Your reality-bending experiences with Sub Club


Subliminal Club subliminals are known for working in unexplainable ways, and “reality-bending” is often part of the script.

I am wondering if anyone is interested in sharing his “reality-bending” experiences after running Sub Club subliminals. Looking out for really exciting out-of-the-world stories, not the “I looked into the mirror and saw that I had slimmed down and my eye colour turned from brown to grey after a month of running subliminals” testimonials.


To be honest you will not find out of world experiences.


As you climb up stairs in a stair case you dont seem to be affected by the height. Think about it one step a week. You will definitely get used to the height of that step. Once you reach the top of the stair case and look, you will realise how high you are. That still doesnt make you afraid of that height because you have been seeing that height at every step of the way. To someone who has not climbed the stairs as yet it seems impossible to get were you are. As you go higher in steps that now becomes your new baseline

Subliminals work with the same analogy. Out of the work experience will be going from step one to the end of the staircase in one day. Now you will definitely be afraid of the height and that will give you an out of world experience.

My personal example will be i couldnt even speak to a 4/10 lady…now i only look for 8/10 to 10/10s.


Although I do understand your question @King, since my ideas of reality and possibilities have changed over the past 3 months, I don’t know how to answer that question.


I have some interesting ones but not interested in sharing much (for various very good reasons).

Let me just say, at times there’s a very very interesting feeling associated with this phenomenon however

It’s like… you feel something. I feel like the world around me suddenly twists and bends, quite literally. Probably you can simplify it and downplay it by saying “your nervous system is reacting to you having responded to a situation in a completely out of norm way”, but it’s more like pieces of the puzzle suddenly clicking together, or gears of reality fitting in the way you want them to, etc.

I just want to say there is at times a very peculiar sensation and experience associated with this which I first felt on Emperor (v3).


Here’s something I can immediately think of.

During the first few months of the lockdowns, very few people in my apartment complex would come down for evening walks.

But …

Every single time, that I would stack K4 or PS, I would see 10+ women, walking or chatting or something. At times from my window, but mostly when I’m going out (which was only for a few minutes, and not everyday either).

It was uncanny. It felt like my sub stack had the power to make the ladies choose to come out or not.



You and your Ex were a reality bending phenomenon last week. :blush:


After reading your post i couldnt stop thinking of her lmao


I noticed this at the start of the whole COVID thing. There are more people walking around the neighborhood than I’ve even seen. Maybe people will be thinking more about their health.

Maybe she is running The Seductress :grin:

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Here’s a few I’ve had

  1. Was thinking of a girl I was into and hadn’t seen in years during a visualization session -several hours later I was cooking dinner late night around midnight and a get a knock on my door. It was from the girl I was thinking about, she was locked out of her apartment and remembered I was living there, so she came by for a charger. Great night, spun a seduction when she was walking out the door and lets just say her :joy: phone was not the only thing that got plugged in.

I was running Custom with PS, Emperor, Emperor: HOM,and Mind’s Eye at the time-with loops of libertine Ultima about days before

  1. My work colleague became the CEO of a medical supply company and offered me commission structure on moving PPE, the next week I got calls from 3 different sources out of the blue who I had not spoken to in a year + checking to see if I had access to those medical supplies. There is no reason for them to do this as I was never in that field. This continued for over a month of different people, and deal opportunities with enormous commissions on them popping up all of the place. I was running Emperor, Azriel Q, and HOM at the time as my main drivers. Nothing ever closed except one smaller deal with a local Dr. Office, and I switched off HOM to focus on other things and everything stopped shortly after that.

  2. When actively looking for what work to do next. I got a call from another friend I hadn’t seen in over a year-asking me to do high ticket sales for a start up he was working on, and to do start another start up with him that he was interested in doing. Was running Emperor custom at the time, no HOM. We had a great talk, but it wasn’t solid enough for me to put my time into yet. He reached back out again saying they were solid and looking for my involvement last week. I’m not really that jazzed up about what there doing, but may be willing to do it for a bit to earn some large, quick cash.

  3. There was a girl I used to see who I hadn’t seen in a while and the week I was thinking about her I matched with her on Tinder (I live in a large metroplis so the odds of that are low)

There are probably a few others, and if I think of them I will post.


I’m 37 y.o. yet some teenage girls (12-14 y.o.) were chasing me when I ran one loop of Libertine. That was my first and last loop of Libertine, I did it for a test only. I still have it in my library if I ever needed it. That was reality-bending to me.


When @Hermit told me to use Mind’s Eye and see myself receiving the money so I can buy Beyond Limitless

After a week I did :open_mouth:


Brain fog subsided but during my brief experiment with Stark: Got random gifts, sudden spikes in income, got various friendly messages and one from a female that was curious to know me. That’s what I could remember from the top of my head, and all of that within 2 weeks.

Just my observation but something in Stark makes it lucky at manifesting, and has that celebrity vibe.


same here with stark and emperor q I had manifestations and things rapidly changing, life felt fluidly in motion goin towards my goals. However I cant run those big q titles anymore because insomnia would always show up with them which did more damage than was worth, not sure if its the scrip being too contrary to my own paradime or just too much info?


I don’t know if Limitless has a reality bending script but it helped me become a software engineer in around a year so I guess that’s “reality bending”.


Starting from a beginner?

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Yeah from a noob I didn’t know any coding a year ago.