Le Journal de Palpatine™ (2022)

Starting a fresh journal here. Sending 2021 off. A lot changed over my last journal.

I want to start 2022 off mostly fresh…so fresh journal.
I spent a few hours just now reading over the entirety of my journal posts, and re-experienced the emotions of some of those posts.

My current stack is as outlined in the last few posts of that journal:

Emperor ZP, R.I.C.H.ZP, Mind’s Eye ZP, Regen ZP
Emperor each listening day, and 2 of the 3 others on any given day.

Also…I WILL beat level 416 sometime in 2022.

For clarity on what I mean by M1, M2 M3, these are designators for my goals with subs basically.

M1 - Meeting women (manifesting, meeting, etc)
M2 - Mating with women (SEX)(Yes, I am married. But I want it about 87000% more than she does, and it seems like a lot of political maneuvering at times.)
M3 - Moneymaking. I’m 46 as of this post. Tired of worrying about if I have enough money to get the kind of food I want, or whatever else.

One of my goals is to have my own flotation/deprivation tank in my house. For listening to sub, among other things I want to experiment with.

In short. Meeting, Mating, Moneymaking.



I’m looking forward to marveling over your dream recall :wink:


Same. In the meantime…


When I went to bed, I felt a bit down about re-reading my entire previous journal…right before bed.

In bed, I ran 3 loops of
WantedZP Ultra
3 mins silence
3 mins silence
LIbertine ZP

Woke up to Palpatiny being Palpahuge more than once.
No dreams I recall, strangely enough.

Woke up tired af (to be expected I suppose).
Feel fine now, ready to take on the day once a decent delivery comes up.
I’m working on Empire-related stuff in the meantime. No point in driving around waiting or parking somewhere. When I could be here advancing my Empire’s borders.

No real recon other than the fatigue when first waking up.


This is the real Palpatine’s superpower, listening to three titles in one day instead of two without almost any recon :slight_smile:


It’s more about accepting the possibility of it. And being ready.
Recon happens to everyone with EVERY sub. Recon is just the process of the subconscious RECONciling existing beliefs to what the sub is asking it to consider.

If I get a headache from it, fine, I’ll take an ibuprofen…drink more water. Whatever.

The real key is to just not be afraid of the process. And experimenting. 3 titles I can handle at a time right now, it seems.

The overall key, though (for me) is being disgusted enough with X that I want to never X again. As Richard Bandler has said, just gotta get to the point where you say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and do something about it.


So I’ve been slowly introducing the wife to subs. Got her listening to Paragon Ultima (Now ZP) semi-regularly, which for her is about once a week or if she has discomfort (headaches, migraines, cramps, etc).

I put all the ZP stuff in a playlist just for her today. Told her to pick 2 she’d like to listen to over the others and I’ll get her on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday pattern.

Paragon ZP
Chosen ZP
Diamond ZP (Without ME lol)
Libertine ZP
Limitless ZP
Mind’s Eye ZP
Mogul ZP
Rebirth ZP
Regen ZP
Spartan ZP

Left out Emperor, Wanted, PS.

She said she’d look later today.
We’re both tired (we went grocery shopping yesterday and that drains us both)
So she just said “Give me something that will wake me up and make me want to do something useful”

Closest I could think of is Limitless Executive Ultima
Told her it’s an hour long.

I was sitting at the kitchen table when she started it…the table acts as my desk at the moment.
After about 10-15mins, I started my own stack for today of:

Emperor ZP
Mind’s Eye ZP
Regen ZP

I figured hers would be over about the time mine was. Mine ran out, and hers was still going. Figured I timed it wrong.

She got up suddenly at one point while still listening and headed to the kitchen to load the dishwasher. She said “I didn’t feel like doing it but I knew it needed done.”

I told her to count that as a win. I looked at her phone and realized she had the Music app set on repeat so she got 1 full loop and 12-13 mins of a 2nd one. I stopped it though. Telling her that’s enough for now. I haven’t really told her how LEU (ultimas in general) tend to hit a few hours after listening. I wanna see how she reacts if/when it hits more.


Something clicked tonight. I decided to watch a video on YouTube from Miles Beckler. A 2-hour “Affiliate crash course” type thing. I put it on at 2x and ran the ultrasonic of BV3. Since that has all 4 stages of EoG.

I originally was going to run Emperor Q…but then remembered I’ve been running that in ZP. Didn’t want to take any chances.

it was interesting. I felt engaged with the content. Felt the ideas bouncing around in my head.

I may do this more often.

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Quoting this here so I can have quicker access to the Dragon Emperor modules list. I’m trying to work out how to make a single custom to handle M1, M2 and M3 all in one custom.
If I can nail that, I’ll do that as it would simplify the MMM listening experience quite a bit.

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DE wouldn’t do that. It kept me pretty internally focused throughout the year. The money aspects of Emperor just kinda kept things maintaining while I spent the time on deep fixing my shit. I didn’t have any time for meeting or mating just because I had to work so much.

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My current MMM single-sub idea is

M1 Core: Wanted or PS (undecided) (M1 is about meeting women and/or seducing the wife more)
M2 Core: Diamond Ultima Core OR SS Q core (M2 is about better sex)
M3 Core: EmperorQ OR EoGQ (M3 is money. Unfettered wealth)
Mosaic (To tie this sub in with other subs/build styles like ZP)
M1 Support:
Instant Seducing Tactician
Gorgeous Manifestor
Sex Manifestation
(Will fill in this slot later on)
M2 Support:
(Will fill in this slot later on)
(Will fill in this slot later on)
(Will fill in this slot later on)
(Will fill in this slot later on)
M3 Support:
Debt Annihilator
Unrelenting Wealth Energy (actually spacing on the name right now)
(Will fill in this slot later on)
Overall sub support:
Furious Ascent
Limit Destroyer
(Will fill in this slot later on)
(Will fill in this slot later on)

Total of 20 modules…basically 4 for each of the Ms,and 4 to tie it all together.

I’ll edit this post as better idea come to me.


In bed…I ran some music followed by DR1 and DR2 ultrasonic. No dreams that I recall. Kinda nice for a change.
I am a bit tired today, understandable.
Woke up to the wife wanting sex though. So that was unexpected from running those.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, that could be the bloom from overloading on WantedZP, LibertineZP, PSZP the night before.

It’s amazing how much smoother ZP seems to be and how quick it actually hits.

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Word of advice with DR. If you’re going to do it do it. I mean run it for a long period of and one stage at a time. Running it piecemeal and with a huge amount of other stuff will just get things stirred up but not really taken care of. DR requires commitment if you want to get any good out of it.
That’s been my experience anyway.

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Really just exploring just a bit to see if I want to dive deeper on DR QV2 or wait for ZP.

I went through more of the training on the affiliate marketing guy I’m following. Ran BILLionaire V3 in ultrasonic as I watched.

At some point, I suddenly felt the urge to start unfollowing certain forum threads as they came up showing notifications for new posts. Threads I don’t need to follow any longer.

Also got the urge to shut off things like Facebook. At first I was confused by how BV3 would do that, but I suspect with it having all 4 stages of EoG as the cores, and with hot SubClub interviewed and modeled millionaires, it makes sense that EoG would get me to take a hard look at how I use my time.

Emperor ZP would contribute to that as well I suspect.

Gotcha. I think that DRZP is going to be worth the wait.


And today I’ve started deleting apps from my phone which are time-suckers. Facebook, IG, TikTok, and basically all but 2 games. Bricks n Balls. Since I need to destroy level 416. And one called Cross Logic. Logic puzzles in that one.

But Cross Logic may suffer an early demise on my phone. The ads Setup glitches half the time so I have to restart the app.

Biggest reason i think I’m going this is I got the urge to try making it where I can start and run funnels from my cell phone as much as possible

Weird. Considering I prefer real computers and keyboards.


Interesting… never thought of offering Libertine to my Girlfriend, I always assumed I had to have an effect on her. Now its time to turns things around a bit.


So, when I stopped running Wanted and decided to focus more on money/wealth, Sandy basically stopped talking to me. Life got in the way for the both of us. I have only been to the restaurant maybe once or twice in the past month or month and a half.

Of course, that’s largely because Zelda isn’t there anymore.

Ever since I started running Wanted piecemeal a few weeks ago (whenever that was)…Sandy has started messaging me again. Not “sending you nudes” but just talking. It’s weird how these subs have an effect like that “for no reason.”

For now, my M1 sub (non-custom) will be Wanted or PS. Once Heartsong ZP makes its debut, that will be my M1 sub.


Just finished up tonight’s lesson from the affiliate marketing guy I’m learning from. Ran BV3 Ultrasonic while watching the video, of course. The video as an hour and 15 mins long, so I played the video at 1.25x speed, so it was done right near the time BV3 was done.

Definitely felt a bit tired near the end of the video. Not sure if recon fatigue or just the fact that it’s nearly midnight.

Felt tired yet also excited by the possibility. The biggest change I’m sensing is, where before I’d think “I’m not sure I could pull off what he’s talking about,” I’m more thinking of how it almost seems obvious I’m going to be able to do what he’s talking about.

This is probably RebirthZP from before…and/or the Rebirth module in BV3. The OG Rebirth Q module…not Rebirth Ultima core, though to be honest I’m not sure if they actually differ enough to be called different.

For example, if I were to build 2 custom subs…identical in every way, except one uses that OG Rebirth module from before it disappeared, and the other was Rebirth Ultima Core…would they end up being the same?

Anyway, I’m definitely seeing myself more and more as being the guy who could put in the work and build an empire.

I think I’ll be dropping Mind’s Eye ZP and using RebirthZP in its place. I keep going back to what Saint said recently about how Regen would be able to work on clearing out the stuff Rebirth pulls up.

Also ditching R.I.C.H.ZP from the 3-days-a-week thing I’m doing. Because R.I.C.H. Ultima Core is already part of BV3. So that COULD contribute to any possible recon fatigue.

So it’s the same 3 subs each day now.

Rebirth should get to work doing what it does after Emperor gets in there.
Regen will work its clearing Mojo. The result should be that I gradually become The Emperor.

I’ll still use BV3 in the evenings…or possibly only on the non-ZP days. My plan is to take weekends off…2 rest days per week…mainly to keep listening each where ZP is Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

I’m feeling so much better and feeling like I could indeed stick to a stack like this for a bit.