Commander Stark Aura

I’ve been using the Commander for over 3 weeks now and even though I got really amazing results I still don’t understand subs logic entirely since my results dropped around one week ago. I’m not so “powerful” as I was for the first two weeks. the results are less noticeable. More about that here:

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As others mentioned, your baseline has shifted. At first, there is the novelty of it all and the anticipation around how the sub will affect you. In this stage your new mindset and feelings are very noticeable, as any results are compared to a smaller baseline.

Take the area of self esteem, for example. Someone using a sub for this usually has low self esteem, otherwise they wouldn’t need the sub in the first place. Early improvements in self esteem seem huge because where they start from. On the other hand, someone with an average self esteem experiencing the same may not think much of it.

As you keep using the sub, your baseline increases. In the example above, after a while your self esteem could be considered average, so it takes so much more out of the sub for you to notice the effect.

It doesn’t mean the sub is not working, or that you are not growing. It means growth is more gradual now, probably deeper too, and so you don’t notice it as much.


Thank you for your post. I’m going to stick to my stack for a longer time and replace AuraQ with HOM later on and one loop of the Commander with BL Ultima.

I’ve had two days off and felt much solid. Now it’s time for five days on and to see how it goes.

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Ultimately, I decided to give up on developing that specific area of my life for doing a general healing since I think that’s the best course of action right now. Clearing out the rubbish from my mind and then building strong foundations is my goal now and only then I shall focus on improving a specific area of my life/activity.

A short summary would be:
What I’ve learnt about Terminus (Stark) so far is I got fantastic results after I ran it for the first time and later on I got overloaded pretty fast and when I reduced it to the minimum number of loops it gave me mediocre results and I had to stack it with the Commander and AuraQ. I would say Terminus is dicey and can give you a nasty reconciliation. Of course, maybe I was not ready for Terminus. I’ve tried it for almost 3 months.

If it comes to Ultima, I’ve used the CommanderU for 4 weeks and for the first 2-3 weeks the results were outstanding and then it slackened a lot and only when I reduced the loops from two to one I got some average results.

When I was using Terminus (Stark) I was getting mediocre results and only when I stacked it with Ultima (the Commander) the results skyrocketed but still the lion’s share of it were the results I got from the Commander yet the results of Stark were a bit more pronounced, on the other hand if it comes to my Stark results it might have been caused by adding AuraQ to my stack.


You’re in Thailand? That question could have been coming from a more complicated background that didn’t have much to do with you. It’s known as a spot for sex tourism and maybe some adult (or kid) had commented that foreign teachers come to Thailand to find partners or something like that.


Yeah, plenty of gays/ladyboys in here and on top of that one of our teachers is a gay.

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Good opportunity to model to a young boy that a confident heterosexual man does not need to be homophobic. Life’s simpler when you’re not walking around threatened by every other person who walks past.


My apologies if I missed this in your journal but I was wondering if you have noticed increased attraction in your Stark and Commander combo?

No, I didn’t, only when I ran Libertine once to test it. But I have a gf and was working at a school. After running Libertine some teenage girls were spying on me at work.


Different members experience different results… I myself have never ever experienced any issues with Stark Terminus. Its my new go to subliminal it suits me perfectly for who I am naturally.

Lucky you then. StarkT looked very appealing to me but I can say without any doubt it was a waste of my time for me. But at least I learn a bit about the subs. Stark is my opposite apart from my cognitive abilities but of course I’m not a genius. Anyway, I’ve never experience anything so amazing like my very first run of StarkT, later on it was only worse and worse.

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Don’t you have a custom stark sub? How do you like stark compared to when you ran emperor?

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@Floridianninja yes you are absolutely correct i am currently using a custom with a Stark core. I have also used Stark Terminus in the past and reaped the benefits.

Under Emperor i was comfortable in my own skin. Enjoyed socialising but kept a poker face so noone could read my thoughts, Stark more expressive in my subcommunication but still draw my boundaries. With StarkT i enjoy socializing however can read social cues much more easily. Solutions come out of nowhere, under emperor some women were scared of me or got angry at me. Stark not had that everyone thinks i am cool.


What is your stark custom made up of? if you don’t mind me asking

Surprised to see Terminus be so suspect for many. My doubt about subliminals working wasn’t completely wiped away until I ran my custom at terminus.

I want that comfortable on my own skin part but I don’t want to scare off people, I’m already intense looking as it is. I’m drawn to EQ but I am not sure what to pair it with if I go this route.

Stark will always be appealing but I think I need to add more “alpha”, attraction and masculinity in my persona because I think it’s what I have supressed all these years.

My very first run was amazing but only later on Terminus gave me just a lot less than that… more less than I expected of it. Maybe I was overrunning it with 3 loop every other day. One loop per day seemed to be fine and I got some great results but it was more about using the Commander. Maybe it’s just a matter of calibrating or there’s something deeper in it like maybe some people are just more susceptible to Terminus whilst others just stonewall or get reconciliation. In the beginning, when running StarkT solely I got some kind of reconciliation running it one loop/day. I was soft, passive and indecisive… I had no backbone in social context.

Did you think about pairing it up with RebirthU? RebirthU would help you in reframing your inner self towards the objectives of Emperor. I think it’s good to run RebirthU with every foundation building subliminal. At least in the beginning and later on switch to some other Ultima

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I am thinking of either Rebirth/ Elixir or Regeneration/Elixir. @Lion is doing this combo and having a blast. I’ve read so many good things about them.

I’m thinking of either going with EQ + PS, StarkQ + PS, or just go straight to Khan and do the healing for a month.

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What about choosing between our combo => Elixir+Regeneration and Khan ST1+Elixir and than Khan ST+Rebirth? I’m doing the combo, you can read more about that in my journal. I was thinking about running Khan next but ultimately decided to run Emperor+Rebirth next and then switch from Rebirth to BLU on Emperor. If I was to run Khan I would do that the way I suggested above. It would do for a nice healing and reframing.

Here’s another vote for running Elixir with Khan ST1:

But personally, I would start with Regeneration and Elixir and than switch to Khan.