Digger's Khan Journal


Day 1 - So today’s the day I decided to buy Khan. Based on what I’ve read, it’s best if I go about with 1 month per stage. So, today, I’ll start with ST1. I’ll update this journal with any new development.


Good luck , patience is the key and trusting the process !


Awesome! By the way, was it just me or did anyone experience something similar? Bout running half of ST1 for the first time, I suddenly felt nauseous (not so much as to actually puke or get dizzy). Then bout 1 minute left in the first pass, I suddenly felt very very hungry. I don’t know if it was the time (almost 6pm), but I normally don’t get hungry until past 7.



Is it me or is the sub doing something weird? I honestly don’t know but I’ve noticed the following these past few days:

  1. I’ve been more irritable. The slightest mistake/wrong thing my family does would rile me up. It’s like I’m looking for any excuse just to get mad.
  2. Been feeling weaker and more tired than usual. Only thing I want to do is sleep, or:
  3. Been feeling hungrier more than usual. Been eating a lot more. In fact, I’ve already gained 3lbs since I started ST1. At this rate, I might be 30 lbs heavier by the time I finish ST1.

Given the above, I’m thinking of adding in Spartan to get more energy and hopefully not gain weight, and either Sanguine or Elixir to help with the anger issues. Anybody have any suggestions or thoughts regarding this? When I decided to buy Khan, I was hoping to just play each stage for 30days each, at about 8-12 hours per day. But given what I’ve been experiencing, is this alright or should I cut back, or should I add something to the stack?


If you’ve read other Khan journals, you’ll notice that each stage starts hard, causing irritation and tiredness for about the first 250 hours of listening. Then something magical happens, a moment around 250 hours of listening where all that goes away and is replaced by serenity, strength and power.
So if you want results, persist, listen more, and wait for that moment. It’s up to you, how much you want the change, or whether you’ll start running toward another sub to do it all over again at the very first hurdle.


In both st1 and st2 i am irritable. Around 300 hrs of st1 i felt better. St2 never feels better and i am around 300hrs now


Oh yes. ST2 is tough. For me, it only felt better at 500 hours, which was the last day.

But because of going through ST2 and withstanding the struggles, ST4 for me is smooth and good. Most people couldn’t handle it.


Day 7

Been very busy the past few days. First of all, thanks @AMASH and @rising for the comments and insights.

Yes, still irritable. Been feeling crappy mostly. Seems like ST1 really does a number on my psyche. But at least, now I feel like I can start moving without having to force myself to get out of bed each day.

Here’s to hoping I can reach it up until ST4.


Just do it :smiley:

That’s how you know it’s working. And there will be many ups and downs this month, but all will bring breakthroughs and evolutions.

Just don’t stop. Don’t switch. Don’t get weak. And do the full 30 days like a real Khan.



Been feeling the need to work more. Aside from my day job, I’m also preparing for a certification exam I want to take before the end of the year. However, I always get stumped on various problems/challenges both work and study come up with. It’s really frustrating, especially when I come up with a possible solution only to find out it wouldn’t work for this or that issue. It’s like I wake up feeling hopeful, but later on getting discouraged because of the failures. It’s a constant up-down roller coaster of hope and disappointment.

Although I do have more energy, been starting to work out more (just body weight/calisthenics, no gym). However, by the end of the day, I just crash!


Day 14

Been very busy and tired the past few days. It’s been like a roller coaster of emotions. One minute feeling high and ready to accomplish anything, then the next feeling glum and depressed that I’m not finishing anything at all.

Been feeling nostalgic recently. Kept on singing a lot of songs from 10 years ago.

Remembering a lot of past mistakes I made. Wishing I can still talk to friends I lost track of, past relationships I broke and left unfixable. Must be my subconscious trying to teach me something.

I’m not sure if it’s the heat, or my subconscious fighting the subliminal, but I’ve been getting a lot of headaches lately. Here’s to hoping I never run out of Advil.


DAY 18

Been feeling angry, energetic, nostalgic, hopeful and hopeless all rolled into one. I honestly don’t know what and how to feel.
It’s good that I have found a way to play both the sub and my music/video apps (ie, Youtube, Amazon video, Netflix, Amazon music) at the same time. That way, I can make sure to listen as much as I can. Though sometimes I’m not sure if I should even bother.
Call me ironic, contradictory, or just plain stupid, but I really don’t know how to react lately. Some times, I just maintain a passive I don’t care mask even if all hell breaks loose. Though other times I just break and I’m the cause of all the racket.
As mentioned earlier, I’m preparing for an exam. There are times during my preparation, that I get pumped up and ready, only to be stumped by certain problems. The thing about it is that after looking at the solutions, I just feel stupid for not having thought about it and dumber because the solution is pretty simple!
Oh well, at least I’m more than halfway through ST1. I know ST2 is even harder, so here’s to hoping I get there.


I just realized that I have this nasty habit of either quitting what I started, going in half-assed or simply looking for ways to actually fail. I hope that it all turns around for me.
Another realization I had is that lately I get discouraged easily. This is probably why I seldom get what I want. I used to have laser-like determination when I was a kid. That I wouldn’t stop until I reach my goal. I wonder what ever happened to that person? Is he still in me?
Maybe this is the reason I feel glum?


A little more than the halfway mark for ST1. I guess I could say it’s an achievement for me. I honestly don’t know why or how I’m able to keep listening for the whole month. As mentioned earlier, I have this habit of not finishing what I started.
I guess it’s also time for me to come clean. As most of the journals here relating to the use of Khan, some are already saying they had sex with 3, 4, 5 or more different women. The reason why I haven’t posted any details sexually-related is because I’m married with kids. I work from home, so I rarely have to go out for long periods of time. So given that, I wasn’t really aiming for multiple experiences.
However, the reason why I decided to go for this is because I got fed up being a beta. I felt like, with everything going around me, people are taking advantage of me. My wife, kids, siblings, boss and coworkers, every single one. I get passed over for promotions, good projects are given to someone less capable, always given tasks nobody wanted to do.
My wife and kids don’t listen to me. My family only calls when they need something. So basically, I feel like I’ve been living a mediocre life. Hence the reason why I wanted to change and be an alpha.
Now, I must admit, as a man, more sex is also appealing. Being able to dictate what goes in the bedroom is what almost every guy wishes.
In addition to financial rewards, looks like a win-win to me. Now, some would say, why not go with AM or emperor and skip all the preamble and get on straight to being an alpha? The reason why I chose this path is because I know that there’s a ton of shit inside me that needs to be removed. I believe that I first need to be broken down in order to be made better.
So here’s to hoping I soon become a Khan!


The program wil benefit you no matter what stage in life your at , people will respond in kind to the new you your becoming ! Keep up with the journal and relish the impending inner changes incoming !


Khan is more all around subliminal. It has both sex and wealth. I think the sexual parts might help the interactions with your wife

During Khan ST2 i realized, i might want a relationship which is far from what i wanted before. I am dating the same woman the past three weeks, sex is amazing and i have no desire to fuck anyone else. It doesnt mean that if you run khan you will cheat



Nothing much to report. Been able to keep my temper in check today.
Wasn’t really able to listen that much today as I needed to bring my kid to the doc. Got stung by the cost of the asthma meds he needed. To top it off, came home with a whopping power bill. I know Khan is for both sex and wealth as @rising pointed out, but this isn’t what I had in mind. Shouldn’t it be me getting the wealth and not the other way around? Lol! Just trying to laugh it out cause whining and crying would be useless. My kid needs to get healthy and with the heat lately, it’s expected that we run the a/c more. I just hope I start manifesting cash soon.
On a side note, I noticed I’ve been dropping weight lately. Must be a side-effect of the sub as I always pictured an alpha being leaner.


Just had to post this.
So I normally workout before bed (just calisthenics). And all of a sudden, I remembered a time shortly after my wife and I got married. She had a slight disagreement with my mom, and she just had to tell her family about it. My in-laws were quoting bible passages about how I should have defended her, even though I thought both (my wife and mom) were wrong. I remember being so pissed off at my dad-in-law then.
Then just a few minutes ago, I remembered another quote “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.” And one of the 10 commandments, “thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife”. The thing was, the m…f’er cheated on his wife years before and started quoting scripture to his daughter.
I don’t know why I suddenly thought of all this as I have already forgotten this incident. Must be the sub dredging up past memories?


What actions are you taking to manifest wealth?


Right now, just reviewing for my certification exam, hoping that after I get certified, I can either get a higher paying job, or get a raise.
Honestly, right now, I don’t feel compelled to do anything with regards to wealth generation. I don’t see or think of any number sequences, so I doubt I can come up with the lottery’s winning numbers. I’ve signed up for some online sweepstakes, but never won anything.
I’ve thought of ways on saving like going solar or getting an EV/hybrid car, but those are more like investments that need capital to break-even after some time.
I did notice that I do spend a lot on stuff my wife thinks my kids need (whether or not they actually do), but I haven’t been able to put my foot down. This is the reason why I’m using Khan in the first place, to not be used and abused, to be able to control my situations.
I do own some stock and crypto, but crypto fluctuates so much, and stocks are more like a very big investment. You need to set aside large capital in order to earn a little. So aside from some visualization, and reading, I haven’t actually come up with real ways to generate wealth.