Subliminal Ride - Beyond the Sky


I’ll start back where I was with StarkQ + KhanQ.

After a couple of weeks the reconciliation started to fade away, and I started speaking more naturally to people… for fun, talking to the cashier, and staff who were working at stores I visited… just for fun and naturally! I really like it! I am meeting with “the guy” for real estate investment next week :wink:

I got a couple of cute girls I am talking to, supposed to see one of them this week (the crazy one), and I almost saw one of them last weekend, but something happened and I had to cancel. Back on tinder for fun, not really expecting anything… my libido is pretty low RN because of my diet so…

Just bought my subliminal (in fact, yesterday), it includes the following modules (I will describe why these choices):

  • KhanSt4 Core (Khan for sales and getting girls is PERFECT)
  • Stark Core (StarkQ for being social and fun)
  • Emperor Core (for the discipline and toughness)
  • Ares : I really want no fear holding me back
  • Blue Skies : I want to love myself more and lower me seeking validation
  • New Beginning : Amplifies the effect of accepting the change I have made and I am currently making.
  • Carpe Diem Ascended : Ambition, discipline and motivation for life :wink:
  • Unrelenting wealth motivation and energy : I don’t want to be sluggish, I want be energetic.
  • Natural Winner : Win mindset (goes hand in hand with energy/motivation/carpe diem)
  • Lion IV : I don’t know why I’ve never seen this module, but heck yeah, more alpha? In control of the situation? Yup, that’s me!
  • Charisma & Flirting improver : I still want to be able to learn by trial and error how girls works, and get better charisma also is important for me up to a certain point.
  • Panther : Just make the move and approach, escalate, it’s not magic, but if it can help, why not!
  • Sexiness Unbound : I just want to be more playful sexually and accept more my “sexy” side.
  • Earthshaker : When I go to the club, I want people to look at me, makes it easier to talk to girls when you make eye contact.
  • Sensuality and handsomeness : I want to see myself more sensual and handsome (or continue in that direction)
  • Temptation : Everything foreplay and fun, I have the sub SM which I can run before a date, but I want to developp my general vibe in that way.
  • Instant spark : When I talk to a girl, I want to be able to escalate further!
  • Gorgeous Manifestor : Yeah, I can have module to attract looks, module to spark attraction and escalate, but I need to see cute girls :wink:
  • Epigenetics : I feel like this would accelerate how I transform as a person and how my DNA has to adapt to become who I want to become.

So! My three cores are also focused on wealth, I have modules focused on energy, motivation (which is something I lack in these times), I also have a couple of modules focused on woman might be looking for a gf, my next sub will probably replace these by “status and wealth”.

Really curious how the name embedding will affect someone and see how all these modules will interact. For now I am waiting for my subliminal, I’ll post the first day I get it :wink:

Wish everyone the best,


First Quinta-journal! Yay.

I love that you motivated all your module choices, that can really help people. Plus, it should make things clearer for you.

Looking forward to reading your journal. Have fun!


My custom sub has just been delivered last night. They even added a note specifying they added the French inflection using phonetic spelling as I requested! What a great service!

My name can be pronounced in English, but my brain is more used to French so should worl better when pronounced in my main language!

I’ll run it today at work, two loops and report back. I am not going out or anything and be in my office all day so it’s hard to tell haha


@WhiteTiger This is one of the most balanced stack you have chose above, loved your explanations for it. Looking forward to read your journal.


Thank you, I hope I’ll be able to provide good feedback for all of you guys :slight_smile:

Started to listen few minutes ago and I feel alright. Excited to see how it goes!


Good luck I can’t wait to ready your feedback


By the way, the idea behind the seductions modules I chose were the following :

Step 1. Gorgeous Manifestor --> Have beautiful woman (or see them), into my life, around me, crossing path with them.

Step 2. -Attacting looks : Sensuality and handsomeness (increase my beauty and how people see me), Earthshaker (improve my presence sexually). With those two I want to attract attention and make woman notice me more (usually until we have a eye contact).

Step 3. - Meeting them : Panther (to approach and seduce a woman I find attractive), instant spark (to make sure she remembers me) and Rogue (to make sure I don’t care about what people think)

Step 4. - Talking to the girl (phone or real life) : Panther (escalation) and Charisma & Flirting improver (to eventually go on a date with the girl), and Temptation (becoming more attractive and creating mysetery around me).

Step 5. - Date, or one on one time with her : Panther (escalation), Sexiness unbound (really allow me to express that part of myself), Temptation (obviously), Charisma & Flirting (also pretty obvious)… well basically the whole stack to fully express my personnality :wink:

I do not expect anything by the way this is just how I engineered my stack to meet woman. If someone want to do a similar though process to build their custom subs it can absolutely be done hahahaha


The sub feel smooth, comforting, not like stark when I first run it where you feel heavy. I must say, after the first hour, I was sad… working and sad, ready to meet some clients, but sad! For no reason! I think I must be hitting some reconcilliation already after one hour.

Can’t wait to go to bed, I feel like I have less hope…


Sounds like blue skies. It is digging deep. Thank you for journaling. :wink:


You have no idea, have you started it?


This is definitely reconciliation. Welcome to the power of a name embed. I’ve been eager to share this with everyone for awhile.


My second sub which I will order next week will be an ultimate healing one. It will have blue skies. I’m curious how my experience with blue skies will be as I look at love as unconditional and without limit. It should be interesting.


Usually it takes a couple of days before hitting. Now it’s like “ok now I’m sad” half an hour into the custom sub.

Reconciliation that fast is good sign!


Today, well I had a bit of “on and off” sadness. And also doubt, loneliness, all of my negative emotions are triggered, but it is a little bit confused in the back end of my mind.

BUT, My female coworker did touch me a lot when the day was over. I keep smiling when I see people, I am a lot more social. Still pretty early to tell what is what.


About to go to bed,

The girl I am speaking to is wierd, I think she is playing games with guys to feed off attention, I’ll try to see her when other guys are around to see how she act, and based on that I’ll see if I cut her off or if I continue talking to her, but I have serious doubt. One of my friend I know was talking to her during the confinement (I know he sometimes hit on some of the girls I had sex with hahaha, he has a little bit of difficulties getting laid sometime). Soooo, she told my that my friend invited her to his place and she invited me there… which is a little bit wierd for me, usually she would just decline, I don’t know why she would go there… and she is inviting me… I honestly don’t know if it’s because she wants him to know she is with me, she invited me because she wanted my friend to know we were “seeing each other” or she want to create confusion and play games… she smells like red flags. Anyway, if she lose me she is losing her potential biggest emotionnal anchor ever. I’ll just ignore her after that. Maybe I’m not used enough to dating to see these kind of things. I am not looking for girls to play with my emotions, either we fuck straigth up, not a lot of talking orrr we become closer emotionally. I think this situation is feeling sad for me because I had a little started to like that girl :frowning:

Also, I just cleaned up my room! it’s been over 6 months I had to do it, I took two hours and reorganized some stuff, threw away some stuff lying around and that’s that! I’m proud of myself! Like I said, it’s still pretty early, but things looks pretty good.


So, I might want to increase my calories intake or something. My libido is super low, haven’t had a morning erection in two weeks. Haven’t masturbated or anything…!

I will also cut back on the number of loop I am doing. I’ll play one this morning, take a break tomorrow and start again 1 loop per day starting from monday.


Yesterday I went to see the girl, honestly I don’t know what is happening since last summer, seems like I can’t do a move… What the hell!

Tonight I will see her and my friend, but I need to see how she is acting with him, it’s important for my brain to either decide if I can still talk to her or not.

I don’t even know why I keep thinking about this, I haven’t been thinking like this for at least two years, imagining scenarios, playing games in my head. I feel like this might be straight up strong reconciliation regarding my relationships with woman. Not trusting them, always scared of being left off for another guy! Fuck please go away reconciliation, I want to stop these thoughts!


Should of called my journal “No pain No gain” because I feel shit ton of reconciliation. First of all, I wake up at 5am every morning because, I have no idea why! Which means I sleep maybe 6 hours every night (4h last night). Second of all, my thought are all over the place, I can’t focus, I feel myself LOSING the emotionnal maturity I had build in the past 5 years. I’m freaking a little bit right now because I can’t sell like that. I can’t meet girls like that. I don’t want to spend time with my friends…

Regarding the girl I saw yesterday, I think she friendzoned me. Sure my emotionnal state of the weekend didn’t helped, but you know… haven’t happened to me in years!
I still think I had to go through the experience, and I think subliminal manifested her on my life to teach me an important lesson. Maybe I could of had sex with her, I didn’t pushed strong enough the first night. She had stuff to fix with the boy she was seeing before me… And now two days ago when I saw her one on one something felt off for me, I didn’t feel like she was desiring me. Yesterday went to my friend’s place and she treated both of us like friends and my guy friend was clearly hitting on her. I see she’s made her choice. I am sad, like I said even if I saw it coming…

I am grateful that subliminal were able to teach me an important lesson that cost me only 3 “dates”. These types of lesson are usually thought wayyy more brutally!


Today I listened to a loop in the morning, I took a break sunday. I’ll probably listen to two loops per day, I am currently listening to my evening loop.

I met the investor for real estate (70 something years old, pretty rich and super cool guy!), we talked about coaching and guidance, he is also financing at 12% if we can’t finance our own purchase. For now the plan is, me and my brother are going to find somewhere we would like to buy, inspect everything and prepare a plan to why we would like to buy. Then we will call him and meet him to present our plan, he will tell us if we should buy or not and guide us, while letting us experimenting! Talk about crazy opportunity.

Also, I went to the grocery, spotted a couple of cute girls (manifestation working quickly). Ok, usually I have tons of excuses to why I can’t go talk to them so I just move on and don’t do shit. Now I was thinking “how can I get close to them?”, “how can I start a conversation?”… so I just moved near them to grab something in my grocery bag. Unfortunatly I had no clue what to do and they just moved after a second. Just before leaving the store I saw another cute girl and just asked her a stupid question to test if she would be receptive to talk to me, didn’t seem like it, she seemed busy when she anwsered and almost didn’t look at me. Panther seems to slowly pushing me to act differently than usual.

Well, I’m still proud, usually I have a really direct approach like “you are really cute, I’d like to go on a date with you”, which can be uncomfortable for some girls, and when I went to montral to daygame I was asking questions about the region since I don’t really know it, and then moved on to another question to really talk. But at the grocerie hahaha I don’t have any experience and haven’t done approach in a long time!

Also, I am seeing a new girl tomorrow, she will come to my place :wink:


I can see this causing a lot of reconciliation lol even without anything else added. Just those main 3 cores is enough to change someone, i can only imagine what direction it will pull you towards plus all the modules.

Did you do this as Q or terminus?