Subliminal Ride - Beyond the Sky

@SaintSovereign Very happy to hear that you care about the 10% who are not satisfied with results.

Humans are a diverse lot and everyone has a different starting point and challenges in his life so it’s difficult to create “one size fits all” type of solutions.


Any possibke reasons some are not getting extremely good results?

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Great to see that @SaintSovereign cares about the remaining users. I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen much come out of it so far. Would like to know if there is legitimately something wrong with me :joy:. Despite lifting, meditating, wim hof breathing, cold showers and QiGong too…

@pacman, Hermit posed a good-sounding theory that could cover some people’s cases. But @GoldenTiger raises a good point about auric development. I’d bet that most people on the forum have not consciously developed an aura (or be aware of its existence). Something is off here…


After reading about the possible explanations by the various posters I would like to ask some questions.

Do the aura functions including the Aura stacking module work only for those high-vibrating, high energy people with strong auras?

Are the aura functions in SC subliminals a waste of time for the users who have a weak , low-energy, low-vibrating aura ?

I think my questions above are similar to questions about whether wealth subliminals work much better for those already with lots of money, whether seduction subs work much better for those already good with women, and whether intelligence-enhancing subs work much better for those who are already intelligent.

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I would think that it would work for anyone without a major problem blocking it. But if they had a low energy aura, it would take longer for them to really see obvious results because it would have to build up to that high energy state before it really started to shine.
So, no, it’s not a waste at all, it’ll just take longer.

I just want to mention that I learned how to be good with woman with subs, I was never good to begin with.

Good looking yeah, but bad at understanding girls :joy:


I think my terminus custom build is so potent it has dug up some dark issues from my past from my days as a child. Perhaps it has gone so deep that i am now suffering reconciliation. This might be blocking the actions of the auras and libertine.


I’m pretty sure too much reconciliation is bad for your aura, it’s focusing all your mental energy in some kind of internal fight!

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I’m inclined to agree with this. I recall that auras tend to be influenced by what’s going on inside us. I remember asking back when I started running Khan ST1 about running True Social or Libertine, (all of this is before Q existed) and someone mentioned that it may not be a good idea to run Libertine with Khan ST1 due to the “funky vibes” that Khan ST1 (being a breakdown sub) gave off. Perhaps that still applies to the Q and Ultima versions? At the same time, I think that’s an incomplete explanation as practically everyone’s subliminals (custom or otherwise) has some healing component to it.

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Seems like Medici will help me to network :wink:

Just like a dream!

I’ll try to add two loops to start working my “networking and influence” brain!

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I’m really wondering how people are aspiring to run and get results with a lot of social subs during this time…

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Hahaha, I will start Uni soom :wink: I’ll network with my mask on since I’m incredible :heart_eyes:

(I think blue skies really has made a difference on how I see myself!!)

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I know, its all in the eyes and vibe :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

for anyone thinking masks are killing attraction subs or other sub affects… tsk tsk

They aint.

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Exactly, I’d say that mask are pretty uncomfortable, but yeah, it can absolutely be done :wink:

I’ve been feeling really tired for the past three days, been running the following stack :

House of medici x2
Custom x3

For the past week, I’m experiencing reconciliation I know it because I am tired af (first of all) and I am feeling a lot less social, like I regressed to when I was comparing myself to other people…
Haven’t been comparing myself and felt like this in weeks!

I’ve been feeling reconciliation with House Of Medici from the first loop, I felt stressed out when listening to it. Didn’t really noticed it because I am so used to listen to my costom, but as soon as I added House of Medici, I felt so much more stressed in the afternoon…

Maybe I’ll go to

House of medici x1
Custom x3

But I also feel like building a new custom Stark+Medici+SS built around feeling good and loving! I have so much seduction stuff in mine which is pretty cool, but men, I should do a review of blue skies, it really help me with reconciliation and comparing myself!


Take 2+ days off subs. Let your brain assimilate the scripts.


I have my usual saturday and sunday break this weekend… hopefully things will change, but House of Medici is STRONG, I was speaking in my family, like 10 people outside around the table and everybody was in silence listening to me explaining my homework hahaha

But yeah, wanting to change stack is a huge sign of reconciliation, I’ll be taking a couple of days off I’ll see how I feel on monday


So, I’ve been lurking around the past day, and it seems that a lot of people are having lots of success with differents modules. I am currently checking out to switch a little bit my stack to really change the focus. Do not get me wrong, I loved my current Stark+SS custom, it is insane, because of my first two customs, I decided to make a drastic change in carrer path! I will also be honest here, Libertine is working so well, I’ll probably just use libertine to boost the SS aspect of my new custom when do go out!

So, the main goal of my new sub will be a little bit different, the last one had a lot of romantic stuff in it! Now I am trying to add a little bit more of a personnal power side to my custom, and of course, add house of medici, which I know I will need in the next year to really build those connections.

These are my three cores :

Stark - I like the charisma, wits and “smartness” it gives me!
House of Medici - I want to have a network, developp the ability to make deals
SS - Of course, I love the way SS makes me a great speaker/salesman, I also cover the seduction part of my sub!

Now in terms of personnal power, I’ve decided to go with those two :

And of course, I decided to add to boost subliminal’s effectiveness :

I’ve added Spotlight, will be useful for 1. online dating 2. Building a brand if I ever go into business!
Also switched Gorgeous Manifestor to Sexual Manifestor, don’t think I really want to jump into a relationship RN, I have so much to figure out… Sexual manifestation is less commitment!

Here is my full list of modules:

House of Medici

Lion IV
Sexual manifestation
Merger of Worlds
Blue Skies
Ego Adsum
Carpe Diem Ascended
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Joie de Vivre
Iron Frame
Sensuality and Handsomeness Improver


How does Sex & Seduction aid your sales skills?

Can’t say, but all seduction subs seems to have this effect!

My sales skills were off the chart when using my custom!

Seduction is a lot like sales, but the product is yourself :wink: the way you talk, the way you move, your eye contact, you bring the other person into their emotion!