Main Disc. Thread - Renaissance Man

Ah, I love that little app. Haven’t tried SC products with it but I’m glad to find an music player without ads.
Should be a crime to put ads in one’s own music!


I don’t know how about you but I still feel my stack is affecting me much stronger than when I was using the former player. From time to time it feels a bit overwhelming.

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@Voytek I think this will answer that

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@Voytek The Dude abides


Here you go, Harry Potter! :slight_smile:


It appears we’re closer to Q+ and U+ than expected.


Would be awesome if they announced it towards the 1 year anniversary of the Q store atleast Q+

Damn :metal:t3:


funny stuff, in my country the main cables company which name is “Yes” just came with new program : “Yes+” which offers everything yes does but with access to premium contents and more.

the timing on this is just surreal, because it is not launched officially, just as Q+ is not out officially.
i wonder if both will come out the same time, and if it does… then it must be some kind of sign

Is RM unisex? I assume it can be safely used by a woman, looking for a confirmation.

I am a woman getting great results from it.


How do you feel RM will do in the world of technology ? more specifically learning new technology, coming up with new ideas in I.T etc.


Few notes on Renaissance Man.

  • Did one loop on the release and the effects lasted for several days; each day new and different effects arose.

  • Music sounds significantly better, as well as increased awareness of the details of a song.

  • Increased awareness of emotion, in a similar fashion an increased understanding and relating to emotions of the surrounding environment.

  • Flow state and enjoyment of work, also a push to action.

  • Thinking out of the box and freedom of thoughts

  • Faith and confidence in whatever you do.

  • Easily expressing yourself in a creative and pleasurable manner – others really love to listen.

… the list goes on.

Rennaissance Man has chameleon-like effects in that the effects change in accordance with the action you’re taking.

For your interest, I have done only one loop of the regular masked track and now I’m listening to my first loop of the experimental mask. This subliminal does seem to have some immediate effects, however, it certain takes a while to fully execute (like ultima).

Also, a reduction of Fear in regards to communication, taking action, expressing oneself, sharing emotions, and so on.

It has the confidence and drive of the Emperor with the productivity and focus of Stark which I adore very much.


I was waiting to put Renaissance Man in my custom. However, since there is news that a new build might be coming that can handle more information. I will postpone my custom till then, and I will buy RM tonight

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That probably won’t be out for a few months

They are still updating and working on stuff for Q store so Q+ is a ways away

I would just make your custom and use it till Q+ drops

You are gonna go back and forth with it regardless

Yea… So I might as well get started with RM now @Floridianninja

in what ways would you say RM is difference then emperor?

That’ll depend on what category you want to perceive Emperor, theirs a lot to it. In general – Emperor is a lot of brute-force, intimidating, and stoic. Where a Renaissance Man is still very masculine and Alpha yet it has a lot of social components that will make you express yourself fluently and with ease, your expression will also involve a lot of emotions which Emperor is like the opposite of (stoicism).

Besides, it has the productivity and focus of Stark with Emperor’s drive and dedication – very profound.

If anything else, just let me know!


RM and Emperor are in 2 different leagues lol plus Emperor is a huge script

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