Q UPDATE: Multiple masks are coming to Q and more!

Darn. Even a range or order of magnitude would be helpful for determining loop counts. For example, is it in the range of 1.5x? That wouldn’t change loop counts.

But what if it’s ALSO 3x? That would definitely make me reevaluate my listening schedule.

If anything,you would probably be able to run same or more loops.name embedding usually reduces recon and makes it easier to process the sub.for me anyway

The recommendations are the same with the loops to run, check the support page or download the book that come when you buy a sub from the main store

Is Solace that much different from the other masks? I notice in the wireframe it’s a $75 extra charge.

Yes. That’s all it’s doing right now.

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We’ll give official counts once everything has been completed. For now, stick to the current guidelines as listed on the support center.

Yes. Please read the first post here: Main Disc. Thread - Project Solace Public Test

Solace is only an upcharge because it’s a prototype right now and the method for developing them hasn’t been optimized. A Solace-powered title, right now, takes up to two hours to complete, as opposed to the 15-30 minutes that a regular title does, since we’ve optimized the code that handles the creation of those titles. That extra two hours puts quite a strain on our resources and we have to charge for that – at least now.

Once Solace becomes our “standard” mask, then there will be no charge.


Solace DR should be super effective!


Looking forward to that!

Solace is FANTASTIC to listen to.


What’s the timeline for name-embedded mains?

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Probably not that soon since it was waiting on the automation


If your ever bursting on the inside to continue to exercise your incredible archivist talents in service of the forum, an unofficial frequently asked questions thread for questions that have YET to be answered could be a project to come :slight_smile:

Hmm,could do it but questions that havent been answered.even if come up with a temporary answer,it might clash with an official answer from saint or fire later.or you mean just collecting questions without adding the answers?

I meant just to collect and not add, and then either Saint or Fire could answer there, or we would get an answer down the road from them or through multiple forum users answering via experience.

Hmm,will think about it.unanswered questions are a bit harder to remember/find on the forum.cause they dont really stick in my memory.answers are easy to remember cause they are interesting and informative.


I get that, I meant for example things like
Sex Mastery Ultima Core- is it ever coming in the Q store ?
If not doesn’t the healing element strain the Ultima function in a custom etc?
Will the immune system module be suitable for people with auto-immune disorders-does
it have a corrective function or does it simply power up the immune system strength wise and could have the reverse effect for people with that condition.

I’ll keep a list and circle back on them if stuff doesn’t get answer

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Think you might be better making that thread than me.the faq im doing off memory.that thread would be more documenting >_< havent saved anything on the forum into documents or anything before :laughing:
Similar thread was done before but it died

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Our programmer has to finish the automation project first. We want you to receive your name embed within 30 minutes of making the purchase, rather than the 3-5 business days that a custom requires now since someone has to monitor the orders as they’re being built. The automation project is a set of tools that allows Q to just pull the orders, evaluate them, build them and email 'em out without much human intervention.




@SaintSovereign I’m not usually the ETA guy, but today I am. :smiley:

This seems like a long-shot but any ETA on Solace and other masks? I’m getting ready to buy my next custom (and to repurchase another custom in V2). My deadline for purchase is May 4.

Just now, Executive (Solace Prototype) happened to just start playing in my headphones after another track finished, and I once again appreciated how freaking quiet this mask is.

It’s really quiet!

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And I thought I am the only one who more eagerly waits for Solace than Q+ :wink: