Exploring Love, Sex and Attraction?! - The Libertine Ultima experiance



I am an og member here, i have been away understanding life, emotions and purpose with Emperor… been at it for 2 years now with few subs in between. Me and my dad own a buissness and i work as a teacher part time.

I got Libertine Ultima two days ago… and used it with Sex mastery on repeat when i go to bed. It wasn’t until earlier today that i read that i may need to start with few loops.

Day 1: I woke up heavy eyed and i had a weird vivid dream about going to a motel in a different town. I keep ending up in that motel without a reason and i even woke up there without knowing how i ended up there.
Nothing else

Later i went to my gf’s place to celebrate her birthday, nothing unusual from her. Went to bed, played LU and SM on repeat.

Day 2 ( today ): I woke up heavy eyed again, i kept sleeping and waking up all night. I have definitly should have listned to fewer loops. Later today, i had a conference with my boss to teach new teachers at our organisation on how we operate and how it works etc…

80% of the audience were women. Most were not my type and few were good looking. I felt eyes on me from both the attractive and the unattractive in a random manner. 2 in particular were unable to stop staring at me, during my part of the conference and when i was sitting.

At the break, one of the participants took me to a nearby cafeteria and introduced me to 3 pretty chinece girls who were intrested in taking my class. They were overly formal yet over reactive… i felt like an extremly important figure…

I go back with the girl who took me to meet her friends. She was cute but not my type. I sat down unable to focus on whats being said having eyes on me all the time. Yet i had a new type of confidence and charisma. I normally need some warm up before public speaking but today it felt as easy as drinking water.

Something very weird happened today… while my boss was speaking i was drifting in my thoughts. Focusing on my breath and visualising some sort of energy emitting from me… seconds later my boss stops talking… she turns around smiling and says ” why are you laughing at me ”. I shrug my shoulders dissmissivly and she keeps going. It was almost like she could feel me somewho between 40 other people and felt like she had to say something.

I dont know what to make of this. It wasnt sexual or anything… i just stood out somehow.

I also did something unusual. I just asked the girl who introduced my to her friends if they party every week where she lives ( in campus ) she said yes and i asked her to invite me sometime…

As for her she didnt seem intrested or maybe i didnt pick up on it but once we finished we thanked everyone for coming. Said goodbye and she left. When i got out of the room she was waiting for me and approached me, then hugged me for an awkward 4 seconds and left.

Libertine Ultima is very intresting. I have never seen such obvious yet intresting reaults from any sub i have used in the past. Well see how it stacks with Primal Seduction

Does anyone actually get results?

Would really love to hear your experience from it if you’re gonna use PS with LU.


Interesting… i tested it and it was wild. I was getting pretty tired just with one loop of mask track a day. Since ultima is unisex prepare to get your eyes on you from both genders :rofl::rofl::rofl:


@d1gz thanks man. @Elme I only noticed respect from men so far. Hopefully it wont come down to that :smile:

This post will no doubt prove how amazing this sub is… I havent used Libertine Ultima since last time. Had problem with my mp3, so it took me a while to learn how to move music to iphone ( it sucks ).

Today, 4 hours ago i listned to one loop of LU. What happened next blew my mind. I took a barly crowded train to my lecture in another city. Minutes later comes this hot, tall brunette with amazing personality and humor and asks if the seat infront of me is taken.

Without a thought i started bantering with her, joking and having fun. After it got quiet she started asking questions about my name, where im going and what i do. We talked for a solid 20 min and i asked her on a date and got her instagram.

She was wearing short shorts and a tight top befitting the hot weather. I looked like shit, hair was a mess and my style wasnt drip :frowning: yet she was so into me. She kept complementing my swedish and my humor. She said she worked as something i forgot. Basically helps people achieve goals in physical therapy.

I ask her: ” since your job is to help realise goals, do you think you can help me realise mine which is getting a date with you? ”

She said: ” I just knew you would ask me out ” and started mumbling and laughing. My eye contact was effortless and intense and she said yes. I then tell her to to add her insta from my phone.

After i arrived to my destination she said ” it was really fun seeing you today ”.

All this went down so smoothly i couldn’t believe it. I even had this ” man life is amazing ” moment.
She texts me first saying ” no seriously you have no idea how happy i am meeting you today ”. I text her back and she sends a pic of my empty seat on the train saying ” Empty… no one with no one to hear my conversation ”.

So yeah. Just one loop. Yeah

Edit: She asked me out tomorrow. Its not the date thats important its the fact she is initiating everything…


Awesome news man. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures with this.


Today i met the girl from the last post. We went out on a date from 14:15 to 17:00. We clicked so well, she was very intrested in me almost Intervewing me. She gave so many compliment and kept waying how suprises she is on how amazing everything is. We sat alone near the lake, i kissed her and something was ignited in her, she was ana amazing kisser, it went physical very fast.

I asked her to come to my place, but despite how turned on she was, she didnt want to have sex the first time and she had to be back home at 18:00. We went to a resturant and then she went off.

It scared me how well this went, she was even justifying why she cant on our first date and other things almost as if she didnt want to disapoint me.

I love this new Libertine Ultima. What else is there to say?


And just so ya’ll know, @Fire is looking into making the aura even stronger. :wink:


Great, now all I need to do is meet up with someone 1:1 again :smiley:


You can get bigger than “infinite” lust?


Anyone notice the number synchronicity here on the far right?


Life is one funny mutherfucka, you gotta love em ” Kendrick Lamar”

Life… Today the most unexpected happened and im damn sure it has to do with Libertine Ultima. This may be hard to relate but i gotta post this

I saw her again today. We broke up august 2018… she was the love of my life… she gave my world colors for the first time and thought me what love is. We loved and left each other… she didnt want to get too attached and get hurt… she was from a strict religion…we broke up, i kept loving her, i kept texting and wishing we will be back for 6 months after… i kept humiliating my self… i kept loving her for 6 months after. I made a vow to stop contacting her… ever since then we only spoke on birthdays saying happy birthday… i had moved on but she still had my heart. We never saw or met each other.

Untill 1 week ago. I felt like im truly ready to close this chapter. I blocked her on everything…

I started running Libertine Ultima a few says ago. Today i saw her walking down the lake and went past her. We used to walk there toghether… and its there we broke up. She wearing a slightly revealing purple sundress…her hair was much longer and she looked as beautiful as the day i saw her…

Within 10 meters i realised it was her… i dreamed of this moment, what it will feel like seeing her again. I looked at her with a relaxed expression feeling numb yet warm in my heart. Eventully my relaxed expression turned into a faint smile and a slow blink… she is behind me now

My grey, black and white world which gained color through her presense… had lost its colors until i learned to love myself. It had gained some of those colors but never as bright as before. Yet i was happy

Seeing her today, for mere seconds reminded how colorful and alive this world is, only to go back to what i have created…

I am happy. I have moved on. She will always have a place in my heart… and for the rest of her life, she will regret not having the courage to choose me.

But i am happy. For i am the master of my fate, i painter of my world. Even a world grey world, devoid of colors, is still beautiful in its way.


I really felt like let that out in the best way i could describe it. Now with my emotions out of the way, as a man driven by curiocity. I wonder if this is a mere coincidence, is the life rewarding me for letting go… or is the the work of Libertine Ultima?


Amazing result
We have similarities between your experience and my own.
I’m dealing with a girl who can be said to be my first love. 3 years together, and she chose to end our relationship.
This is why I listen to subs, improve myself, and get over the pain.
I hope I can forget her like you did and moved on.
Looking forward to hearing more of your journey :+1:


I hope you will move on @moon.venture but i dont hope that you will end up like me. I cant love anyone the same way again. I have an amazing girlfriend now who would kill for me. Yet here i am going on dates with other women.

I loved my ex unconditionally. But life happened and no matter what i did I could not get her back. The same universe that demands courage and believing in ones self made me the most helpless creature on the planet. How can i believe in myself when i cant even keep the one who mattred the most.
I cant save anyone… i cant keep anyone. I have no power over anything except my own actions.

Why does this cruel world bend to those who dare and persist yet persist to punish them at same time. Why is persistance in achieving wealth always successful when persisting in love is unsuccessful. Isnt love all that matters? Isnt that what most old people regret… not living and loving? Few regret not having enough money yet all wish they had lived more…

Where do we accept and where do we persist. Where do we say ” i will make my own fate ” and where do we accept reality?

These thoughts hurt me more than losing her ever could.


yeah i think the aura needs to be much stornger


Anyone going through a tough breakup or can’t get over someone I always recommend this post made by rollo. I find it extremely helpful when it comes to break ups, onetis, can’t get over someone etc

As for people leaving us. This can be friends, jobs etc not just gfs or wives.
Nothing in life is permanent. Some people stay in our life longer then others, some are only here for a season to teach us lessons so we could grow.
back in 2013 I had onetis for a girl and it literally seemed like the universe didn’t want us together. To make a long story short from 2013 it’s been up and down. Tried to commit suicide, porn addiction, alcohol addiction, man child etc but that ending of the relationship for me in 2013 though I could have handled it better, it matured me in so many ways as a man. 7 year journey to becoming a man really started in 2013 for me looking back. it started with her leaving me. led me to the redpill, wanting to workout and get in the best shape of my life which I did last year, etc I can go on


What’s your experience with it?


Stuff like this is why my hypothetical social custom will include "Love without attachment’ and other modules that prevent getting attached to relationships that are just BS. I think it is a very important skill to be able to learn to let go of old relationships that don’t serve.


definitely a sub or module could definitely help but coming to acceptance of I can’t control people or the world I can only control myself is freeing. Learning about female nature pissed me off and at first I went straight to the anger phase, sometimes I go back like how I’m writing this comment lol
But after i learned about female nature especially from rollo I just can’t get emotionally attached to women anymore. I can never see women the same again. As for relationships that don’t serve us anymore that could be applied to friends, family jobs etc Also
like all of my highschool friends and later bar friends. I outgrew all of them and stopped talking to them. I wish them all the best but we outgrew each other and I accepted this. Sometimes we outgrow people or they outgrow us.


Thanks @Grimm1390 it was an intresting read. But the truth is, as simple as it sounds, i just loved her just like how parents love their children. They need no reason, no motive, no gain and no conditions. They just do. Because they are a part of them.

The fact that i saw her today after truly letting go is universe telling me that i have succeeded in fully letting go.

2 years and 4 months later, As of today i have a buissness, i dated tons of amazing women, i have a part time job/hobby that i love, an amazing girlfriend and finicial freedom. But nothing made me happier than the simple stuff like hearing her voice, holding her in my arms and how she laugh at my wierd jokes…

And im ok with that. And if that isnt considred moving on… then i dont know what moving on is

” but coming to acceptance of I can’t control people or the world I can only control myself is freeing. Learning about female nature pissed me off and at first I went straight to the anger phase, sometimes I go back like how I’m writing this comment lol ”

I relate to this so hard. And thats the reason i can get good ( not amazing ) results with women. Its also why i am much more successful when dealing with people. :smiley:


Seems like the universe was throwing a little test at you to see if you would pass it and you did :slightly_smiling_face:it was like I know you moved on from her but let’s see if you really moved on from her. I’ll have you see her in person and see how you react.