Main Disc. Thread - Project Solace Public Test

We’re close to changing the game again, ya’ll – but we need your help.

With Q+ and Ultima+, not only are we going to revolutionize how powerful and fast acting our titles work, we’re going to change your actual listening experience. We know that the current “tricking water” mask isn’t the most pleasant to listen to. Since the audio is so “dense,” it can cause ear fatigue – that odd, unpleasant, somewhat physical, somewhat mental sensation that occurs when you’ve been listening to something for too long.

While @Fire was plugging away at improving our scripts (and those who have run Paragon, R.I.C.H. or Renaissance Man can attest that he’s succeeded), I’ve been working on overhauling the Q, the Q build process and the way our titles sound and feel.

See – a subliminal’s mask has to have enough audio content to sufficiently “mask” the underlying subliminal audio file. Hence, most producers will use white noise, a dense stream sound, ocean waves, etc., as that makes it exceptionally easy to create subliminals with a lot of content. If you try to mask a dense subliminal with a light mask, the resultant file sounds very odd, unnerving and hard to listen to, since you’ll be able to consciously hear the underlying subliminal audio.

Those of you who have purchased Renaissance Man: In your downloads, you’ll find a new file labeled “Renaissance Man (Enhanced Masked).” Using a number of proprietary processing methods AND harnessing the power of Dolby’s (yes, THAT Dolby) new API, we believe we’ve discovered how to create crystal clear, light and airy subliminals WITHOUT sacrificing power or content.

(EDIT: Solace-enabled versions of R.I.C.H and The Executive are available NOW.) All we need you to do is give them a try and let us know if you’re still getting the same (or better) outstanding results. Please note that these are still very early prototypes, and we were reluctant to release them this early. This mask also isn’t final, but it’s an idea of what we’re attempting to accomplish. If any weird drama results from this, we’ll resort to private tests in the future.

Enjoy and have fun!

EDIT: Try listening at half volume, or low enough where you could have a conversation with someone and still hear them.


Count me in, will share info soon.


Great name. I’ll give it a try right away


I’m in. I start a new stack tomorrow so great timing!


Will journal using these new versions tomorrow.
Especially RM.


Count me in. Executive, huh? That I can try out. @SaintSovereign so it’s to say that these subs are the same as what exists (build/script-wise) but with a different sound?

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The Executive will be different, as it’ll be built with the new Ultima (B) core. The rest are the same.


I like the lighter running water sound lol plus it’s not really distracting like the other masked is.


Going to run it here shortly. I hope I can sleep tonight


Man, you guys never cease to amaze.

This sounds incredibly smooth and immersive. Unlike any masking I have heard of this kind. The surround sound effect is truly present (I hope that’s the correct expression). I could see myself meditating to this.

And the bird whistling in the background takes it to a whole new level. Excellent work.

I cannot comment on the effects, well, actually, I can; while writing, I see myself editing words and expressions and adding more.


I am running it with headphones on and I was able to hear my wife clearly

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Is this something we will eventually be able to get for our custom ultimas and custom subs.
I kinda wish i could get this on the ultima i just ordered lol

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I can’t wait to try out Executive-B. It will B awesome.


@SaintSovereign What does it mean by " enhanced " ?

I actually like the water sounds. It sounds peaceful as I do work on the computer.

Looking forwards to the new RICH version.


So happy to hear this lol…This confirms I’m not crazy. This feeling has yet to fully abate in 6 months even with 3/4 day rests. Hoping a week off will take care of it.

awesome new innovations and looking forward to testing it out next week.


I just semi tested RM as I’ve already listened to my loop for today.
I much prefer the lighter sound.

I don’t hate the other masked sound but it was quite heavy. Fine to sleep too but was a bit loud. This new one feels and seems lighter and is nicer to listen to.

Will listen to it properly tomorrow.
Can’t wait to test the B side of The Executive too.


Once it’s done, it’ll be the new standard. This isn’t the only type of mask we’re working on too. Eventually, you’ll be able to choose from a wide assortment of masks. :wink:


Will we need new headphones for the Dolby sound?

I wonder how DR with this sound would be…