking for it, but wanted to see how it’d affect my married sex life lol)

EDIT: For ease of access, I’ll link my older journals here.

Emperor 3 for 30 days (which I of course didn’t make the full 30 before moving on to other subs like AscMogul): https://subliminalresults.com/t/journal-emperor-rebirth/2181

StarkQ: I really forgot how much I got from Stark. I’ll be incorporating it into more loops.
Maybe not daily…since it’s a major core. https://subliminalresults.com/t/stacked-realbillperry-emperor-q-starkq/3503


on Monday night (2 nights ago) I listened to EmperorQ followed by Primal Seduction in bed.

Well, yesterday (Tuesday) was gym day. The wife and I go, we do the Big Five from “Body By Science” (google Doug McGuff). We time each other’s workouts to see if we get close to the minimum of 82 seconds.

I’m doing my workouts yesterday and she’s timing me like usual.

Big difference, though, is any time I noticed someone else at the gym I wouldn’t mind being single for (lol), she’s acting more “possessive”.

Each time I noticed a good-looking woman, wife would somehow unconsciously stand in my line of sight of said person. Happened thrice in a row. Not like “I’m gonna get in his way of her”…I didn’t even mention that I was noticing anyone else. I swear she must have picked up on something nonverbally.

Would stand right int he perfect spot and telling me how much time I have left on the clock, etc.

After the 3rd time, I said “Are you standing there because you think I’m looking at someone else?”

She was all confused, “Huh?”…and overall she was far more touchy with me than is the norm out in public.

I’ll take that as a result :slight_smile:


So last night, for sleep, I decided I wanted to modify Saint’s idea of doing 6 loops of BLU.

I went with 5 loops of Libertine Ultima instead though. Since I’ve been patiently waiting to buy that one.

(BLU is likely my next Ultima).

Well, I woke up this morning because my cat gets hungry at the same time even if I’m still asleep. So I fed the cat, laid back in bed, and was just nonchalantly checking emails and stuff on the phone, and wife reached over suddenly and decided to touch Little Bill. I was on the 6th loop of Libertine at this point (about halfway through). total sleep time was 5-ish hours. LIbertine playing that whole time.

At first, in my head, I was thinking “Damn, woman. I’m listening to Libertine to see what it does.”

Then, of course, I thought "Oh THIS is what it’s doing :slight_smile: "

So plopped the phone/headphones on the floor, let her play some more…then she decided she wanted to feel good…and…the rest is TMI…but it was a fucking fantastic morning.


Hahaha, the name of your journal!

Good luck on your journal!


Here is the final module configuration for BILLionaire:

  1. Ascended Mogul Core
  2. Ecstasy of Gold ST1 Core
  3. Ecstasy of Gold ST4 Core
  4. Debt Annihilator
  5. Deus
  6. Informaticon
  7. Instant Business Tactician
  8. Financial Success Reality Shifter
  9. Limit Destroyer
  10. Omnidimensional
  11. Mosaic
  12. Rebirth
  13. RAIKOV
  14. Secret Source
  15. Sultan
  16. Trailblazer
  17. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  18. Marketweaver
  19. Merger of Worlds
  20. Wealth Limit Destroyer

Once that is delivered, I’ll make it the first loop of each sub day. Once a week, I’ll still use the Mind’s Eye Terminus Squared sub. I think that will definitely help to get BILLionaire pushing me forward faster.


Anyone who followed my original “Emperor/Rebirth” journal will remember I had a spreadsheet tracking completion of listening to 500 hours of Emperor. I only got 47% of the way done with that before I switched to other subs.

As I wait for my BILLionaire custom to be checked for integrity and built, I decided I’ll start over using the exact same spreadsheet, but instead of Emperor, I’ll do Khan ST1 (Total Breakdown).

Goal will be 100 hours of ST1/TB and then evaluate after that how I’m doing. This will be run in conjunction with my practice of one loop per day of BILLionaire, since that’s set to be a Terminus Build.

Headed to bed now, and plan to get 6-7 loops of masked Khan ST1/TB in while sleeping.

Here’s to building a kickass future for myself!

Sub: KhanQST1/TB
Start Date: 10/22/2020
Projected Competion WAITING
Day 0
Goal (Hours) 100
Completed (Hours) WAITING
Percent Done WAITIING
Hours listened today Hours

For my first night of the KhanQ ST1, I’ll be honoring the song choices from my first Emperor post lol

  1. Davy Jones Theme
  2. Nights in White Satin
  3. Hymn to the Sea, from Titanic
  4. 6 loops of KhanQ ST1/TB
  5. ???
  6. PROFIT!

Here’s to RealBillionairePerry!


It’s actually quite a good idea to play music over your masked track.

Are you running the masked sub from your laptop?

During the night I use my phone to play masked subs + whatever music I choose.

I use the app called “AudioShare” and it’s perfect as it has a separate volume control.

So it’s just like having 2 apps on a computer simultaneously

I just run masked on headphones. Wife doesn’t like the water sounds (“Makes me feel like I have to pee”). Plus don’t need her hearing KHAN TB :slight_smile:

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I just have a few songs that start before the subs kick in. Enough time for me to relax and sometimes I’ll even do the Betty Erickson 3…2…1 self-trance method so I’m “out” before the subs kick in.

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Man that’s awesome you can fall asleep so fast.

all the best to you on your journey!

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Sub: KhanQST1/TB
Start Date: 10/22/2020
Projected Competion 11/6/2020
Day 1
Goal (Hours) 100
Completed (Hours) 7
Percent Done 7.00%
Hours listened today 7

7 hours of 100 down. 5 of those were in bed this morning before waking up. 2 while working.
No dreams that as far as I remember. I didn’t feel any better or worse than usual today.

I know it doesn’t mean it isn’t working.

I did get the idea that maybe Khan isn’t the best thing to run when I’ll be starting BILLionaire which has BOTH Stages 1 and 4 of EoG…but…I figure that’s reconciliation.

7% down. I picked 100 hours as an arbitrary number since I assume we shouldn’t need 250-500 hours of a stage like we did Pre-Q.

I originally had 6 loops queued up but woke up partway into the 6th one…was annoyed at the masked sounds suddenly…so took that as a signal to stop that.

So I put on the “Sleep” MP3 I created back in 2008…that knocked my ass back out until it was time to get up for work.

So I’ll try 5 loops tonight and re-assess.


I did 5 loops of Khan ST1 in bed last night. I woke up a few times here and there, but no annoyance. So 5 loops seems to be an OK number while sleeping (for now). Will drop in stats later once I get my loops in for the whole day.


Sub: KhanQST1/TB
Start Date: 10/22/2020
Projected Competion 11/4/2020
Day 2
Goal (Hours) 100
Completed (Hours) 18
Percent Done 18.00%
Hours listened today 11

5 hours in bed (which is a good amount as posted above)…6 in the office while working.
the 6th one hit me hard in the office…so looks like 5 is good amount for office.

During 6th I really started getting pissed off internally at customers.
I mean dumb stuff like “It says to enter my password. What do I do?”
or “It says to enter my password. Do I use my old one or the one I just changed it to?”

It’s THESE kind of calls that always bug me…Among others, too.

But I’ll see if I can skip bedtime Khan and do all 10 hours in the office.

In the past couple hours since I finished today’s 11 hours of Khan ST1/TB and posted the above post…the ugh reconciliation feeling has completely vanished…I feel very optimistic about life…and actually feel a semi-productive mindset/energy taking over.

That is all :slight_smile:

EDIT: This is just a few minutes later.

holy shit fuck
my head is racing.
like it just feels suddenly overclocked now.

How can this happen with just ST1???


lol I’m sitting here just vegging out and I heard a random phrase in my head that just totally resonated suddenly…“Notoriously Wealthy”.

Sub: KhanQST1/TB
Start Date: 10/22/2020
Projected Competion 11/9/2020
Day 3
Goal (Hours) 100
Completed (Hours) 19
Percent Done 19.00%
Hours listened today 1

Just 1 loop today. Today was going to be a break day. But I was watching a couple different interviews with or by Jocko Willink, and felt like that’d be a good time to have Total Breakdown going whilst absorbing his wisdom.

I am hoping 100 hours of Khan ST1/TB is enough…being that it’s Q now, and not the older tech.

I’m also hoping 100 hours isn’t “too much” either.

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So I went to bed, intending to not do any major subs. Or maybe do a loop or 2 of Rebirth Q.

As I was building the stack to sleep to in me iPhone, an idea took hold.

I loaded up:

The Playlist

I had a dream I was back in the Navy. I haven’t journaled about this much, but I get “back in the Navy” dreams most times I listen to “healing” or “breakdown” subs.

In this dream, I was in the Navy again (not still. These dreams always involve me going BACK in), I was on a submarine again (Submarine communications for 11 years).

The dream:
I basically have the sole task of carrying around a bottle of Scotch that has to be delivered…but I have no idea WHO I am supposed to deliver it to. I keep having to give out shots of the Scotch to people in exchange for me getting it “delivered.” Think One Red Paperclip type scenario. Similar to that.

By the time the bottle is nearly empty, I say “Man. FUCK this. I haven’t even had any of this fine-ass Scotch.”

So I take a swig out of the bottle…there’s enough for another shot left after that.

I finally find myself at a big “Restaurant” type scene in this submarine. Far too big to work in reality of course. I spy my Commanding Officer and his wife in a sort of secluded spot…I take him the bottle and say “Captain, sir. I finally got it here.”

He takes it, looks at it disapprovingly, “I wish there were more here.”

And I say, “Sir, I promised to get it to you, and it took some doing, but here’s what I have for you.”

He suddenly seemed very pleased with my answer.

Next thing I know, I’m in a different, probably a completely different dream.

I’m seated next to the actress Sarah Wright (Olsen). I’ve always found her cute, and the dream is no exception.

Sarah Wright Olsen


I keep trying to escalate with her but being subtle about it.

Rubbing her arm, and all sorts of shit.

She giggles a bit and then says “You know I’m taken.”

I say “I know. And I respect that. I know you’re married to Dax Sheppard.” (She’s married to Eric Olsen in real life, of course.)

Anyway, at one point, I even try to engage her by making small talk about her “husband”.

Me: “Is Dax really as high-energy as he seems in interviews, or is that all an act?”

She never really answers, then it’s time for us all to get back on whatever bus brought us on this “field trip”(?)

I do remember at one point, she said “You’re basically friend-zoned” and I said “Only until I decide I’m done with that and then I claim you. After that, you’re mine.”