Main Disc. Thread - Ultima Core v2 Upgrades

that’s awesome! looking forward to it

for RICH v2…just curious if I’m watching a video etc…can I put it on v low volume? or I need to be able to hear the sound of the water etc?

not sure exactly how it works. Normally I just put it on medium volume and listen, and if watching a video etc I just turn it off coz not sure if v low volume would affect its impact.

any advice?

You can listen to music or watch videos while listening to rich but preferably at a volume that you can hear both.Cant put the volume of rich so low that its inaudible

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ok i assumed as much, just wanted to be sure. cheers

sorry last question…i saw i also have a RICH Solace Enhanced Prototype in my downloads. I have no clue what that is.

Its a prototype for a new mask background.Some people like it better than the old one and got better results and some didnt but its still a prototype.Its also still only v1 so should just stick with v2 since its stronger.You can read more about solace here


thanks so much. I searched for it but only got my post, there wasn’t any thread.

got it, I’ll just stick to the v2 as you advised. many thanks

There are no official recommendations for v2 as of yet. I would encourage you to run 1 loop and then wait a day to see how it effects you. Then re-evaluate.

Ask all the questions you want. We’re here to help.


thanks buddy. appreciate it

@Liquidfire is a real asshole… really shouldn’t talk to him :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn this PS Ultima makes me a massive ass…they must be working (couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:)


So… i used Love bomb ultima v2 today, and i just got approached by 2 neighborhood cats mewing at me outside,

does the script manifest animals too? one of the cats didnt stop rubbing my foot.

i think this sub is so strong it attracts anything with a pulse lolll


yeah,I feel you…I tested PSITU2 the other day…it brought out your…playful/cocky side…it was fun though…


Somewhere somewhere it was reported to have effects on dogs and children. So the answer is probably yes.


And yes, children are animals to me. Jk
Ehm, no I just wanted to say that it doesn’t only affect adults but also living beings who are more open to feel auras.

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Love Bomb attracts anything that responds to LOVE. :heart:

Mammals, yes. :hugs:

Birds, maybe. :thinking:

Reptiles or Insects, not really. :sweat_smile:

Bacteria and Viruses, actively repels. :exploding_head:

#NotMedicalAdvice :blush:


@Liquidfire your back ?.

How was your trip to Peru ?

Think it definitely effects animals lol


May I know what BLU refers to?

Beyond Limitless Ultima


Did you got the answer regarding Admiral on Commander Ultima?